The Girlfriend: Episode 3

An arrangement was made for Amy and Segun to meet.
Amy was so excited and placed her mind on seeing the nice man her friend, Tonia saw for her.

They met at an open fancy restaurant. Before she reached, Tonia and Segun were already waiting for her.

And she calmly pleaded to be pardoned for keeping them waiting.

"No, you did not kept us waiting for long, it has not been long we arrived" Segun said

Amy then smiled sitting down and they exchanged pleasantries.
Few minutes later, Tonia did the introduction. She gave Segun's name as Austin

And after the introduction, Segun extended his hands and shook hands with Amy, that he was pleased to meet her.

"It's my pleasure" Amy responded
Amy was calm and lovely, she was rich but that didn't clouded her perception about reality. She was so down to earth.

"So Segun, she is Amy, the beautiful friend I told you about." Tonia said

"Tonia, I must say, your friend is such a beauty." Segun said, looking deep into Amy's eyes.
Tonia who was not happy with the way Segun was looking at Amy drew her hand under the table and tapped him, requesting him to behave.

And Segun smiled in his heart: "Tonia, you have being a jealous type, I wonder why had the heart to have me do this. Just thank your God that I am not that kind of person" Segun was having a personal thought when Amy interrupted him

"So Segun, are you from which village?"

And Segun observed Amy's bold brown eyes which were passionately looking at him and continued with his thoughts:
"Looking at this woman, she is already fallen for me. She trusted her friend so much, but not knowing that the person she called her good friend is not who she think she is."

"She is asking you" Tonia tapped Segun who was lost in his thought.

And he was brought back to reality.
Amy who noticed that he was lost in his thoughts, laughed softly at the way Tonia tapped him, making Segun to notice the dimples on her both cheeks.

"This woman is so beautiful. Why is Tonia doing this to her? I can't hurt such an angel. She is beautiful like an Angel. I think I have to go, I have to go, she can't make me do this" he said in his heart, standing up.
"I think I have to go now" he spoke up

"What? But why? So sudden?" Tonia asked

And Amy began feeling bad. She then concluded that Segun does not found her attractive, she also thought that her question got him angry.
"Is it because of my question that you lost your temper? I am so sorry. I thought we came to know each other, that was why I asked the question. Forgive me please" Amy calmly pleaded, but her calm nature was touching Segun's heart. He was feeling guilty that he was about hurting her.

"No Amy, it's not what you think. Your question did not irked me at all, it's just that.....just that......" He spoke, breaking his words, and Tonia who felt that Segun was about saying something, jumped in immediately and said: "Tonia, since he said he is leaving, let me see him off"

And Amy who was feeling bad, thinking that she was rejected, nodded

And Segun began leaving the restaurant, while Tonia walked along with him.

When they stepped out to a place where Amy's eyes could no longer reach them, she then asked Segun what he thought he was doing.

"Tonia, don't tell me you are this wicked! Just look at that innocent woman, why do you want to hurt her like that? I am feeling horrible that I'm agreeing to do this. Let's just forget this and hope on God, I am sure he will provide. I will find a job soon, trust me."

"Trust you? For how long? Our baby is already on the way and you want me to trust you? You expect me to live in that 2 bedroom apartment with you after my child is born? Segun, like I told you, I am not doing this for any selfish reasons, I am doing it for the sake of our child. And listen, this is the last time we will be discussing this issue or else you want me to get rid of this pregnancy. So if you know what's good for you, better stick to the plan."

So because of the baby, Segun accepted again.

"Hmm, I'm sorry for having my feeling get the best of me. So what do I need to do now, should I go back?"

"I don't think there is still need for that because the way you walked out had given me an idea on how to get her to get you established so fast."

"And what idea is that?" Segun asked

"We will talk about that when we get home. You have to go now, before Amy comes out here"

When Tonia returned to where they were sitting, she saw Amy looking gloomy.
"Why is your face like that? She asked

"Can I ever get married?"

"Off course you can"

"Hmm, is it like this? Sew how Austin walked away without even pretending to hide his feelings towards me. He must hate the sight of me that was why he walked away like that."
"No, you are getting it all wrong. Its not what he meant. He was even angry with me for not telling him who you are. He likes you, but scared that you will not have anything to do with him again the moment you discover that he is a nobody. Seriously, from what he told me when we were outside, he likes you, but you will not accept him, that was why he ran away so that you don't ask him anything about the business he is doing"

"Really? You mean he likes me?" Amy asked, looking happy again

And Tonia nodded yes.

"Then, that's not a problem. My only concern is for him to be a nice person. As for his financial status, I can do something about that, but that will be after we are married"

"After marriage? And I don't have all that time to wait. I have to convince Amy to do something about it fast" Tonia said in her heart, thinking on how to perfect her plans and make her begin spending money on Segun.

To be continued

The Girlfriend: Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.
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