The Girlfriend: Episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"I have to do what she is asking me to do for the sake of my child. Amy is simply nice, how can I hurt her? How can I? In order to make her heart not to be shattered into pieces, I have to make things easier for her. I have to make her be the one to chase me out of her life" Segun said, joining Tonia in the room as they devised for a plan.

The next day, Segun visited Amy in her house and was looking gloomy.
And the way Amy was showing concern to him melted his heart. He began feeling guilty again on what they were planning against her.
"Mine, I don't like the sad look on your face, what is the matter?"

And Segun gave her a weak smile, telling her that he was OK.
And Amy kept quiet, monitoring him, hoping his mood changed, but when she found out that he wasn't coming out from the sad state, she became worried.

"Mine, you know you are making me unhappy with this your look, tell me what the matter is, you know you can share anything with me?"

But Segun maintained that he was good.

"OK, I know what to do to make you happy. I have this fresh fish in the freezer. I think I know what to do with it" Amy said, heading to the kitchen. She then called a friend to help her buy a gallon of palm wine.
1 hour later, she was through with preparing a fish pepper soup. She then served it on the dining table with a jar of fresh palm wine and went to where Segun was sitting and discovered that he was sleeping.
But one thing caught her attention.
The way Segun was always holding his phone so tight to himself and she had also not heard the phone rang.
Segun always set his phone to offline mode whenever she visited her so that Tonia don't get to call and put him into trouble, that is making Amy discover the truth.
He was scared of how hurt Amy would feel if she found out the truth about them.
Segun accepted Tonia's terms, but he was scared of the truth getting leaked to Amy.

"Why is he always holding his phone so close to him all the time, is he trying to hide something? Does he came to me for marriage or for something else?" Amy wondered and then continued: "Or should I take his phone? Should I take his phone and search his call logs, messages and photos to know if he is for real or not?" She said trying to take the phone out from Segun's hand...... But her nerves couldn't carry her.
"No, he might wake up and get mad at me........ But he is deep in sleep, let me try and take the phone" she then decided to take the phone.
But the moment she slightly touched it to lift it up from him, Segun held her hand and then opened his eyes.
And Amy wired her face, pretending that she was only trying to wake him up.
But Segun understood what she was trying to do.
"Are you trying to take my phone?"

"Phone?, I was only trying to wake you up. Just come to the dining table I have something special made for you"

"Something special for me?"

"Yes, I don't like the way you were looking earlier so I decided to do something about it. I did something that will elevate your spirit, so come to the dining table..... Er.....m, you know what? I think it will be better here. Let me get it here" Amy said, heading to the dining and brought the pepper soup..
She placed it on the floor and asked  Segun to sit on the bare floor.
And Segun sat, looking at how happy Amy was feeling.
"Eat my Darling Austin, it's my duty to make you happy. I believe that eating this fish and washing it down with this palm wine, you will be able to tell me what has been troubling you. You know that you have me and you can share anything with me, right?"

"I think I should use this opportunity to ask her if she will marry me. Amy, I'm sorry that I am doing this, but I believe that tomorrow, you will understand my reasons. In our lives, our children come first in everything we do. I have to do this." Segun thought in his heart and then spoke up. He first looked at Amy who was seriously looking at him for answer. He then released a faint smile and began: "Amy, we have known each other for a while now, but I don't think you have noticed how I feel about you"

Amy who suspected that he was about hinting on marriage wished in her heart for it to be true.
"God, please, let it be he is about proposing. Let it be Lord" she wished

And Segun continued: "Amy, you know that I am not a Man of too much much words? So I will have to cut my request short. 'Amy, will you marry me?" He said, kneeling down

"Oh my God! He is proposing.... Mine, you proposed? Off course I will marry you. Off course I will"

Amy said, screaming in joy as she jumped on Segun who was burning in hot that he was playing with her heart just for her money.
"Sorry Amy, this joy you are having now will soon become only a dream" Segun felt hurt.
Few weeks later, Amy catered for all the wedding expenses and they had a cool wedding. Ceremony with Amy looking so happy while Segun kept burning in guilt.

After the wedding, Tonia began her plan of eliminating Amy. She planned doing it in such a way that Segun will become the culprit so that she will use it blackmail him into having him in her clutches and make him dance to her different tunes.

But do you think she will succeed?

To be continued

The Girlfriend by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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