The Girlfriend Episode 13 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"What is wrong with you Tonia, how is it doing you?" Amy asked

"I don't know Amy, my tummy is rumbling, I just don't know how to explain it" Tonia said, pretending to look to ill.
But Amy was finding it too difficult to believe her.

"Tonia, how can you fall sick all of a sudden, but you were hale while ago? I don't believe you. You are making this up. You just don't want to follow me to the police station."

"It's not true Amy, just take a good look at me. I am not feeling too fine. Can you lead me inside, I can't walk on my own, and as for making a report to the police, I can still do that later, let's just go inside, please"
= "Hmm, alright, let's go." Amy said, leading her inside

"Tonia, it's now time, and remember, don't make any mistake" Tonia instructed herself

Segun who was at the police station kept on thinking over Amy's intention of reporting the matter to the police. At at a point, he liked the idea.

"I think it's a nice idea, making the police aware of this will help put Tonia's actions on check."
But when he remembered that Tonia was all alone with Amy, then another fearful thought gripped him.

"Oh no...Tonia won't like this idea of reporting the kidnapping case to the police and she will stop at nothing to make sure that Amy doesn't report it........ Amy, you can't trust Tonia, she is not a good friend. I have to call Amy and somehow make her leave the house. But how am I going to do that so that Tonia won't suspect me? It was because of me they punished her by kidnapping her. Tonia is desperate, how am I going to do this now? Well, let me first call Amy to know where she is at the moment." Segun said, bringing out his phone to call Amy, but she was not answering her phone.
Amy left her phone in the car when she was helping Tonia inside the house.
"She is not answering her call? I hope she is still safe. OK, let me call Tonia to know if they are on their way" he said and then called Tonia and she wasn't answering her call either.

And now, Segun had realised that there was a problem. He drew the conclusion that Amy's life was in danger.
He immediately took off from the police station to save Amy before it turned late.
While running home, he was so scared that he couldn't make it on time, he grabbed his phone, dialing his neighbours number to help him knock on the gate so as to distract Tonia, in case she was planning something terrible but the number was not going through.
"Who else am I going to call now? I might not make it on time. Oh Lord, please I hand Amy's life into your holy hands, just save her this last time I promise to confess my sins to her and to expose the kind of girlfriend Tonia is to her" Segun earnestly wished but before he could reach ho.e, he had already lost the chance. It was already too late. Tonia had succeeded in achieving her aim."


As the story is gradually coming to an end, the next episode will be coming tomorrow.
Remember, it's Xperia Short Stories.

To be continued.

The Girlfriend by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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