The Girlfriend: Episode 11 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"So what are we going to do now, should we kill her?"

"No, it's not yet time, Segun is still yet to resume work at her office. He needs to learn all the necessary things he needs to know about the business so that the business won't crumble after Amy's demise"

"Hmm, you are right, you are totally right. I guess this kidnap is just a warning message to Segun so as to take the deal seriously" one of the men asked and Tonia nodded in affirmative.

The next morning, the men pretended to have left, leaving only two guards, who also pretended to be dozing deeply in order for Tonia and Amy to escape and to make it look like a real escape, so that Amy won't suspect anything.
After they dispersed, Tonia called out for Amy.
"Amy, can you hear me??"

And Amy faintly replied, saying that she can hear her, just that she was in pains and weak.

"Hold on Amy, I will save us from here. It's there anybody there with you?" Tonia asked, sounding so sincere and caring

"What are you going to do, Tonia? Please don't do anything stupid and put yourself in more trouble" Amy said

"You amuse me Amy, so you can not even fight for your own life? Weak thing" Tonia taunted her in her heart and spoke up: "Don't worry, I don't think they can hear us. They had too much to drink  and later passed out, so I think this is our best opportunity to escape, so hold on"

2 minutes later, Tonia ran into the room Amy was in and began untying her.
"Tonia, what if they shoot us now?" Amy asked, looking so scared

"Amy, don't you know that this people are ritualists? The reason they haven't demanded for anything is because they are planning on killing us for ritual purposes. They did not kidnap us for any ransom, so it's better we fight for our escape now, this is our best chance. At least, it's better to die while trying." Tonia explained while untying Amy.

After she finished untying her, Tonia screamed silently: "Amy run, run.... run Amy, run for your life..." Tonia said, running out from the bush, while Amy ran along with her for her dear life.

As part of the game, once they ran out from the place, the men will start shooting in the air, making it look as if they were chasing after them.

"Tonia, are those gunshots?" Amy screamed in fear

"Amy, concentrate on saving your life, or do you want to be used fur rituals?" Tonia said, running.
And what she said increased Amy's zealous tendency and made her concentrate on the run. When they stormed out on the main road, they saw a bus and Tonia flagged the bus down.

After they entered the bus, Amy began panting loudly, as sweat rained all over her.
While in the car, Tonia sent Segun a message, asking him to leave the house, that they were on their way.

"Just leave the house so that Amy won't meet you at home. You will tell her that you had gone to the police station to lodge a complain" Tonia said
Immediately Segun read the message, he did as Tonia instructed.

"Tonia, you are with your phone, they did not take it from you?" Amy asked

"They took it but I snatched it back from the man's pocket while he was asleep."

"Wow! Tonia, I admire your bravery today. If not for you, who knows what would have happened. Thank you for saving my life"

"You are welcome, my friend"

And Amy nodded, looking thankful.
"OK, since you have your phone, can we call the police station?"

"Police station?"

"Yes, since the men are still here, there is 70% chance of nabbing them. They need to be behind bars so that they don't kidnap other people again or even come back for us"

"Amy, you are trying to spoil things for me now. How do I make her forget about the police? And if I refuse to give her the phone, she will suspect me" Tonia thought hard

"Tonia, you are quiet. I said I need your phone to make a call to the police station" Amy continued requesting for the phone

"Oh yes...! You said something like that.... Here is the phone" Tonia reluctantly handed her the phone

And Amy tried calling the number, but there was no airtime in the phone.

And Tonia released a deep sigh of relief.
"Oh thank Goodness that there is no airtime in the phone. Involving the police now might lead them into having their series of investigations and then delay or prevent my mission of having her killed." Tonia thought, looking at a fixed direction: "I must make sure she doesn't involve the police.

"Before we reach the police station, they must have been long gone. With this kidnapping of a thing, I think it's time I get bodyguards." Amy said, looking serious

"Oh my God! Another problem? Having bodyguards will now make things difficult for me. Amy, you are giving me more tough times, I think it's time I do the needful before you have your chance of creating tight situations for me" Tonia determined.

To be Continued..

The Girlfriend by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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