Please is this love? Final Episode

When the rumours of their wedding began flying strong, the new girl decided to put up a fight.
She began threatening Ekpere to leave Buchi alone, that he was hers.
And not only threatening her with mouth, she also fought her and they even broke bottle on top of it.
Stupid crazy things girls do because of men, hmm.

But that did not stop Buchi from going ahead with his marriage.
Weeks later, they got married...
Buchi is from Agbor, in Delta State while Ekpere is from Anambra State.
And till today, they are still living happily together. Their marriage is blessed with 3 children now, 2boys and a girl.

I don't know what happened to Charlie, but he later got married to one beautiful dark lady then.

So you see my question? Is this love?
Her kind of nature never stopped him from loving her with all his heart...
But can we call this true love, right?
Or say "love is blind"?

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