Update: Please, is this Love? Episode 6

Many people believe that marriage changes a lot of attitudes, that's why you see some parents force their wayward child into marriage because they believe that once he enters into the institution of marriage, he will become responsible.
However, this rule is not applicable to every soul because their are some people you will determine the life style they will uphold after marriage by mere studying them, that's why courtships is necessary before marriage.

Like I said earlier, I traveled down to Onitsha last weekend for a program and I stumbled into an old time friend. We used to live in the same compound then.
During the heat of our discussion, I asked him about Buchi.
What I heard was disheartening. Well, it's the life journey of a man, because an adage says, "the downfall of a man is not the end of his life".
The reason I want to share this update is not because of the misfortune that befell Buchi, but the life style Ekpere upheld after the sad event.
That somebody is poor today does not mean that he will remain so forever, because once there is life, there is hope.
We knew Buchi then as a guy who was living comfortably. I won't say he was so rich, but he was living a comfortable life and can take care of himself and his family and still has some reserves.
He was dealing in Electronics then. When he packed from our yard, he got into a 3 bedroom flat, and had a Mercedes Benz car, the type that was reigning then. We used see people who live in Awada then as rich people . This is just to tell you how comfortable he was back then.

Many grown up girls envied Ekpere, that despite her shortcomings, she still got a well-to-do guy, even a girl fought Ekpere because of Buchi.

When I entered University newly, I bought some of the electronics I used throughout my stays in the university from his shop, and the ones he did not have, he took me to the shop where I bought the original products. You know how Onitsha market is?If you don't know anybody there, mehn, there is 70%chance you will return home with a fake product.

So according to this my childhood friend that I saw last Sunday, Buchi has lost everything that made him a man. That he is now a Keke rider. He rides Keke (tricycle) for a business.

When I asked him what happened, he said that he does not know. That he had seen him on several occasions, and has entered his Keke twice.
I really felt bad for him.
I then remembered his wife, because I knew her as somebody who enjoyed an affluent life style. She was too flashy and would love her husband to be rich to help maintain her beauty.
He then told me that the wife and kids had relocated to the village, that they couldn't keep up with the city life.

So in order to confirm what my friend said, I had to go to his shop and I was also told the same thing. "But what really happened to him?" This I kept asking myself.
"But what happened to Ekpere, how is she coping with the new life situation? That I don't know either
The only person that can give me an answer to my questions is Buchi's sister, just that I don't have her number. The one I have has been re-bought by another user.
But will let you know as soon as I get in contact with her.
Hope you still remember the reason I shared their story?
With Love, their is no wrong.
Love covers multitude of sins. Despite Ekpere's rotten life style, Buchi still found her worthy of being his wife, he even relocated to another apartment where nobody knew them, where nobody will speak ill against his woman, Ekpere.

And I'm still asking, is this love?"

"Yes oo, it's love."

As for Buchi, the Almighty God will see him through, he will still bounce back to riches in Jesus Name, Amen.

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