Just a Tear: Episode 21 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"What is keeping Osonye from fulfilling the promise she made to me about clearing my name" Ifeoma waited the whole day, but nothing was heard, the whole week and yet, no word from Osonye.

It was Kanayo and Osonye's wedding day, and Ifeoma was having a sheer jealous in her heart. Though she had decided to move on and extricate everything about Kanayo from her mind, but a little part of her was missing him, at least for the sake of their child.
When a tear dropped from her eye, she quickly got hold of herself and said to herself: "Ifeoma, what are you doing? Believe you can do it, you don't need Kanayo in your life, he doesn't worth you. If he is a good man, he wouldn't have married your best friend, just forget them and be strong for Ekene"
Her spirit was lifted and she carried Ekene in her arms and said: "My Love, can you forgive me for not giving you a father, can you? I tried but it did not work out. But you don't have to worry, because I know your Daddy will come for you one day, after he must have realized his mistakes, and when that time comes, don't hesitate to forgive him. No matter what, he is still your father. But as for me, I will do everything within my power to shower you with lots of love that you really deserve, I love you so much my child" Ifeoma gave him a light peck on his fore head and layed the child who was sleeping calmly on his bed.
She then knelt down in prayers and asked God to protect her and Ekene from the wickedness of the world. She also pleaded for her name to be cleared from the wrong accusations that was levelled against her.
After saying the prayers, she decided to call Austin to hear from him on how the wedding was going.
"Whose wedding are you talking about?" Austin asked

"Kanayo and Osonye off course. Today is their day and I'm sure he made you his 'best man'." Ifeoma said

Austin snuffed and said: "Right now, I am busy in my office. I am not attending his wedding"

"But why? Why are you not attending his wedding?" Ifeoma asked

"Kanayo and I are no longer friends. He stopped picking my calls, he also stopped me from visiting him" Austin explained

"But why?" Ifeoma asked

"Because I tried to open his eyes on the kind of woman he is about to marry. I told him that Osonye is from Okporo and not Onwuabali, he decided to cut ties with me.. He should be on his own na, I'm not begging for his friendship"

"Oh man! But you went to far naa, no man would stand the sight of any man who insults his wife. You should have allowed him find out himself. One thing you should know about this life is this, no matter how strong the lies are, truth will always prevail, though it might take a longer time, but it must surely come to light, just allow them be." Ifeome said as she sighed and then continued: "But still, it doesn't mean anything, you can still attend his wedding. You owe him that."

"Ifeoma, that is not going to happen. And besides, I will be going to Onyinye's place today to collect list for the traditional marriage rites"

"Wow! You did not even tell me about it. Eh ya! You and Onyinye are truly made for each other. After everything that happened, your true love prevailed. So the family later accepted you?."

"Yes oo, but Ify, to tell you the truth, it was not that easy at all, but I thank God for everything, I finally have my Onyi back"

"Congratulations in advance my dear"

"Thank you Ify, I really appreciate and how is Ekene doing?" Austin asked

"He is doing good, only crying crying, he cries a lot, I don't know why. I no longer sleep at night, seriously"

Austin laughed at her and said: "You have not seen anything yet, you have to get used it until he clocks one year"

"You are laughing at me, abi? Don't worry, very soon your turn will reach and I will tell Onyinye to lay the baby beside you so that his yelling will obstruct your sleep" Ifeoma played

"If she tries it, I will leave the room for them and enter the visitors room" Austin replied

"Still, she will still bring him there"

"Eeeeh! OK. Then I will carry a mat and enter the kitchen, let me see how they will accept to sleep in the kitchen with me"
Austin's last statement made them laughed out so loudly and finally, they ended the call.

Osonye's mother had stormed the city, she went straight to her daughter's former apartment, but was told she was no longer living there, that she had packed in to her new husband's place.

"Husband? How? Osonye is my daughter" The shocked mother asked a woman who was running a restaurant business beside Osonye's former apartment.

And the restaurant woman quickly picked interest in what she was saying and revealed to her about Osonye's traditional marriage which took place the previous week at her village.

"My daughter, I don't think the Osonye you are talking about is my own daughter. It can not be possible because no traditional wedding was held in my late husband's compound. Somebody with strong conviction informed me that my daughter is having her wedding today so I decided to come to the city despite my sick condition. But now you said she had her traditional wedding last week, that means she is not my own Osonye"

"Mama, we only have one person that bears that name in this street and the lady is fair, she has a very big super market and rides one blue car like that" the restaurant woman described

"Yes, yes, yes,.... my daughter, my Osonye has a blue car"

"That means she is the same person you are looking for. But didn't you call her on phone before coming?"

"I tried but she is not answering" Mama replied

"I really need to see her to confirm that what I heard is not true."

"OK let me call my sister Inlaw so that she will show you the Osonye I am talking about. They are friends in this thing they call Facebook" the restaurant woman said. calling out for her sister Inlaw Oge, who was busy in the kitchen.
Immediately Oge saw Osonye's mother, she was able to recognise her because she had seen her visited her daughter before.

"Good afternoon Mama" Oge greeted

"Good afternoon my daughter, how are you?" Osonye's mother asked

"I am fine Mama, but what are you still doing here? Are you not supposed to be at the wedding?" Oge asked
With the questions Oge asked her, it then got to her mind that something was really happening with her daughter and she said: "My daughter, I am just arriving the city now. Please can you take me to the venue of the wedding?"

The restaurant woman and Oge's eyes clocked and she gave her permission to take her.

When Mama stormed the church, they were still yet to exchange their vows. And the woman who couldn't contain her shock went straight to where they were sitting and called: "Osonye! Osonye how come you are having your wedding without informing me?"

Osonye then acted as if she had not seen the woman in her life before and she snapped: "Woman, who are you?"
And she then turned to Kanayo and said: "Hope you have seen another trick that your wicked friend, Austin and Ifeoma brought to destroy our marriage? Woman, please I don't know who you are and please, return to your senders and tell them that their plans have failed, yet again"

To be continued.....

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