Just a Tear: Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

A week later, Ifeoma fell sick and Osonye came around to take care of her.
When she arrived, she helped Ifeoma cleaned her house because she wasn't that strong to do the clean up, so as a friend, she helped.

"Osonye, you shouldn't have stressed yourself doing all that, by tomorrow I would get better and then clean my house"

"Ifeoma, you are sounding as if you were in my shoes, you wouldn't do the same. Please allow me help you clean the house OK, it doesn't deprive me of anything, and besides, I'm not doing anything at the moment. Just relax girlfriend and let me spoil you today." Osonye said sweating profusely.
"OK my dear, in the next world, you will continue being my friend, a friend who is more kinder than a sister. I love you bestie" Ifeoma appreciated

"Love you too Ify, now lie down and relax so that the drugs you took will permeate your system for quick healing" Osonye requested as Ifeoma laid down and slept.

When Osonye finished cleaning the house, she decided to cook for her friend but found out that Ifeoma was short of food stuffs.
"Ifeoma and her hatred for food, she does not even have common salt. I wonder how this girl survives with all these junk food she is eating, yet her skin keeps glowing. She is very lucky to be blessed with a very soft skin" Osonye laughed at her friend who doesn't like cooking.

She decided to rush down to the market to buy ingredients she will use to cook jollof rice. When she wanted to inform Ifeoma about it, she found out she was in deep sleep, so she decided not to interrupt her. She then dropped a note and left.
When Ifeoma woke up and saw the note, she smiled and said: "What a kind person you are Osonye,"

Some minutes later, Osonye returned.
"Ifeoma, you are awake, how are you feeling now?"

"Hmm, I think I'm feeling better now. You should have informed me before going to market. I don't like the way you are stressing yourself just because of me."

"The market is not that far naa, I should be worrying about your health. Why are you even sounding this way? Have you forgotten how you used to take care of me too? Please stop it joor". The both friends laughed.

About 1hour later, Kanayo called Ifeoma on phone to inquire about her health. 
"I am feeling better now Baby, thanks to Osonye who has been taking absolute care of me"

"Oh, Osonye, she came?" Kanayo asked

"Yes oo, immediately I told her I wasn't feeling fine, she just landed at my place."

"Wow, that is so nice of her." he said

"Yea Baby, help me and thank her oo, she has cleaned my house, went to the market and bought food stuffs, she is in the kitchen now cooking for me"

Ifeoma was busy praising her friend, and Kanayo was busy imagining himself with Osonye, her appearance, how she looked like. He imagined himself kissing her. Ifeoma was on natural grounds creating a room for Osonye in Kanayo's heart.

"Baby are you there" Ifeoma asked.

"Oh yes I'm here...... Baby let me call you back later Ok." Kanayo said and ended the call.

He started having the conviction that Osonye could be the woman for him. 
"Damn! How can one person possess all these good qualities? Oh God, what are you trying to tell me? Did you just used Ifeoma to lead my future wife to me? Because I am not getting it." Kanayo sat thinking hard.

He concluded to reduce the level of his intimacy with Ifeoma before things get out of hand. And that made Ifeoma to start soaking herself in worries. He reduced the minutes he chats with her on phone, he stopped being romantic.

"Osonye, where are you?" Ifeoma asked

"I'm still at the firm I went for an interview" Osonye replied

"OK, please would you branch at my place while returning?" Ifeoma requested

"Ok i will, but you are not sounding cool, hope all is well?"

"No, nothing much, I will be waiting for you"

Later in the evening, Osonye branched at Ifeoma's place. 
"How was the interview" Ifeoma asked

"I have done my own part, left for God to do his. So why the sudden message, did anything happen?"

"Osonye, its Kanayo oo, he doesn't call me on phone anymore like he used to. Could you believe that for 3 days now, he hasn't called and when I called him today, he rejected the call and sent me a message that he is somewhere, that he will call me back later, and it's getting late now, he hasn't called. OK let me call him again." Ifeoma said dialing Kanayo's number and it diverted to voicemail.

"But did you guys had any misunderstanding, recently? Osonye asked

"None that I could remember."

Osonye sighed and said "Well, you shouldn't worry yourself yet, maybe he is busy with something. Don't just conclude until you hear from him. Please relax" Osonye suggested

"Osonye, you know how tense I'm feeling right now. Heartbreak is the worst experience I need at this stage of my life, I have experienced it enough. I never wanted to give in too quickly, but his love overwhelmed me" Ifeoma said looking sad.

"Please, you shouldn't feel sad about it. Wait till you hear from him first, or you send him a message. I think he might be stuck with something, I'm not praying for evil to happen to him, but just that its quite obvious. Don't conclude yet"
Osonye managed to uplift Ifeoma's spirit, and she became hopeful.

2 days later, Kanayo returned to Nigeria. He devised for a means to see Osonye. He called Ifeoma who was surprised to hear he was in the country.

"Kanayo, why did you suddenly decided to pinch my heart, where have I gone wrong? You returned to Nigeria without giving me a prior information about it" Ifeoma felt disappointed

"Just look at you? I just wanted to surprise you. The surprise tone I'm feeling in your voice is what I need right now" Kanayo said laughing teasingly.

Ifeoma felt happier hearing his voice, and from the way he sounded, they were still good, so she thought.

He then tricked Ifeoma, telling her that he wanted to see her and also in the company of her friend so that he will get to appreciate her for taking care of her while he was in China. Unsuspecting Ifeoma jumped in all happiness as she dressed into a sexy wear, calling her friend Osonye to follow her to welcome Kanayo who just arrived the country. 

To be continued....

Now the real story begins tomorrow as we await for the introduction of Ekene, the young handsome man in the phot. But the big question is "who is Ekene"?

Don't miss tomorrow's episode as we progress.

Just a Tear by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: Copyright Reserved.

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