The Girlfriend: Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Tonia tried convincing Amy further to help Segun with some money to establish a business.
"Amy, don't tell me that you don't know how this type of things are done? Once you give him a huge sum amount of money to start up something tangible that can be fetching him money, you will see how he will be worshiping you. He won't joke with you for a minute. Just think about it and you will see reason in what I am saying"

"Hmm, Tonia, there is nothing to think about here. I know the things I will do for him, but not yet."

"But I told you he is a nice person, I know him very well, so you don't have to panic on anything. If you know all the things you will do for your husband, start doing it for him now, because he is already your husband."

"Tonia! You are speaking as if you know this Austin very well"

"Off course I do know him very well. He was emphasizing so much on the disparity in your social background. What I'm trying to say in a nutshell is this, elevate his financial background and clear all the negative thoughts that will gear him into thinking that you won't give him any respect as a wife after marriage. Just do this thing I'm telling you, you won't regret iyy" Tonia advised

"Tonia, don't tell me that you don't men. They can be cunning, so it's better I follow him with smartness"

"Amy, you might not agree today, but you will agree tomorrow, because I must surely see to that" Tonia said in her heart, being angry with Amy for not falling for her plans

Few days later, Amy and Segun had gotten fond of speaking with each other over the phone and Tonia was getting jealous. But Segun kept telling her to calm down, that it was still part of the plan.
"Have you forgotten that, she had made it clear to you that she won't be releasing any money until she is convinced that I came for real?"

"Yes, I know but you are getting too close to her and I don't like it. Don't you know that some unexpected feelings might spring up?"

"Come here Baby" Segun requested, drawing her by the west.
"Tell me, why are you jealous? Don't you trust me anymore?"

"I do trust you but the way you are getting closer to her is getting me scared"

"You have to trust me, OK.. Just relax, it's still part of the plan" Segun assured

"Hmm, OK. I have heard you." As they were still speaking, Segun's phone rang.

And when he picked it, he calmly murmured "Amy", looking at Tonia.

"I know it's her, she is getting too close to you and I don't like this"

"Why are you complaining, she is doing the right thing, because she never knew our plan. But if you don't like this game, we can still back off. Should we back off?" Segun asked, looking serious

"No, not what I meant, just that, you have to be careful, because I can't afford to loose you"

"Alright Baby, I am with you. Let me answer her call, she is calling back" Segun said, pressing the green button as Tonia nodded in affirmation.

"Hello Austin, can you please come over to my house, I am not feeling too fine. I need you around me now, please" Amy requested, shivering in cold

"You are not feeling fine? Don't worry, I am coming to your house, OK . please dear, don't be sick. I am coming to your house now" Segun said, sounding so concerned, looking at Tonia who was giving him a question look.

"Why looking at me like that? You heard the call right?"

"Yes, she said she is not feeling too fine, and don't tell me you are going over there now, because it's already getting late, just check the time?"

"Come on Baby, she is not feeling fine. I heard her shivering in cold. I think we should go there together, she is now our friend. We need to visit and take care of her" Segun suggested

"I don't think it's wise I follow you there. You can go alone" She said, sitting down wearing a gloomy face.

"Baby, I don't like that look. A friend needs me, you shouldn't be mad about that, OK?" Segun patted

"Alright, you can go." Tonia approved his request of visiting Amy

When Segun left, she began reminiscing how comfortable Segun used to be whenever he was receiving Amy's call.

"No, I have to go there. I can't give Amy the chance to steal my man. I know that it was a crazy idea fixing them together, but the way things are going is giving me a serious concern. I have to go to Amy's place, but let me wait for some minutes before going there"

When Segun reached Amy's place, she arose from where she was sitting and passionately embraced him.
And Segun felt her body burning in fever.
"Oh my God! Your body is so hot. Let me take you to the hospital" Segun requested

"My medicine is you. Now that I have seen you, I will be fine before you know it, it's just a normal stress. All I need is a sound rest, and I will come around. Just cuddle me, I will be fine"

"Are you sure about that?" Segun asked, observing Amy's kind look.

"Yes, that is all. It's my body, so I know how my system operates" Amy said, going to her bed, as Segun followed suit. And he held her tight as they laid on the same bed.

Tonia was calling Segun to tell him that she was coming, but he ignored the call.

"What? He is not answering my call?" She was still wondering in anger on why Segun refused to answer the call, a message entered.
The moment she saw that it was from Segun, she quickly opened it and it read: "I will call you later, Amy is sick and she needs rest, I don't want to disturb her with calls"

To be continued

The author of "The Girlfriend" is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.


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