The Girlfriend: Episode 15 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"There is a problem, I was even lucky to escape with my life. Segun is at Amy's house right now and he has gone berserk. He is suspecting that I did something to Amy" Tonia said to her secret boyfriend, Hank who was the mastermind of the whole crime.

"But why didn't you control him?" He asked

"Segun is no more under my control, he is now controlled by the love he has for Amy."

"But I thought you told me that, you have him under control? That he is not in love with Amy?"

"I don't know how it happened. Please Hank, you have to think of something because Segun won't rest until he finds out what happened to Amy. And her body is still in the freezer. It won't be long before he finds her"
"From the look of things, the game is running against us now. Amy shouldn't have died yet."

"But what are we going to do now?" Tonia asked

"Tonia, you still have the baby, and you know how weak he is towards it. So you will have to make him understand that Amy is dead. And for the sake of the child, he should marry you."

"Hank, that doesn't sound like a good idea to me oo, he doesn't give a dime about the child anymore."

"Tonia, you are sounding useless to me now. Do what I'm asking you to do and stop complaining. Use your charms as a woman and make him dance to your tunes. I'm giving you only 24 hours to come up with a tangible result otherwise, you consider this relationship over. It seems you are happy seeing me roaming the street looking like a beggar."

"No Baby, don't worry, I will go to Segun now and ignite the game again, you don't have to worry" Tonia said, trying to protect the love she had for Hank. She was madly in love with him to the extent she was willing to do anything for his sake.

"Good" Hank said, ending the call and began taunting her: "Foolish woman, that's what fits women like you. Idiot. Please do and get me the money, that's what I'm after and not that thing you have in your stomach"

"Hank is not helping matter, look at my condition, and he is not showing any concern at all. All he is interested in is the money. Anyway, I have to do what he ask me do so that I don't loose him" Tonia said to herself

Segun who believed that Amy was in the house kept searching for her but all proved abortive

"Amy, where are you? Why are you not answering your call?" Segun said, sitting outside
He then dialed her number again and discovered that it was ringing inside her car.
"Amy's phone, ringing inside the car? She couldn't have left leaving her phone inside the car. Oh Lord, let it not be what I'm thinking. Let it not be Tonia has succeeded in her evil schemes." Segun said to himself going inside and continued searching for her.
After a thorough search, he decided to invite the police.

Tonia was still finding the situation difficult for her, since Segun's interest was moving away from her and the baby.
"How am I going to handle this matter now? Segun is no longer interested in me nor the baby" she said heading to Amy's house, but when she went closer, she saw Police Van packed in front of Amy's house, her heart skipped. The next thing, she took to her heels.
When she reached to a place she thought the police won't be able to see her, she then brought out her phone and called Hanks.

"Hello Baby, there is a very big problem right now. The police is at Amy's house as I'm talking to you now"

"What? Are you sure? Who called them?" Hankd asked, sounding stressed

"I think it's Segun, hope I told you that Segun is no longer interested in me nor the baby. I think it's time we take to our runs. The police will soon start searching for us" Tonia suggested

"Run, you and who run? Tonia, you are the most foolish woman I have ever had a dealing with. I think our friendship ends here. From today onwards, I don't know you and you don't know me either. Better save yourself and forget about me." Harrison frankly said

"What? Have you forgotten that I'm pregnant with your child?"

"Madam Tonia, like I said, save yourself" Hanks said, ending the call

When Tonia who was shocked at the response she received called the number back, it said "switched off"
"Hay! Switched off?" She rhetoric feeling shocked, placing her hands on her head and continued: "Hanks! No Hanks, you can't do this to me. You possibly can't do this to me, Hanks" Tonia said, looking for a way to stop a taxi to Hank's house. When she finally got there, she found out that he had ran away.
She then sat and began crying, and started reminiscing how everything started, how Hanks got her pregnant and tried inciting her into using Segun to acquire Amy's wealth.
"Amy my friend, I have been played the same way I made Segun play with your heart, my life is ruined now. How will I spend the rest of my days running and hiding with Amy's blood on my hands?"

To be continued

The Girlfriend: Episode 16 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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