The Girlfriend: Episode 16 (The End) by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When the police arrived, Segun narrated everything to them, how he felt that Amy was still in the house since her car and her phone were in the house.
And then the police began their search. And having knowledge about such homicide cases, it struck their mind to search the deep freezer.

Tonia who couldn't believe that she could be used, played and dumped collapsed, falling straight to the ground, making people who saw her with her condition ran to help her. They quickly carried her to the hospital.

On arrival, the doctor examined her and diagnosed how critical her condition was and suggested for caesarian section to save her life and that of the baby.
But before then, the police had already found Amy's body, stuffed in the freezer.
"No no, Amy no! This can't be, Amy you can't die. You just can't die" Segun said, crying deeply, trying to wake Amy who was lying lifeless.

But when he came to the reality that Amy was truly dead, he released a loud wail, saying that it was his fault that Amy was dead.
That if he hadn't listened to Tonia, Amy would have still had her life in peace. He then requested the police to arrest him.
"Police, please arrest me, I am ready to pay for my wife's death, I failed her as a husband. I knew that her life was in danger but yet I couldn't do anything to save her." He said, continued crying bitterly, feeling remorseful.
And the police asked him what he knew about the death of Amy.
And he then explained how everything happened, how he faked to love Amy, how Tonia blackmailed him into marrying her and how he finally fell in love with Amy which lead to fall out of things.

After sharing the story, Segun was first arrested.

He even felt glad that he was arrested.
"Yes Amy, I deserve the punishment I'm getting now. I deserve to rot in prison. Everything is all my fault, how can I go on, walking freely, knowing that your death was caused by me. If spending my entire life in prison is the only way I can redeem myself, then so be it. I just pray you forgive me" Segun cried in his heart, feeling guilty.

While been held arrested, the police asked him how to get Tonia.
"I can help you with that, Officers" Segun said, trying to give them Tonia's address and his phone number. It was an unknown caller ID.
"Sir, can I answer the phone?" Segun asked

"Yes, you can answer your phone" one of the officers replied

"But I'm handcuffed, can you help me with it?" He asked one of the officers.

"Off course we will do that, but you have to know that it will be set on loudspeaker" the officer said

And Segun nodded.

When he answered, he listened closely to know who it was.
"Is that Segun?" The doctor asked

"Yes, you are speaking to him" Segun replied

"Good, please we have a pregnant patient here, she is in a critical condition and a C-section is urgently needed to save her life and the baby's. We got her phone unlocked by our experts just to save her life, that was how we got your number from the list of her call logs. We assure you, we don't have another intention except to save their lives"

"Yes......yes..... Doctor, please go ahead and save my child, please go ahead" Segun agreed

"Then you will have to come to the hospital to sign some papers before something could be done on her, and you have to be very fast, we don't have much time" the Doctor instructed

Having had the knowledge about Tonia's whereabouts, Segun and the police stormed the hospital.
After much effort to save the Baby's life, he died.
When Tonia woke up and saw that Segun in company of some policemen were there, waiting for her to wake up, she then burst into tears.
She began regretting what she did to her friend, Amy.
"Segun, I now believe the adage that says "anything that goes around, comes around". I have been fed with the same cake I fed Amy with. I shouldn't have trusted him" Tonia said, crying.

 "I don't understand, please can you help me and understand?" Segun pleaded

"Segun, I don't have to lie anymore. The guilt of what I did to Amy is burning my heart. Segun, I lied to you, the baby I flaunted as your own child is not yours. He was my boyfriend's baby. He was the one who made me do all those things to you and to Amy, and now he has left me to suffer all alone." Tonia was still confessing her sins when Segun who couldn't bear it all decided to take his own life
"The baby was not even mine and on top that, Amy died, all because me? Can I ever forgive myself? Can I survive with this guilt?" He asked himself, running out to the corridor and jumped out from the 3rd floor to his death. And that was how Segun died.
Tonia was later arrested for deceit, blackmail and murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Amy was later deposited in the morgue, after some weeks, her family gave her a befitting burial.
Hanks was still on the run, nobody knew what later happened to him, because the police never relented in their efforts to finding him.
One thing I know is that, "no single sin shall go unpunished", he can run but he can't hide forever. One day, he will answer for his sins, that's the rule of life and there is no two ways about it.
"The Girlfriend", Amy trusted her girlfriend, Tonia and that brought about her end.
Mind who you make friends with, mind who you share your problems with. You have God to share your problems with and not humans.
They can either laugh at you, mock you behind your back or even rejoice over your problem(s). And the extremists, that is the likes of Tonia will use it against you.

That's the End of the story. Thanks for reading it.

The Girlfriend by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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