The Girlfriend: Episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"My sweet husband, who knows what he must be thinking now? I know that he must be scared not seeing me at home last night. And there is no airtime on your phone to call him." Amy said, looking at Tonia

"Don't worry, you will soon see your Darling husband, I guess he must be in the police station by now, laying a complaint." Tonia said

"Yes, I guess so."

When they got home, Segun wasn't there.

"Let me call him with the table phone" Amy said. And when Segun answered, he pretended to have died in worries.

"My love, what happened? I was so scared to the bones thinking that something terrible had happened to you. Where are you now? Are you OK?"

The way be was throwing the questions made Amy laughed out softly. She felt pleased that Austin(Segun) was so worried about her.
"My Darling, I was kidnapped. If not for the Grace of God, you wouldn't have heard my voice again in this life. Tonia fought fear and got us saved. They almost killed us for ritual purposes."

"Oh my God!" Segun exclaimed and then asked: "But how come?"

"It's a long story, I wanted to call the police station but there was no airtime on Tonia's phone, but where are you?"

"I am at the police station now to lodge a complaint, but since you are already at home, there is no need anymore. I will be at home soon"

"That's good Honey. You did the right thing by trying to inform the police, and I don't think you should leave. Just go on, I will join you there soon, because I need to report those evil men too, I can't just keep quiet." Amy said, as Tonia wired her face looking at her.

"What is wrong  with this woman? Why is she spoiling plans for me? I think abducting her was a very wrong idea." Tonia was busy racing with her mind, when Amy requested for them to go to the police station.

"But Amy, why going to the police station? Don't you know that you will be putting your life in danger by informing them?"

"How, I don't understand?" Amy asked, giving her a questioning look to explain her statement

"OK, you know how corrupt our police system is? Don't you know that some of these kidnappers, armed robbers work hand in hand with some police officers? And you know how we escaped from those kidnappers den and they will be searching for us too now. So, If you make any step now by informing the police , one of the police officers who work with them will inform them that you came to report them, and you know what will happen? They won't rest until they eliminate us, and now that you have made yourself known to their friends, finding you won't be that difficult."

At a moment, Amy felt shivers at what Tonia was saying, but when she remembered that she had friends in high places, she gathered her courage and turned down Tonia's advise.

"No Tonia, those bastards need to be arrested. They can't just mess with me for ritual purposes. It's better the police nab them so that they won't perpetuate their evils again"

Hearing this, Tonia began burning in anger.
"What if I eliminate her now, this very minute? Why is she not listening to anything I am saying?" Tonia said to herself

"Tonia, we shouldn't waste time anymore, let's go, your own statement will be needed as well, the more time we waste, the more the police loose their chance of catching them."

"Don't be ridiculous, Amy. Do you think those men will still be there, searching or even waiting for us?"

"Tonia, don't be too negative, let's go, Austin is still at the station waiting for us. Wait, I did not even ask him the police station he went to" Amy said, redialing Segun's number.

"While she was dialing the number, Tonia sent a message to her secret friend, asking him what to do, that Amy was about heading to the police station."

But the secret friend did not reply immediately. Tonia waited for his direction before knowing what to do."

But the moment they entered the car, heading to the station, a message beeped and it read "I think it's time"

"Yes, I think it's time, I can't allow her get to the station" Tonia said in her heart and started shouting her stomach, pretending to be sick in order to make Amy take her inside so as to carry out her plan.

To be continued...

I know its short, please manage it....OK. By the grace of God, tomorrow I will be strong enough to resume work fully.

I love you all, and thanks for good wishes.

The author of The Girlfriend is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of the book should be copied, use, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.

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