The Girlfriend: Episode 8 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

After the wedding, Tonia expected Amy to give Segun an important position in her company, but she was feeling impatient seeing Segun still staying at home.
"I just don't get this, what's keeping Amy from establishing Segun? How she is feeling comfortable watching him lazy at home is appalling. It's some how and I will find out her reason for doing so" Tonia concluded.

When she asked Amy about it, she told her that it was all left for Austin(Segun) to decide, that according to Segun, he preferred establishing himself without the help of anybody.

"And you agreed to that? Don't you know that it's somehow, having your husband lazy at home while you are the one making all the money for the home affairs?"

"No Amy, don't see it like that and besides, I am not worried. I met him like that, and he has promised me that he will find a job on his own. To me, his decision proved him to be a real man and I love him so dearly for that. You see Tonia, let's talk in the evening, I am busy now" she said, ending the call.

"What? Segun? And what does he mean by that? He never told me anything about this. He must tell me his reason for this sick decision" she then dialed Segun's number to ask him why he rejected Amy's offer to have him in her company.
"Don't you think it's too early? I know what I'm doing, just relax, I know what I'm doing. Amy is too smart than we thought. If I present such thing to her now, she will quickly understood my intentions. So I have to follow her with caution" Segun said, but his intentions changed after he began seeing Amy from another light.
After their wedding, the spirit of marriage began engulfing him. He started seeing himself in a way he never expected and coupled with Amy's calm behavioural traits.
How Amy took care of everything during the wedding without mincing complains changed his entire perception about her.
Before the wedding, Segun thought that Amy was only pretending just for him to marry her but he was stunned to see that she was just the same woman.
Her attitude never changed, she even became more sweeter after the wedding.
"I have never seen such a kind lovely woman. Despite her riches, she is so down to earth, she does not brag about her status. How can Tonia wish harm on this woman?"
He shuddered
As days went by, Segun was ushering with many reasons of falling in love deeply with Amy.
To Amy, anything that concerned him came first.
Oneday, Segun was feeling sick, he called Amy informing her about it. Amy had to cancel the meeting she had with some important personalities just to attend to him. While she was at home, her Secretary called, informing her about the meeting. It was about the contract she had been pursuing for months, only for her to cancel it.
Segun who knew about the contract and how she had spent money to win it was shocked.
"What? Amy, don't tell me you want to loose this contract just because of me?" Segun asked, widening his eyes

"Honey, you are my first priority. How can I place money first before you? Your health first before any other thing."

"But you have been pursuing this contract for months and you fought against so many companies to have it?"

"Yes, I know but it finally came but at the wrong time. Maybe, it's not my destiny to have it. Don't worry, money is not everything another one will come, OK? You are my husband and it's my duty to take care of you"

Hearing her say this, Segun felt chilled.
"Oh my God! What kind of virtuous woman is this? Tonia can never treat me like this. She can never sacrifice anything for my sake. How can I plan with her to hurt this innocent sweet lady who took me as her God? She is so lovely and can never think of hurting anybody. No Tonia, I can never do this. Amy is my legally married wife now, it's my duty to love and protect her. Yes, I will have to protect her from Tonia, I will have to, but right now, she needs to honour that meeting. It will be foolish of me to make her loose that contract. I won't forgive myself for that" Segun thought in his heart and then spoke up: "Amy, you love me so much, don't you?"

"Off course I do"

"And as your husband, you will do anything I ask you?"

"Yes my Love, it's my duty to honour you as your wife"

"Good! I want you to call your Secretary and tell her that you are coming for the meeting. And don't argue with me, just do as I'm telling you"

" are sick, who will now look after you?"

"Amy, do you think I will be fine if I allow you to loose that contract? So now, do what I'm asking you and don't argue with me again. Don't worry, when you comeback, we will celebrate it, OK.....? This I promise you, I must get rid of this sickness before you return."

And reluctantly, Amy did as she was  instructed.
When she left, Segun released some tears, reminiscing how he was planning to hurt her.
"Just look at me, I connived with Tonia to hurt Amy, but not knowing that she will turn out to be the woman so close to my heart. Amy is better than Tonia in all ramifications, so what am I still doing with Tonia? No Tonia, to hell with your threats, I have found my missing rib. I will love Amy with all my heart and I will also protect her from Tonia. I will first tell Amy to severe her friendship with Tonia. I will make her do it in such a way that Tonia won't suspect anything. Tonia, it's now your world against mine and I will also tell Amy about everything, so that she will know the kind of "Girlfriend" you are. I just hope Amy forgives me." Segun wished, but not knowing that Tonia was already at Amy's office and requested her to accompany her to somewhere and she agreed to follow her
once she was through with the meeting

The Girlfriend: Episode Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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