The Girlfriend: Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

After Segun reluctantly accepted, Tonia called Amy and informed her that she had found a prospective husband for her.

"Really? Have you told him about me?" Cheerful Amy asked

"No, I did not tell him anything. He was talking to me about getting married to any nice lady he see, just the same thing you were saying the other day. So I told him about you, but I did not tell him anything about your social status."

"But what is he doing? Hope he is God fearing? Tell me how well you know him, please" Amy asked, sounding so desperate

"Are you concerned about his wealth status, I thought you wouldn't mind if the person is rich or poor?"

"But knowing his financial status is not for a specific reason, I just want to know"
"OK, he is just OK, managing, he lost his job recently and the woman he wanted to marry left him because of it. Right now, he is working hard on finding something he will be doing that can be fetching him money"

"Ow, this is sad. That his woman does not love him at all. This is the time to show him all her support and not dumping him, because nobody knows tomorrow. That things are bad for him today does not mean that they will continue to remain so forever"

While they were speaking on the phone, Segun was listening to their conversations because Tonia set it on loudspeaker.

And they continued.
"So tell me, how is he, what's his facial outlook, his skin colour, and age?" Amy asked

"He is dark in complexion, tall. He is just OK facially, not too handsome and not ugly."

"But you are forgetting to tell me one thing, his kind of person, his personality, is he God fearing?"

"Yes, I know him too well. If he is a bad person, I wouldn't even think of recommending him for you. As for that side, you don't need to worry, he is so nice and blessed with a huge kind heart. If things work out for you two, you will enjoy him. You will never stop praising me for recommending him for you"

"Aww, do glad to hear" Amy said, sounding happy

"Yes" Tonia replied, and then said in her heart "God forbid that things will work out for you and Segun"

"Then what are we still waiting for? When am I going to meet him?"

"OK, I will discuss with him about that, but just one thing"

"And what is that?" Amy asked, listening attentively

"He doesn't fornicate. He sees sex as a sin. He said he prefers his bed to be undefiled"

"Really? Is he a virgin? And how am I going to know if he is medically and sexually OK?" Amy asked, wondering if Segun was trying to hide something.

"But there are other ways you can confirm that. You just take him to the hospital and get him tested, that's not a big deal" Tonia suggested

"Yes, you are right. Sex is not a problem, I have lived for months without it, so I don't think it will be a problem for me now, and since the man is nice, no problem. If God's willing, I'm ready to be his wife. But does he know about my financial status?"

"I have answered you before, I have not told him about anything of that nature."

"Yes, it's better that way. So when you finally arrange a meeting for us, you let me know. I am already eager to meet him." Amy said, laughing shyly.

"OK, will do just that. Alright then, I will call you later after he must have given me a date" Tonia said as they ended the call.
She then laughed out that her game was scoring goals already.
But Segun was not having the same cheerful look with her.
She then asked him why he was looking upset.

"You said that I don't do sex till after marriage, am I sensing jealousy here?"

"Huh! What's that question supposed to mean?"

"Baby, you are jealous and doesn't want to see me with another woman, but why do you want to send me to the arms of another woman, what if something of that nature happens?"

"Because I trust both of you and that was why I told her that you don't fornicate, so she won't disturb you on that side. I know Amy, I have known her for a very long time, so I can vouch for the things she can do and the ones she can't do and now that I have told her about this, she won't even try you on that side" Tonia said, looking so serious

"Hmm..." Segun hummed, paused for some seconds and said "From your discussions with her, that woman seems like a very nice person, why do you want to hurt her like that? Trick her into believing something that is not real? This is absolute wickedness!"

"But there is nothing like wickedness here. She has enough money to throw, so cutting a piece from it won't be a bad idea. Please don't spoil this show for me. Since the economy is no longer favoring you in terms of securing a nice job, then you do the needful. Don't tell me you are a weakling, be a man and make money like your fellow men does, oherwise I will terminate this pregnancy. I will not allow my child to be born in a poor environment"

"So you are now blackmailing with my unborn child?" Segun asked, looking surprised

"I'm not blackmailing you my Darling, but it's the duty of a mother to protect the future of her children. I'm fighting to secure a better future for them, so you shouldn't blame me for it. I can't invite them to the world where a better future and better environment are not guaranteed for them. So now, I am not asking for too much, do it for the sake of our unborn baby" Tonia said, looking so serious.

To be Continued..

The author of "The Girlfriend" is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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