Just a Tear: Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Ifeoma called Osonye on the phone but her number wasn't going through, so she headed straight to her place.

"Osonye, what happened to your line, it wasn't connecting?"

"Don't mind that my stupid phone, it developed a fault this afternoon. This one your face is beaming in all colours what's the secret? Where are you heading to? Because I'm sure you did not dressed like this just to come here?"

"Osonye, guess what?"

"What? You know I'm not good in guessing. Please gist me, what's up?"

"Guess naa, just guess" Ifeoma demanded.

"Erm....erm....wait! You got a new date and you didn't tell me about it?"

"Come on stupid... How can I?..... OK since you don't want to guess...Kanayo is in town, and he can't wait to see me" Ifeoma said on the happiness of her voice

"Are you serious? Wow!....you see what I was telling you the other day, that you shouldn't worry yourself out, that he might have a tangible reason for not calling you. You see! Hope you are happy now?"

"My heart can't contain the amount of joy and happiness I'm feeling right now. He said we should come together, that he needs to appreciate you for having taken care of me while he was away"

"Really? So you have been gisting him about me baa, look at you! You are funny o. I was only doing what every other person in my stead would have done, so why making a big deal out of it?"

"Osonye, you won't understand, if everybody is like you, this world would have been a sweet and better place.
So stop reading epistles and dress up let's meet Kanayo, I don't want to keep him waiting " Ifeoma requested

"Oh no! I don't think it will be possible for me to follow you now" Osonye declined

"Why?" Ifeoma asked.

"Hope I told you about starting up a business?"

"Yes, you told me" Ifeoma replied

"There is this man I requested for his help, I pleaded with him to lend me some money to enable me start up a business. He promised to see me this evening. So I can't afford to step out to avoid missing him." Osonye explained

"Hmm, but there is still time now, before he returns we must have been through with meeting Kanayo. I'm sure you won't miss him"

"Ifeoma, you are not even understanding me" Osonye said

"And besides he will call you when he discovers you are not around. So dress up and let's leave" Ifeoma insisted

Osonye sighed and said: "OK, since you are insisting"

"Yes, I insist" Ifeoma replied

Osonye then dressed up and they left.

Kanayo was talking to his friend Austin on the phone, gisting him of his plans to see Osonye that day.

"O boy! You be badoo. You too bad walahi..." Austin teased

"Na wetin man go do naa, you know marriage na one kind everlasting battle, so one needs to be careful on the kind of woman he marries. Since Ifeoma has been confessing on natural grounds the good qualities of her friend, oh boy, why should I miss this opportunity? You know they say in marriage, you can't find all the qualities you need in a woman, but I think the Osonye of a girl possesses them all....She will be a good catch"

"Guy don't jump into conclusions yet, you need to see her first, what if she resembles a monkey?" Austin teased

"Geraway you! I believe Ifeoma can't be friends with such a person" Kanayo shoved, playfully.

"OK, what if she is an imbecile, or suffering from one physical challenge?" Austin joked

"Austin, you are not even helping matters, what kind of a person are you? Infact bye bye, I'm not talking to you again"

Austin burst into laughter as he teased his friend and Kanayo got infected by the laugh and they laughed themselves out over the phone.

"Good luck man on your ultimate search, don't forget to tell me how it went" Austin requested

"Alright my man. Talk to you later"
And they ended the call.

Before Ifeoma and Osonye could reach the place Kanayo asked them to meet him, she got a call from the man who promised to meet her. And she had no other option than to return.

When Kanayo saw her walking in alone, he wasn't so pleased, it was because of Osonye that he wanted to see her. But as Ifeoma was gaiting, her catwalks was visibly noticed as her hips padded on her tight yellow short gown. She looked so sexy that no man could be able to resist her prowess.

"Hmm, Ifeoma is not that bad. She is sexy and beautiful. I haven't tasted her yet. See as my "odogwu" is dancing already...I'm gonna eat her tonight...she sure looks delicious" Kanayo said to himself as Ifeoma approached

"See my Princess, I really missed you..." He said rising up to hug her.

"Baby, you discarded me to the utmost state of worries. Why did you do that? Why? You stopped calling me, and you also stopped picking my calls"

"Hey Baby! Welcome me first naa, and stop complaining. You did not even ask me about my trip."

"Oh, I am so sorry! So how are you and how about your trip, how is China, how is everything?"

"Ehe, now you come.. I am doing fine my princess. I must confess, you are doing good for yourself..you look so sexy Baby, feel like eating you here now, like right now."

Ifeoma giggled shyly and said: "Stop it joor, you are making me shy, you know we are in a public place and somebody might hear the dirty words coming out of your mouth"

"Who cares, I'm with my baby. Where is your friend Osonye, I thought I asked you to bring her?"

"She couldn't make it?"

"Why? She doesn't want to be appreciated for her kindness towards you or is it that she is too ugly she doesn't want me to see her?" Kanayo stylishly asked to hear what Ifeoma had to say, to know if Osonye was beautiful or ugly.

Ifeoma laughed and said: "Baby, you are so funny, Osonye is very beautiful, though we are of the same height.. Her reason for not following me was because of a man who promised to lend her some money to start up a business. You know she resigned from her job."

"What about her boyfriend?"

"None at the moment, she needs a serious date that will lead to marriage, she has passed that boyfriend level now." Ifeoma replied

Austin said in his heart:"Good."

After enjoying themselves with some drinks. Kanayo took Ifeoma to his house, and they made love which Ifeoma later regretted on why she allowed herself to be carried away like that.

While she was sleeping. Kanayo took Ifeoma's phone to search for Osonye's number, but found out it was locked on code. So he took her small Nokia phone, searched through the contacts and copied out Osonyes' numbers.
The next day when Ifeoma returned to her place, she wasn't happy. She never wanted to do anything with Kanayo, according to her, it was too early.

When she narrated her plight to her friend, she urged her to forget about it, that the deed had already been done.

Kanayo tried to see if Osonye was on WhatsApp, but was disappointed her number had not been registered with WhatsApp yet. "Which means my plans with Ifeoma have not yet ended. Before I make any move on Osonye, I must first of all see her to know if I can find her attractive"

He devised for another means to see Osonye.

"Baby, I'm infront of Shivel's shopping mall. So I'm treating you to some shopping, so come down immediately, I'm still there,"

Ifeoma jumped to her feet in a joyous mood and said "Baby, I'm coming right away?"

"Alright, you can bring your friend along" Kanayo demanded.

"Yes, I will. She is even here with me"

"Good. You guys should be fast, OK"

"OK Baby"

The two ladies changed into another cloth and dashed out immediately.
When they approached the mall, Kanayo viewed them from afar and said to himself "Is she the Osonye Ifeoma has been bragging about?"

To be continued....

Just a Tear by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: Copyright Reserved

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