Whisper Promise: Episode 1 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Love ties people according to the way they perceive it or maybe not!

There is sacred love.
Yes, you can witness sacred love between couples who love themselves deeply to the extent they can't do without the other. They grew old together in love to the extent one can not survive without the other. You can say here that their love has transformed to the sacred stage. That's why, when one of them dies, the other person follows suit, because their souls had tangled and can't live without his or her soulmate.

But what happens when young love has transformed to this Sacred Stage?
I am introducing you to our new weird story, "whisper promise"

"Frank where are you, see the time?" Cynthia called, getting angry that Frank had not arrived to take her out for the Valentine's celebration.

The traffic was delaying Frank from meeting up with Cynthia, he then called her on phone to plead with her to wait for a bit longer, that it was not his fault, that traffic was heavy.

"Buy Honey, just look at the time, we are already late, the movie will soon start, I don't want to miss the......" Cynthia
couldn't finish her statement when the call disconnected.
She then called back and was upset, thinking that he hung up on her

"No Princess, I did not, it was network. Just relax, you will see me soon, OK.. I promise" He said as they ended the call.

When they finally got their way, Frank told the bike man to speed up, that his woman was already angry, that he hated making her angry.
And the bike man heeded, and before they knew what was happening, they had a terrible accident which led to their deaths.
He and the bike man died on the spot.
But Frank still made his way to Cynthia's house.
Cynthia never knew he was dead, that it was just his spirit.
Immediately Cynthia opened the door for him, he began requesting her to promise him that she won't leave him, no matter what.

"Honey, how many time will I make this promise to you? I have promised you hundred times that I won't leave you" she said, looking at him, observing the strange look on his face

"I know, but I want you to promise me again, now" Frank requested.

The promises Cynthia made when he was still alive was no longer relevant, it was no longer binding them together, that was why he requested for a new promise so as to unite them again.

And Cynthia then promised to love him no matter the condition, and also promised not to leave him for any reason.

"Now that I have reaffirmed my promises, can we go to the Cinema now?" Cynthia asked

And Frank began telling her that he was not feeling fine.

"I kind of noticed that because you are not looking like your normal self. What is happening to you? But you were sounding hale and hearty when we were speaking on the phone, how come you suddenly fell sick?" She asked

But Frank ignored her and went to her mattress and laid down, looking terribly sick, to make Cynthia forget about going out.
Because going out might make her hear the news about his death.

Immediately Cynthia's phone rang, he rose immediately and collected it from her.

"Why? I have a call" she said, looking at him...

"No, don't answer it. Don't answer it please, otherwise you won't be seeing me physically like this" he said, but Cynthia couldn't understand what he meant by that.

"Are you travelling" she asked

"No, but something worse than that" he replied

"And you don't want to tell me?"

"You will find out soon my Princess. Just know that I love you with all my heart, I won't let anybody harm you or any man take you away from me. You are mine and mine forever" Frank promised, holding Cynthia.

"Jeez, your hand is cold. Baby, you are seriously sick. You look like somebody who doesn't have blood in his body. Let's go to the hospital immediately" Cynthia requested, looking concerned and worried

"Don't worry Princess, I will be fine soon, OK" he assured

To be continued

The book, "Whisper Promise" by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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