Just a Tear: Episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

When they reached home, Ifeoma sat on the sofa thinking on how everything happened like a flash under 2 months. Somebody she barely knew and she allowed him slept with her without any protection. She cursed herself for being so loose.

"And now, see what my stupidity has caused me. Osonye, I don't think there is any hope for me. It was all my mistake. I thought I was in my free period, I really can't explain how everything happened. And convincing Kanayo that the baby is his will be a herculean task for me" Ifeoma lamented

Osonye was still fighting with her mind on whether Kanayo was the same person who posed himself as her secret admirer. Kanayo's voice she heard can't stop ringing loudly on her mind.

When she opened her mouth to explain her confusions to Ifeoma, she remembered the condition she was in and how it might hurt her the more, she then decided to keep it to herself: "Ifeoma, you need to take it easy on yourself, the mistake has already been done, what's left now is the solution, there is nothing on earth that doesn't have a solution. So cheer up my dear, it's well" Osonye consoled.

Ifeoma sighed a relief and entered her kitchen to look for something to eat.

Worried Kanayo met his friend Austin and told him what was happening and how Osonye and Ifeoma stormed his office.

"Guy, are you serious? But how could you have made such a mistake, you should have used cap naa"

"I took some bottles of alcohol that day and got tipsy, I was so carried away and the stupid girl even told me she was in her free period"

"But apart from getting her pregnant, don't you know you can get infected with any viral diseases"

"Guy, enough with the blames, I need your advice on how to go about this".

"Advice? There is nothing like giving you advice here. This is just a very simple matter, very soon you will become a father. So I suggest you marry Ifeoma, simple."

"What? Have you forgotten my choice, Osonye the woman I want to marry? Asking me to marry Ifeoma is just like asking me to take poison...Me! Marry Ifeoma? I reject it! Austin please, talk of another thing joor."

"Kanayo, I just told what I would do if I were in your shoes, so that is the only advice I have to give. But the choice is yours to make. You two made the mistake, so bear it with her. You know I don't like hurting people, if you know that thing that will incite your anger when done to you, don't do it to another person."

"But Austin, why are you sounding like this? I have seen men who did not marry the women they impregnated. If the baby she is carrying is actually mine, I won't deprive the child of my responsibilities, but as for marrying Ifeoma? no way!

"But Kanayo, why did you hate Ifeoma this much, have you forgotten how you used to love her to the moon. You barely knew Osonye, maybe God wants to use this pregnancy to obstruct you from making a drastic mistake, I have not seen Osonye physically, but I don't think she might be this good as you claimed"

"Austin, what did you eat this morning? You are not sounding like the Austin I know. And besides, Ifeoma told me she was free that day, so there is 98% chances the baby belongs to one of her boyfriends"

"I'm just trying to open your eyes to see the reality. You can do whatever you wish, but don't say I did not warn you."

Kanayo's heart was already made up, nobody can stop him from going ahead with Osonye. Osonye acquired the qualities he ever wanted in a woman "Well, I have heard all you said, I think I can handle the situation myself."

Kanayo then started making plans on how to create a rift between Osonye and Ifeoma.

Five days later, Ifeoma had not receive any message from Kanayo, so she thought it a good idea to visit his office again. Osonye accepted the idea, but she had her own plans too.
She assured herself that the next time they will see Kanayo, she will dial the number of her secret admirer, to know if he was the one who had been calling her on phone.

"Hope you did not tell him we are coming?" Osonye asked

"No, I did not. Going there uninvited is better, so that we won't meet his absence"

"Good" Osonye said

And they took off for Kanayo's office. When they reached there, Kanayo who was not expecting them got infuriated seeing Ifeoma.

"I thought I told you I will get back to you? Do you think accepting such responsibility is a child's play?"

"But your silence is taking forever, that's why I thought it a good idea to come, baby please, this child needs us, please consider for his own sake, please" Ifeoma pleaded

Kanayo then, bluntly told Ifeoma that he will not accept to shower his responsibilities on a child who was not his, he advised her to abort it instead. He also told her plainly that accepting her back into his life was not something he could ever do again and not even in his next life.

Ifeoma left herself on the floor kneeling, pleading in tears: "Baby, please, don't do this to us, this baby is ours, my principles are against abortion, please consider the future of this child and make things right. Just tell me where I have wronged you, I am ready to make amends. Please don't do this to us" she continued crying

"Ifeoma, I can never marry a loose woman like you. I have seen the woman I want to marry, she is far better than you in all angles. Go to one of your numerous boyfriends and hang this bastard on his neck and stop wasting your time trying to destroy the future of an innocent man like me. This bastard is not mine, and I'm sure of it. Please leave my office you cheap slut.

"Heeey! Mr Kanayo, what is wrong with you? I thought you are a gentle man" Osonye snapped

"Osonye, I don't think you know this person you call your friend very well. If I were you I will keep a distance from her" Kanayo insinuated

"What are you trying to insinuate?"
Confused Osonye asked

"I pray you find out soon" Kanayo said

Ifeoma was on the ground crying, and suddenly a bold feeling entered her and she got irked bitterly at kanayo. And she bursted: "Kanayo, I love you so much, the only reason I accepted to inform you about this pregnancy was to see if there is any chance we can get back together, but since that is far from turning into a reality, I don't think my baby and I need you in our lives. I can take care of my child. I know your plan was for me to abort this baby. I am sorry to disappoint you. And don't ever come in the future to claim him. You see this day, Kanayo, you will never forget it in your entire life, its the day that marked the beginning of your misfortune, and I swear, you will surely regret this decision you made today." Angry Ifeoma cursed as she asked Osonye who stood agape listening to her outburst.
Ifeoma asked for them to leave and Osonye who even forget her own plans hurriedly brought out her phone and dialed the number of her secret admirer whom she suspected to be Kanayo and the number rang.

To be continued

The author of Just a Tear is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: Copyright Reserved

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