The Girlfriend: Episode one

"Congratulations Amy on your latest promotion, you are getting richer everyday" Tonia congratulated her friend, Amy

"Tonia, you are right, I am getting richer everyday, but unhappier" Amy responded with a deep sad face

"But why speaking like that?"

"How can I be happy when there is no serious man by my side? Tonia my friend, I need a serious date that can lead to marriage. I have dedicated all my life to my job and deprived myself of all social activities that would have created room for such relationship."

"Hmm, but it's not your fault. One needs to work to earn a living, so you shouldn't regret for trying to make ends meet."

"Yes, I know it's not my fault, that's why I'm willing to marry any good man I see, even if he is poor, I won't mind, provided he has a good heart and God fearing. Since I'm already rich, he won't have to suffer. My only concern is for him to be a good person. I can't wait to have a man I can call my own, a man that will welcome me each time I return home, a man I can share all my worries with, a man I can always seek advise from. Tonia, I'm in desperate need of my own man." Amy said, looking so sad..

"You don't have to be sad Amy, your own time is coming. Just have faith in the Lord"

"Amen... But he should start coming already, I can't wait any longer... And that reminds me, how is that your boyfriend, what's his name again....?" Amy asked, trying to remember Tonia's boyfriend's name

"Segun" Tonia blurted

"Yes... Segun, so how is he?" Amy asked

"He is just there, doing his thing" Tonia replied, looking so down

"And what's that look on your face?" Amy asked

"Segun lost his job and since then, he has been struggling to find another one. And ever since he lost his job, he changed from the normal Segun I knew into something else." Tonia said

"Hmm, you don't blame the poor man naa, no man remains happy after loosing his job" Amy said.

The two friends chatted to their satisfaction before calling it a day.

When Tonia was about leaving, Amy pleaded with her to connect her with any nice man she knew.

And that statement kept ringing on her mind. Initially, she had a good intention towards Amy's request until her mind got corrupted.
She remembered a movie she watched the previous day about how a man got himself rich by swindling an innocent woman of all his money all in the name of marriage.
"Why am I even thinking like this? Amy is my friend, I can't do this to her. Let me block this harmful thought from getting hold of my mind" Tonia said, returning home.

But still her mind was far from having rest.. She found herself racing with her mind again.
She then remembered how Segun had made plans of marrying her until the the unfortunate happened.

"Amy is very rich, even if Segun becomes rich with her money, she won't go bankrupt because of it. What is there? there is no big deal if she becomes rich with her money. According to the movie I watched yesterday, the man was caught, but it was due to his own recklessness that he was caught, Segun and I won't repeat the same mistake he made, we will be extreme careful." She said, concluding in her heart.

Tonia and Segun were living in the same apartment.
When she reached home, she found him watching a football match.

She greeted him and he greeted her back, with his eyes fixed at the television.

"Baby, I think I have got a plan that will help you stand on your feet again. So I need your attention to what I am about to say" Tonia said, sitting close to him.

"And what is that, I am all ears" Segun said, looking attentively.
Tonia then cleared her throat and began.
After saying what she had in mind, Segun got shocked. He couldn't believe what he heard

"Baby, you mean you  want me to defraud your friend? You want me to play with her heart and steal her money?"

'But what is there? You will become rich before you know it. It's just a matter of days, and you will be back at your feet. I am not saying you should make love to her. The woman is desperate, she wouldn't mind spending money all in the mame of getting married."

Tonia went on and on trying to convince Segun.
And finally, Segun agreed. But it took him five days before accepting to do it.

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