Just a Tear: Episode 5 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Kanayo was busy looking at the lady who was walking up to the mall with Ifeoma. She was a little older than him.
"Oh mehn, noo, this one no be am oo. Damn! She is not my type at all. She is not even physically attractive, she scored zero. I rather manage Ifeoma than this"

When they reached, Kanayo stepped out to the place where Ifeoma could see him.

"Baby, hope I did not keep you waiting?" Ifeoma asked Kanayo whose face was looking like a poo that was catapulted.

"No Baby, you did not" Kanayo replied as he turned towards the lady Osonye arrived the mall with and said: "So Osonye I finally got to meet you?"

The lady deterred, looking at him in sheer confusion on how he called her Osonye.
"Sir, I think you are mistaking me to someone else"
Ifeoma laughed out and said: "Baby, this is not Osonye, you should have allowed me do the introduction first. She is not Osonye, she is my colleague at the office. We bordered the same bus and it turned out she is coming here too. Osonye alighted at the junction after she saw a friend. She will soon reach here, the junction is not far." Ifeoma explained "Oh, I saw you two walking in, so I took her to be Osonye."

"No, OK let me introduce you guys. Baby, meet Stella, my colleague at the office and Stella, meet Kanayo my boyfriend"

"Nice meeting you sir" Stella greeted
"Its a pleasure my dear" Kanayo replied.

When Kanayo looked out at the entrance, he saw a fair lady counting her steps, flipping her long  black weave to her back.
He was stuck to the sight of this lady who captivated his attention.
"Could she be Osonye?" Kanayo asked himself.
When Ifeoma noticed the fixed gaze of Kanayo at the exit, she turned back and saw Osonye.
"Oh here she is, see Osonye coming" she said
Kanayo was lost in his thought. Osonye was just the way he imagined her to be.

"Baby, meet Osonye" Ifeoma introduced

"Oh, Osonye, happy to meet you"
Kanayo stretched out his hand and they shook hands.
He felt the soft palms of Osonye and echoed in his heart: "God, why is everything about her so beautiful? Thank you for this gift"

Now, Kanayo had seen Osonye, she passed the test of a wife material qualifications to him. So he started on a journey of luring her to his side. He sought for a plan to make a permanent place in her heart so that she will be deprived of the words to turn down his marriage proposal.

Kanayo allowed the ladies picked the items of their choices and after the shopping, he paid the bills and they left. While they were shopping, Kanayo secretly took a picture of Osonye so that he can show his friend.
When Kanayo relayed his findings to his friend, Austin, he was shocked on how a beautiful girl like that could posses such good qualities.

"Guy, I was short of words. When I saw her walking into the mall, I thought she was an
Angel who just came down from heaven to shop. She is so sweet. OK, I have her picture here with me, let me send it to you on WhatsApp "

"Good, send her pic" Austin said.
When he sent it, Austin became silent for some minutes, trying to recollect where she had seen Osonye's face before.

When Kanayo didn't see a response from his friend, he typed: "are you there?"

"Let me call you now?" Austin said and dialed Kanayo's number

"Guy, this girl's face looks familiar, you said her name is Osonye?"


"She sure looks familiar, and if she is actually the person I thought her to be, then shs is evil"

"Hey hey hey! Stop it, why are you always negative, Austin? Right from day start, you have been speaking ill about this girl, for your information, that girl is now my future wife. Osonye is too good to be that kind of a person you thought her to be and Ifeoma was not under any kind of duress when she was gushing about the good traits of hers, so I believe everything she says. Osonye is the girl for me, so stick that to your big head."

"I'm not saying she is the girl Mr man, she only looks familiar to me, that's all so don't panic yet."

"That one concern you o, I have already told you my stance, so start getting ready to be the best man"

"Kano Kano.. It will be hot that day. It needs to be wedding of the century, Kano China number one!!" Austin praised his friend.

"Yes, I am the one, you can call me that again" Kanayo acknowledged as they burst into laughter.

3days later, Kanayo started calling Osonye on phone with a new number he bought for that purpose and posed himself as her secret admirer.
Initially, Osonye wasn't comfortable with his calls, she tried ignoring him but when he proposed to assist her get back to her feet financially, she decided to give him a trial. She opened up on the challenges she was facing.
When Kanayo asked her to send her account number, she was shocked when she received an alert of N800,000.
Osonye was dumbfounded, somebody she never knew. When she relayed what was happening to Ifeoma, she was astonished on how a stranger could be so helpful.

"Osonye, I'm not at ease with this kind of help, that man might have a mission. He might be an old man seeking to harm you, maybe for a ritual."

"From the sound of his voice, he doesn't sound like one. Ifeoma, believe me, I don't care about the taste of men anymore. According to him, he says he knows everything about me, that he loves me, that he is planning to marry me. That he will only continue to be my secret admirer for now."

"And you accept that?"

"Why won't I? Ify, I I'm not getting any younger, I need to get married as soon as possible. If this man says he wants to marry me, why won't I accept him and besides he is very rich. Is that not what every Lady want, where they will be comfortable? Forget love, because there is nothing like love, once you find the person attractive, then go ahead. And money can create that attraction for me."

"Osonye! Don't be too desperate so that you don't end up making a drastic mistake that will ruin you for the rest of your life"

"Ifeoma, you don't have to worry about that. When I see him, and I find him attractive, then "yes" will be my answer. So for now, no need for starching ourselves to worries. Let me just be enjoying this free gift for now, after all, I didn't force him to."

A month later, Kanayo was able to win Osonye's heart, making her to yelled for his appearance. But he told her that time has not yet come for them to meet. He promised her that the day they will meet will be the day he will propose to her. And Osonye was hopeful, anxiously waiting for the day she will meet the Angel who came into her life and returned her happiness.

Within a month, Osonye established a sophisticated supermarket for herself, she saw herself living her dreams and wasn't bothered about securing any job again. She became the big lady she had always wanted to be, all thanks to Kanayo who also blessed her with a Toyota Car.

She received a message from Ifeoma that she was very sick.
So she rushed down to her place to know what was happening to her.
"Osonye, I don't know oo. Yesterday morning, I was feeling too feverish and weak but later got myself, and this morning again, the sickness has returned. I really need to go to the hospital"

"But Ifeoma, are you sure you are not pregnant?"

"No, that is not possible. How can I be pregnant? That is not possible please. I think its malaria. Can you drive me down to the hospital, please?"

"OK oo if you say so, but I'm telling you, the symptoms you are having now signifies that of pregnancy. But get dressed first let's go to the hospital as you suggested.".

" Osonye! Pregnant for who? For Kanayo who dumped me after getting what he wanted from me? I can't be pregnant for such a wicked man. Kanayo will live to regret for breaking my heart in such a despicable manner. Please can you take me to the hospital now?"

And Osonye took her to the hospital.

To be continued..

The author of Just a Tear is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.

Contact- Xperiawithngozilove@gmail.com

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