Just a Tear: Episode 8 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Osonye checked and found out the phone was not ringing close to Kanayo. He always left the phone at home.

The unsuspecting Kanayo who never knew what was happening went and opened the door for Ifeoma to leave and warned her not to storm his office again.
Ifeoma wiped her face and dragged Osonye by the hand as they left.

When Osonye asked her why she reacted like that.

She replied: "Osonye, one thing I don't like in this life is insult. He thinks that without him I'm finished. He is such a fool for thinking that way. Hopeless fool like him."

"Hmm, I thought you should have mellowed him down to see if he can have a change of heart but your outburst got me surprised"

"Osonye, I don't want to discuss about this fool ever again. As for this baby, I'm bearing him alone."

"So you want to be a single parent. Wow! Its quite a tedious task, you know?"

"But Osonye, what would you have had me do? Didn't you see the way he was insulting me back there? As for this child, I will give him all my love and care. I will make sure he never regret not having a father. As for Kanayo, he will live to regret this decision all his life. Hopeless illiterate like him. I don't even know why I fell for him in the first place."

"Babe, you don't have to blame yourself for that much, though his educational qualifications is too low quite alright, but the guy is made oo, you shouldn't have provoked him the way you did. You would still need his financial assistance"

"Osonye, what are you saying? So I should do away with my pride just because he has money? Don't you know if he had acquired some education, his level of reasoning wouldn't be too low as it is now. Please forget money oo, education matters. It helps a lot in decision making. "

"OK oo, let's see how things goes and I wish you goodluck in your single parenthood"

"My God will see me through, that is all I know. He never disappoint me in times of need". Ifeoma prayed

41 days later, Osonye was taking absolute care of Ifeoma.
Ifeoma was an orphan. She lost her both parents the same day in an auto crash when she was 5 years old. She had only a brother who was hustling to see if life could shine brighter for him. Their uncle who took care of them relieved himself of their duties after he trained her in the university and her younger brother joining a trade.

She had no parents nor a sister to look after her except her friend Osonye who became like a sister to her.

Osonye asked her to pack into her house so that she will be taking complete care of her.
Kanayo was still calling Osonye almost everyday on phone, and she informed him on some of the things that happened around her. But she never knew Kanayo knew about Ifeoma.

Kanayo was not pleased on the level of closeness exhibiting between the two friends. Then he devised a plan to rock them off.

Kanayo approached two ladies and made a deal with them to approach Osonye's's shop and lay a false information about Ifeoma.

The two ladies charged him 150k. He paid them 90k to complete the balance when
the job must have been carried out successfully.
The two ladies went to Osonye's supermarket. But before they entered, they made sure Osonye was around.
They pretended to be shopping and when they have noticed that Osonye would keep attentive to their discussion, they began:

"My dear, some women are very wicked and cunning. It's good to have an enemy you are aware off than to have fake friends who pretend they love you. You know Ifeoma in our office? Could you believe that that her friend, Osonye, the one she normally gush about went behind her back to ruin her relationship with her boyfriend? The man had already planned to marry her oo but the Osonye destroyed everything. And when she found she was pregnant, the Osonye pretended to help but only to stab her at the back, she went behind to lie to the boyfriend, Kanayo that he was not the one who got Ifeoma pregnant. That it was one of her boyfriends who impregnated her, so she tried to hang it on his neck because he is rich.

The second woman said" Are you for real? What kind of a friend does that? Women can be something else, I pity Ifeoma oo, how can she have that kind of a person as a friend? nawao."

Osonye was shocked listening to their conversations. She was wondering if the women were actually talking about her and Ifeoma. So she continued paying close attention, listening to them.

The women continued: I also heard Ifeoma trusted her friend that was why she took her to meet the Kanayo the time he returned from China and since that day, her relationship with Kanayo packed up"

"Really, how come you know all this things?" The second woman asked

"Babe, in that our office eeh, a lot of gossips fly around, only when you keep your ears to the ground that you will grab some. I also heard Ifeoma is planning a huge revenge on Osonye."

"Hmm, she deserves to hit back please, that Osonye deserves some punishment for her actions. It's just that I have not met her in person, I would have spit at her face for being so evil, boyfriend snatchers." The second woman said as she hissed loudly.

"Spitting on who's face? I think the both ladies have fault. I heard her telling that her friend in the office that the baby she is carrying is not even that of Kanayo. She think Osonye was not aware. That is why she is planning a grave revenge on her for revealing the truth to Kanayo. Infact the whole thing is confusing. I tire for them o.

"What? I just don't know what to say again, I think both of them have issues, fake friends" the second woman said as she clocked her tongue.

Osonye who couldn't bear their gossips approached them in a calm manner to ask them of the place they work. And when their answers corresponded with that of the company Ifeoma was working with, she was shocked to the bones, she couldn't believe her ears.

She started fuming in anger.
"What the hell? Ifeoma, how come? After all I did for you? This is shockingly unbelievable, ridiculous I must say. Never knew you are such an outrageous fellow. How come you disseminated these false information about me among your colleagues? Imagine that woman saying she would spit at my face. What the hell! Ifeoma, I must deal with you for this. So because I decided to dump my old ways and uphold fairness so as to redeem myself from my past sins, that you decided to drag my name to the mud. I now see the world is not like that. The world does not deserve to be treated fairly. Ifeoma, I will teach you a lesson. You will surely see the other side of Osonye and realise I am not the person to mess with, you chose the wrong person. And what revenge is she planning sef? Ifeoma, your God has exposed you, so you were harbouring evil against me? Ifeoma! you of all people! You even lied to me the baby belonged to Kanayo and I believed you. What kind of a person are you, I thought you were a nice person? Its a good thing Kanayo did not accept that pregnancy. You can keep a secret oo." Osonye shuddered

As she sat, taping her feet, anxiously waiting for the time Ifeoma used to close office so that she will confront her, Kanayo called her on phone.
And when he noticed that her voice was not sounding cheerfully, he observed that his plan was already having effect.

'What is wrong my dear?" He asked

"Its not something I should start telling you now"
But Kanayo insisted.
And when she finished narrating what happened, Kanayo pretended to act like a nice person.

"My dear, you know women can be jealous, since you trusted this your friend so much, I suggest you follow your heart. I'm not saying you should debunk what they said, just keep a close watch on your friend, don't act anything yet. It might be a mixed up information you know."

Osonye sighed and said: "You have a point, I think I will just do as you suggested "

"Yes, it's better that way. Before you make a mistake based on wrong information by
gossip peddlers " Kanayo said as he started planning on another attack which he will impose on Ifeoma against Osonye.

To be continued.

JUST a TEAR proudly written by Ngozi Lovelyn O. ,
Warning; No part of this work should be used, reproduced in any form without the prior permission of Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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