Just a Tear: Episode 9 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When Osonye reached home, she was engraved in confusion on what to do. She was on the push drive to confront Ifeoma, but was restrained by what Kanayo told her. She then decided to keep cool and kept a close observation on Ifeoma.
Osonye's mother called her on phone and requested her presence in the village. She informed Ifeoma about it and then took off.
When she reached home, she was warmly welcomed by her mother including her 10 year old daughter whom she bore out of wedlock.
Her mother prepared her favourite food. Later in the night, she asked the mother why she called her.
"Its nothing much my daughter, just that I have been missing you. You don't even call home again like you used to."

"But Mama, I always send money every week"
"I know my daughter, but that is not enough, and you are not even asking about your daughter, Chichi anymore. Are you still not proud of her yet?"

"I know you are taking absolute care of her. So I don't think I should bother."

"Osonye, I suggest you take her along with you to the city so that she can attend one of the best schools over there. You know the schools we have here in the village can not be compared with the type you people have over there in the city"

"Mama, I can not take her with me. She is better off here with you in the village. City life is very rough, I don't want her to live there yet." Osonye said.

As they were still discussing, Chichi ran to her and asked:" "Aunty, is it true you are my real mother?"

Osonye was thrown off by the question her 10 year old daughter asked her. "Who told you that?" She infuriated.

"Mama told me" she said pointing at Osonye's mother, as the mother gave a faint smile.

Osonye frowned at the mother
"Mama why na? She is too small to have that kind of conflicting idea of who her reak mother is."

"Osonye! So all these years, you are still ashamed of Chichi? This is rather, appalling! Please she is your daughter, and as you can see my sickness is sucking off my strengths and Chichi is a child full of energy and intelligence and possesses a strong personality. This village will not do any good transforming her into the type of person she is supposed to be. So I suggest you take her along with you, she is your child. And besides you are now a rich lady.. But wait o, my daughter, why are you not considering marrying again?"

"Hia! Mama!! You have come again with this marriage issue, I thought we were discussing about Chichi..... I will marry again when I see a man that befits my standard and not the likes of those hopeless husbands especially, Ebuka"

"Shut up your mouth Osonye, so you have not learnt from your past mistakes. That Ebuka is happily married now. I don't know why you chose to be a badluck. I hope you are still working on your attitudes, so that your next husband won't send you packing again?

"Mama, forget that thing. That kind of life you advised me to live is not working. This life does not deserve good people. Yes,
I tried my best to heed to your advise to see how far It can carry me, but Mama, its not working, Believe me"

Her mother sensed the bitterness in her eyes and asked her what the problem was. And she narrated everything to her.

She sighed and paused for some minutes and asked her if they were dragging any man.
She replied no, that none she could remember.
She advised her not to listen to words of gossip peddlers.

"But Mama, those women does not know me. Had it been they knew me, they wouldn't even open their mouth discussing such things in my presence. So Mama, I'm finding it difficult to get rid of their discussions off my mind"

"Osonye, I am sure you know this your friend more than I do, so you should know what to believe. But be careful before you make a mistake based on "them say them say".

"I think I know what to do Mama, once I return to the city, I will search her things and if I find any odd thing among her belongings, then she will know who Osonye really is"

"My daughter, you ha....."

Osonye cut in:"Mama, don't worry, I can handle the situation myself."

"So back to Chichi matter......"

Osonye interrupted: "Ooom! Mama, I'm not in the mood for such talks again, Chichi still remains in this village with you, are you now rejecting your own granddaughter?"

"Osonye, you are misunderstanding me, I'm no longer strong enough to raise a child, and she is becoming stubborn due to her age, I need you to take her with you and give her a proper upbringing"

"Not yet Mama, city life is rough, let her grow up in this serene environment with you" Osonye insisted standing up, entering her room.

When Kanayo called her that night, she told him of her plans to search Ifeoma's belongings once she returned to the city.

"But why? What's the need for that?"

"I don't know, the thought just came to my mind. I can't just ignore those women's words like that, since she is planning a revenge on me, I want to know how she is planning on achieving that, maybe I might have a clue by searching her things"

"Hmm, I think you are going too far with this." Kanayo said, pretending

"I know, but prevention they say is better than cure" Osonye replied

"OK oo, if you say so" Kanayo said

"So let's talk about us. You are becoming a strong part of me, but yet, you don't want me to see you or are you that so ugly or a spirit?" Osonye teased

"Hmm, I don't think I'm that ugly, I'm just normal, that I can assure you. As for being a spirit, spirits dont talk on phone, you know. Don't worry, very soon we will see and the first day we will meet will be the day we will get engaged. I have known you enough to make you my wife. You are a God sent to me."

Osonye who was enjoying his sweet talks kept silent, listening and giggling.
When they ended the call, it struck Kanayo's mind to use that opportunity Osonye wanted to search Ifeoma's belongings to strain their friendship.
He organized for the people who approached Ifeoma and secretly inserted a charmlike substance in her bag.

When Ifeoma closed from work, she bordered a bus going home. And the men who have been monitoring her entered the same bus with her. 
The unsuspecting Ifeoma engaged in a discussion with one of the men who raised a topic just to distract her. 
They were chatting and laughing when the other man opened her bag and inserted a charm he wrapped with a black nylon inside her bag.

 Before Ifeoma could reach home, Osonye had already returned from the village and searched Osonye's bags but couldn't find anything. So she anxiously waited for her to return so she will stylishly search her handbag too.

When it was time for her to alight from the bus, one of the men offered to pay for her fare, thereby preventing her from dipping her hand in her bag. 

When she got home, she was surprised to see Osonye, she did not call her to inform her she was returning that day.

"Osonye, I'm surprised to see you at home oo! How is everybody in the village?"

"They are fine" Osonye answered keeping her face straight.

Ifeoma noticed that Osonye was not in a good mood, so she decided to take her bath first then ask her what the problem was.
Immediately Ifeoma stepped into the bathroom, she grabbed her handbag, opened it and saw a charm wrapped with a red cloth. She immediately, threw the bag away and shouted: "Ifeoma! So your plan was to kill me?"

Ifeoma rushed out of the bathroom and saw what looked a charm lying on the floor.
"Osonye, what is this?" She asked

"Ifeoma, my God has exposed you today. Heeee! I thought you are a human being. 
Ifeoma, the world must hear this."

That day marked the beginning of the hatred between Osonye and Ifeoma. Kanayo succeeded in actualizing his plans, so what's the next.

Please let's continue tomorrow......

Just a Tear by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: Copyright Reserved.

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