The Girlfriend: Episode 9 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Segun was still waiting for Amy to return home after noticing that the time she normally return had passed.
Despite been sick, he managed to create a romantic atmosphere so that Amy won't be mad with him that much after confessing the truth to her. He prepared her favourite dish, got a bottle of champaign and set them on the table. He got roses and littered them in the whole room plus romantic candles.
"Yes, all is set now. Amy, I told you that before you return, this sickness must have been long gone, I am strong for you now, my wife. I am sure that this simple effort of mine will make you forgive me for having tricked you into marriage. I never knew that I will be fallen in love with you. I will beg you to forgive me because of this love that I am feeling now. Yes, that is it. She is kindhearted and will forgive me easily.... I hope something is not missing on the table" he asked himself looking at the table he set for acquiring Amy's forgiveness. And then noticed that the cups were missing: "I am forgetting the simple things, the glasses. Let me get the glasses, Amy will soon be here" he then left to get them.

"Yes, I am all set. Amy will soon be home, but I wonder what's keeping her. She is now 49 minutes late from the time she normally return home. Oh! I even forgot the meeting. Maybe, she is still in the meeting. I just hope everything turns out successful for her so that we will get to celebrate as well" Segun said, seeing himself in a deep sheer happiness.
He had never felt that way before, but Amy's constant good attitudes created that room for him and in a gradual process, he got engulfed by the feelings.
After Amy finished having the meeting, she happily stepped out from the meeting room and saw Tonia who had been waiting for her.
"Amy, you look so happy, do you mind sharing the real cause with me?" Tonia asked, looking too inquisitive

"Tonia my sweet girlfriend, I am so happy, life has been so fair to me. Just come to my office, I will share the good news with you"

And Tonia followed her as they entered her office.
"So, I am here, my ear is scratching for the good news"

"Don't worry I will tell you. There is this contract my company has been pursuing for months now, so finally, I just got lucky today. The contract has been awarded to my company and I am telling you, a lot of money is involved here. I mean huge sums of money. I am so happy Tonia"

"Really? Amy, I am so happy for you. This calls for celebration. Congratulations my dear friend" Tonia said, giving her a fake smile. And then sneered in her heart: "Amy, I don't know why you are so lucky. Anything you lay your hands on turn out successful. Just look at Segun, he is about fallen for your charms and forgetting the deal we have together, but I won't let that happen. Amy, you are rejoicing for the contract, but I am sorry for your life because you don't know what is coming your way. This money is for me and my baby and no longer yours. Your days of enjoying so many wealth are now over"

Amy who noticed how quiet Tonia was calmly called her, asking her why she was quiet.
"Tonia, you seem lost, what are you thinking?"

"I am just thinking about how great you are. Everything you lay your hands on always turn out to be a success"

"Come on Amy, I'm not seeing myself as a successful person. I will say that I am only lucky because God's grace has always been there for me. If not that you already have a nice company you are working with, I would have asked you to work in mine, you know we will make a great team. So if I ask you to resign in yours and start working in mine, will I be asking for too much?" Amy asked, looking serious

"No Amy, I don't want to be a part of it, I want the whole of it. I want to be the owner of it. I think I will have to execute my plan in another setting because it's obvious that she will be calling Segun to share the good news with him" Tonia said in her heart, looking lost

"Hello, still waiting for an answer" Amy snapped at her

"Hmm Amy, don't mix friendship with business. Don't worry, I am comfortable in my own company. And what are you still waiting for? Call Segun and inform him about the good news, but please don't tell him that we are coming home together, so that he won't hide his excitement when you return home. I want to see how he will will welcome you" Tonia said, laughing out and then continued: "I want to see how he will kiss you with so much joy and hug you... I only want to confirm that I did the right choice by recommending him to you." She said and continued laughing, sounding so innocent, and making Amy not to suspect anything, And Amy joined her as they laughed out loudly, and later did as Tonia suggested.
After 2 hours Amy called Segun, telling him that she was returning home, he was still to see her.
"What's still keeping her? OK let me call her on cell phone" he then dialed her number, but it was switched off.
"Her number is switched off, but why? This has never happened before." He wondered and then called her secretary and she informed him that Amy had gone home, that she left with her best friend, Tonia.
Immediately she mentioned Tonia, Segun's heart skipped..

To be continued.

"The Girlfriend" written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning; No part of this work should be copied, used, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.

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