Please is this Love? Episode 4

You know that I asked you guys if this could be love?
Somebody should help with the question.

Human beings differ in the ways they perceive things.

Somebody would want to mock Ekpere or play a sweet revenge on her for dumping him for another guy who was living in the same compound with him, who later messed her up only to dump her like a trash and marry another woman.
People's reactions to situations of life differs.

But how did this young man reacted? OK, let's see him below..

After Ekpere discovered that Charlie had gone for good, she went back to Buchi.
We saw her on countless occasions kneeling in front of Buchi, pleading for his forgiveness.
These were happening in front of the compound, in the open where everybody was having a scene. She never cared if anybody was looking, all she cared was for Buchi to forgive and accept her back.
People like Ekpere does not have any shame in their dictionary. She does things according to the way she perceives them.
She goes for things she wants without having a thorough thought about the consequences. She does things as it pleases her.
She never thought twice before jilting Buchi for Charlie, and when she saw that the new road she chose was not leading her anywhere, she decided to revise to Buchi.

Her actions was a typical example of "go for what you want and don't give up".
She fought for Buchi's forgiveness like her life depended on it. We also heard that she went to his shop to beg him in front of everybody.
Buchi's sister who was my friend then told me that, she also went to the popular local bar where Buchi used to branch every evening to have a local wine (palm wine) to beg him, but did she later get what she wanted?
Off course she did. After two weeks of constant begging, Buchi accepted her back. And not only that he accepted her back, their love grew more stronger than it was before.
People were shocked, people couldn't believe that Buchi could ever think of having her back after all she did to him. But the young man ignored side talks and went ahead with his woman.
His friends began ridiculing and mocking him, but Buchi never cared.
When he could no longer stand people's negative comments against his love relationship with Ekpere, he decided to pack out.
He relocated to another place which was far from his former apartment, where nobody knew about them.
Mehn! See what love made Buchi do.
2 months after they packed out, we heard that they were about getting married.

"Getting married?"

Yes, you read right, he declared his intentions of marrying her.
Choi! Inukwa love.... Buchi shocked everybody with his decision.
Nobody believed that he could nurture the idea of marrying Ekpere, after everything that happened.

OK, we will continue tomorrow..
And about the new girl Buchi dated after Ekpere dumped him, we will find out how she reacted.
This story has so many lessons attached to it.
Things don't always go the way we thought them to be.

Story compiled by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Copyright- 2017

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