The Girlfriend: Episode 14 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

After Amy helped Tonia inside, she was unsuspecting of Tonia's evil intentions.
Her mind was to help her friend who was sick, but not knowing that the person she adored so much as her friend was a "sheep in wolf's clothing"

As they stepped inside, Tonia pleaded with Amy to help her get a wrapper to cover herself that she was feeling cold.
And kind Amy gladly went into her room to get the wrapper.

Immediately she left, Tonia dashed into the kitchen and grabbed a pestle.

She hid by the entrance that lead to Amy's room. The moment Amy stepped out from the room with the wrapper, Tonia gave her a blow on the head with the pestle, making Amy to fell on the ground.

"Amy, it is not your time to die yet but you just made me do it. Reporting the matter to the police will lead them into having their investigations and that is something I don't need now." Tonia said, looking at Amy who was lying on the floor.

She was still thinking on what to do with her body when Segun began knocking on the gate.
And her heart flipped.
"Who could that be now? And Amy, what am I going to do with her body? OK, let me hide her inside the freezer"
She then dragged her body and hid it in the deep freezer.

She adjusted herself, and majestically walked out to open the door, when she saw who it was, she hissed and began walking back inside.

"Tonia, where is Amy?" Segun asked, looking serious but Tonia ignored her, walking back inside

"Tonia, are you not the one I'm asking?" Segun asked, having the fear that something bad had happened to Amy.
And he became anxious, trying to know what happened.

The way he was reacting irked Tonia.
"Segun, were you not the one whom she called on the phone some minutes ago, so why are you asking me about her whereabouts?"

"Tonia, let it not be that something has happened to my wife otherwise I won't spare you."

Tonia then laughed mockingly at him and said: "Tell me Segun, what are you going to do? Don't forget that we are in this game together, you are directly affected if anything should happen to Amy. You know it's either you do it or I do it myself"

From Tonia's last statement, Segun had his widest fear that Amy was in trouble, he then began searching for her in the whole house.

"And what is it you are looking for? Amy is not here" Tonia said, trying to stop Segun from seeing Amy's body in the freezer and she said in her heart: "We took the decision to kill Amy without having a clear thought of what to do with Segun. Our intention was to kill Amy in an accident, and then make Segun to marry me before finally getting rid of him. And right now, he is furious,
he can raise alarm if he notice what I have done."

"Tonia, if you don't tell me what you have done to Amy I will head straight to the police station and make a report"

"Segun, you won't dare."
 And at this moment, Segun lost his patience, he got infuriated at the way Tonia was taking the matter casually

"Tonia, tell me what you have done to Amy now" He asked trying to choke Tonia.

And Tonia screamed: "Segun, my baby, have you forgotten I am heavily pregnant?"

"To hell with that pregnancy!" Segun snapped, still holding her neck, gradually squeezing it

And Tonia who saw that Segun was been serious about it lied to him so that he will left for of her neck.

"Tonia is in the backyard, she went there to fix something."

"Are you lying to me?" He asked

"No Segun, she is there. Can you leave me please, you are chocking me go death." She screamed, looking terrified as Segun left her, asking her not to go anywhere until he find Amy.

But when he discovered that Tonia deceived him, he rushed back in only to find out that Tonia had ran away. He quickly rushed outside to see if he could catch her, but there was no trace of her.

To be continued

The Girlfriend by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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