Please, is this Love? Episode 3

Months after Ekpere dumped Buchi, he found himself another girlfriend who was also living in the same compound. Lolz, so many things was happening in that yard...

Few days later, the news became real that Charlie was about getting married.

But how did Ekpere react? Nothing, her relationship with Charlie was still solid. She kept visiting Charlie at his brother's house.
Maybe, he lied to her that it was only a mere rumour.

But before she knew what was happening, Charlie had stopped coming to the yard. We heard that he had packed in to a new place and nobody knew the place, and not even Ekpere. Even Charlie's brother failed to reveal the new place to her.
She wasn't my friend then, so I never knew how she reacted, but one thing I knew was that, she felt terribly hurt, because according to her closest friend, the guy was promising her marriage.
Ekpere grew thin all of a sudden because of the disappointment.
But did you know what she did later? My reason for sharing this story lied on what she did after Charlie dumped her. She went back to Buchi ooo...... What a girl!
The girl had the heart to desire Buchi back after the insult and humiliation she hauled at him.

But did he forgive her? We will find out soon.
Remember that Buchi already had a new girlfriend who was also living in the same compound..

It's short abi? You can make it long by reading it twice.. See you later

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