The Girlfriend: Episode 5 by Ngozi Lovelyn O

Tonia who was already feeling insecure got tensely infuriated at the way Segun disconnected her call.
"What? He ignored my call just because of Amy? He is considering her feelings more than mine? No, Tonia, this is enough! I don't think I am being fair to myself, this game is taking an unexpected turn. There is no need telling Segun that I'm coming, I have to go there.. I can't give any chances" she said, stepping out to Amy's house

When she got there, the gateman who already knew her as Amy's friend allowed her inside.

So she calmly went in to know what was happening, but got shocked seeing Amy sleeping on Segun's body.
The way they laid together got her infuriated that she left loose of her control and shouted: "What is going on here?" She burst out the question but Amy didn't hear her clearly, she was woken by the sound of it.

"Tonia, when did you arrived?.....! Your voice woke me up"

"So Amy, you are now keeping things from me?" Tonia asked, struggling to hide the anger that was already washing up her heart

"Hide what again?" Amy asked, trying to understand what she meant by that.

Segun who noticed what was happening irked deeply at the way Tonia was going about the whole thing.
"So all these while, Tonia has not developed any trust for me? She made me do this but she is getting scared for no reason."

"Amy, Austin (Segun) just called me on the phone telling me that you were not feeling fine, so that's why I'm here to look after you" she said, hiding her anger
"Aww......, you stressed yourself all for me? You shouldn't have my dear. I'm feeling strong now. It was just a stress attack, but since you two are here, let's make a fun out of it"

"But Austin said you were sounding so down and shivering in cold, how come you are strong all of a sudden?" Tonia asked, stylishly seeking to know if she made that up to lure Segun over to her house

"How can I remain sick when I have Austin here with me? He is my doctor's prescription. He made me feel alright"

"Huh! He made her happy, does it mean they have made love?" Tonia feared and then continued.: "Really, he made you feel alright, like what and what did he do to you?"

Segun who understood the area Tonia was driving at swiftly chipped in.
"Tonia, you are such a great friend. I never meant stressing you when I told you about her sickness. I would have told you that I was coming here so that you won't bother yourself coming."

Segun was still talking when Amy's phone rang from the bathroom.
"Ow, that's my phone. Let me go and get it."she said, heading to her room
The moment she left, Segun dragged Tonia by the hand, asking her what she was doing there at that hour.
"Have you suddenly gone crazy? Why do you came here at this hour, what if something had happened to you or my unborn child?"

And Tonia angrily slapped her hand off from him and snapped back at him
"Segun, I have changed my mind. This game is now cancelled. I am no longer interested."

"And may I know why?" Segun asked, checking to see if Amy was coming.

"Seeing the way you two laid intimately on the bed automatically changed my mind. Baby, thank goodness that I came here, who knows what would have happened? So because of that, I have made up my mind to cancel the game and also terminate the pregnancy."

"What, but why? Am I not trying my best? You know I'm doing this for the sake of this child and not because of you?"

"Then do the right thing, I did not tell you to get intimate with her.. I have given you my mind, just do the right thing, otherwise, I will do my mind"

Sensing the seriousness and determination in terminating the pregnancy, Segun promised Tonia to give him just 1 month to get Amy to marry him.
"Please don't hurt that child, you will see a positive result in a month time, this I promise you"
Segun said and became bitter in his heart that she was blackmailing him into defrauding an innocent lady.
"Segun, you don't even know what I'm doing to you. This pregnancy is my sure ticket of getting my desire achieved. Sorry poor you, but let's get the money first, then I will know what to do next. I just need to keep you in check so that you don't fall in love with Amy and destabilize my entire plan"

To be continued....
Coming up next: "Whisper Promise"

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