The Girlfriend: Episode 6 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When Amy came out from her room, Tonia informed her that she was leaving.

"Leaving, but I thought you will spend the night here?" Amy asked

"But you have Austin here, and from what I saw, he is doing his job well. He is taking good care of you" Tonia replied

"But it's already late, why don't you crash the night here?" Amy calmly urged

"Yes Tonia, you can stay the night here. You don't have to go, it's already late" Segun said, with the intention of protecting his unborn child. Because, if anything happens to Tonia while returning home, his baby will be directly involved too.

"Segun, I know what you are protecting, but I have to go, because I have an interest to protect as well. I will have to go, so that you do your thing. I am not really fighting for your love , but I'm preventing you from fallen in love with Amy so that you don't destabilize my entire plan." Tonia said in her heart and then spoke up: "Sorry guys, I will have to go, since Austin is here for the same reason I came, there is no point staying" she said and finally she left.
As days went by, Segun was advancing in his tricks of getting Amy, but things wasn't as easy as he thought. Amy was reserving everything till after marriage, and that wasn't the way they planned it.

Segun who was getting fed up decided to back out, telling Tonia that it was a dead deal.
"She can't do anything except if we are married"

"Then you go ahead with the marriage. What's the big deal? Just get married to her."

"What? That I should do what? Marry her? You must be kidding."

"You should hear my reason first before reacting. I have a plan, just get married to her first, then you divorce her later, I am sure you know what that means"

"Can you listen to yourself? That I should marry her? That will be going too far, Tonia. I thought that this game will be easy for me with the way you described your friend. You said that she will be helping me with all the money I needed to start up something meaningful with my life, that was why I accepted to do it, but now, things are no longer going the way I expected. Just look at poor Amy, she is believing on me. She is hoping on my love for her. God must hate me for this"

"You should have known that you are not ready to father a child when you were busy enjoying me without CD."

"I never told you that I was never ready. I can cater for my child's need. I will make sure that she doesn't lack anything"

"You are forgetting she is also my child, and I have equal right on her as well. I have the right to determine her life. So for the sake of this child, do what I'm asking you. Accept Amy's terms"

"Then what will happen after the marriage?" Segun asked again, giving her a serious look.

"Like I said, you divorce her after 4 months" Tonia replied, looking bold

"You are not serious,  right?"

"Segun, I am more than serious here. You know I don't joke about anything" Tonia said, and began thinking on how her plan will go.
"Segun, I am finally succeeding in making this plan a success. My main target is to get you married to Amy and then allow her to enjoy a married life for few months before terminating her life. Once she is dead, all her property will be yours, then I will be your new wife." She then smiled in her heart that her plan was about becoming a success.

Segun who noticed the sudden smile that lined Tonia's face, asked her why he was laughing...

"Segun, I laughed because my children will enjoy a better life. I promise them that they will have a responsible father. That they will have a good father, who will love them more than his own life. Who will be ready to do anything for their sake. So Segun, thank you for doing this for this child. Thank you for doing this for us. And better start making plans of getting married to Amy" She laughed, walking inside.

Segun then lost himself on the sofa and began asking God why he didn't give him a strong heart so that he won't fall into Tonia's trap. He then begged God to forgive him.
"Forgive me Lord for doing this, you know it's the duty of a father to protect his child, so forgive me that I am doing this for the sake of my child. I am truly sorry, Lord"
Segun was sucking himself in guilt when Tonia returned to the room and tauted him: "Stop deceiving yourself, there is no god out there. You are on your own in this world and that is why only the smart people succeed in life. People who waste their time praying end up achieving nothing. So hustle Mr man and provide a better future for your children. Come let's discuss on how to make our plans successful."

And then a message beeped her phone. After reading it, she replied: "Yes, things are going according to plan."

To be continued..

The Girlfriend: by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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