The Girlfriend: Episode 10 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Tonia is desperate, who knows what she will tell Amy now or is she planning to harm her or even have her killed?! This shouldn't be happening, this shouldn't be. .....Instead of panicking, let me call Tonia to know if she is planning something"
He then dialed Tonia's number and it gave a switched off signal.

"Switched off? What is happening now? Where is my wife? Where has Tonia taken her too?" Segun feared, thinking on what to do to save Amy from Tonia

After Tonia and Amy left the office, they entered Amy's car in order to get home, but were pulled over by men who also kidnapped them.

She thought that the men abducted her for money ransom, but not knowing that it was Tonia's plan.

They tortured her without saying anything.
But when the beating was becoming unbearable, she began asking them to name the price they want, that she was willing to pay, but one of the men slapped her hard, asking her to keep quiet.

"Then what do you want?" She asked, crying loudly.

One of the abductors who feared that her voice might attract unwanted people came and pointed a gun at her forehead, asking her to keep shut.
And Amy kept quiet, hoping for a miracle.

Tonia who was taken to another room on different occasions cried out, pretending to be in much pains as well, so as to make Amy not to suspect anything.

Segun was left with no option. "What should I do now? Should I lay a complain to the police?".... He said, checking the time. "Maybe, I should wait till tomorrow morning before making a report, who knows, they went to somewhere. And Tonia, let me call her number again" He then picked his phone and began calling Tonia....

And this time, it rang
"Yea....see who finally called" Tonia said

"Tonia, where is my wife?" Segun asked in a deep angry tone

"Really? You are now addressing her as your wife? And since when did she became your wife?"

"Tonia, listen to me and listen very carefully, nothing should happen to my wife, otherwise I won't spare you?" Segun warned, sounding so mean

"Tutututu....... Segun, did I hear you threaten me? I mean, you are threatening me? Segun, if I were you, I won't use such words because they sounded so funny"

"Tonia, you have not yet answered my question, where is Amy?"

"Good, now you know her name, I will tell you where she is. Just wait for her call in the next few minutes" Tonia said, ending the call and then directed the men to put a call through Segun with Amy's cellphone and make him hear her voice.

And they did as she instructed them.
Immediately Segun was connected, he heard Amy crying in pains, asking him to save her. He also heard one of the men slap her soundly, making Amy to wail deeply in pains.
And then they disconnected the call.
Segun's heart broke after hearing the pains Amy was in.
"It was all my fault. Why did I allowed Tonia to push me into this? Now look at poor Amy, suffering just because of me. Suffering for a fake and evil friend and Tonia has made things more difficult for me now. Will Amy ever forgive me after going through this ordeal? I wanted to confess everything to her this night, now this evil Tonia has ruined everything.... What matters now is Amy's life, let me call Tonia to know what she wants. To know her reason for perpetuating this high level of wickedness" he said, dialing Tonia's number

"Tonia, what do you want" he asked in a deep low tone

"What I want? Now, you are asking the question I want to you ask. Segun, I want you to stick to the original plan.
Let me remind you of our initial plan.
You are to make Amy get married to you, so that you can acquire her entire property."

"But how do you think that will be possible? She can't relinquish her properties to me just like that, I don't know anything about their business."

"Segun, by getting married to her, you are automatically a part of her business. I didn't get you to marry her and start staying at home, it's not part of the deal."

"And Amy, what are you going to do to her?"

"Segun, everything is in your hands now. Agree to my terms and see her return to you tomorrow morning. I got her kidnapped so as to send you a message that I'm capable of anything. I can even kill her this minute without anybody suspecting."

"Tonia, I never knew you could be this evil. You have a heart of stone"

"Segun, in war and love, anything is fair. I'm at war with Amy, just that she doesn't know about it yet. I don't know why I'm still mincing words here, are you agreeing to my terms or should I kill her this minute? And you know that we will still gain a lot if she is dead because you will inherit her properties. So, do you want that to happen?"

"Please, don't hurt her, I'm willing to do anything for her sake, just don't hurt her. Tomorrow morning, I will start work at her office, just don't hurt her please" Segun pleaded, sounding desperate

"Segun, let it not be that you are making an empty promise. If you try to act smart with me again, your name will be "sorry" and Amy's blood will be on your head. Kidnapping Amy is just a warning. It's a tip to the extent I can go to have the things I want. I can be mean, Segun"

"I have heard you." Segun said, and quickly reminisced the times he was seriously seeking for Tonia's hand in relationship. He then sighed in his heart and said: "I was pursuing a monster thinking I was seeking out a human being."
He then spoke up: "What about Amy, when is she returning to me?"

"You will see her tomorrow morning." Tonia replied
"And please don't hurt her again, I am ready to do anything you ask of me" Segun pleaded

"Segun, I love it when you plead like that. Bye"

"Hello... Hello..! She hung up? Let me dial her number again." Segun said, redialing her number and it said "switched off"

To be continued

The Girlfriend by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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