Just a Tear: Episode 20 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Glory be to God for safe delivery" Mrs Ogochukwu and her family rejoiced.

"Yes oo Mummy, I really thank my God... But he went and resemble his father. I don't know why he chose to resemble him instead of me...... If only he is here with us, my joy would have been complete" Ifeoma said with a pinch of tear, looking at her son

"Stop it Ifeoma, this is not the time for tears, it's time to rejoice in the Lord for his blessing"

"I know Mummy, but".....
"Shhh...." Mrs Ogochukwu cut in: "there is no 'but' here.....just take a look at this bundle of joy, he should be the source of your happiness from now on. Don't worry, as time goes on, you will come to appreciate the joy that comes with having a child." Mrs Ogochukwu counseled

"Mummy, I don't know what I would have done without you, may our God in heaven continue blessing you for me."

"Amen" Mrs Ogochukwu acknowledged

Ifeoma then called Austin and informed him about the goodnews.

"Oh my God! Ifeoma? When did it happen?"

"Some hours ago" Ifeoma replied

"Please which hospital?" Austin asked

"Divine Mercy" that one that is very close to our place" Ifeoma replied.

"OK, I will be coming in the morning, since its already late now" he said.

The next morning Austin stormed the hospital with one of his business associate, Chukwudi who just entered the country. They were heading to somewhere and he decided to accompany Austin to visit Ifeoma.

"Ify, I am so happy for you oo" Austin said carrying the tiny baby..."oh look at him, cutie....cutie........ Ify, he is just a spitting image of his father" Austun said.

"Don't mind Ekene, I don't know why he chose to resemble Kanayo instead of me" Ifeoma said smiling

"Oh, you have named him already?" Austin asked

"I have oo, I have been saving the name since I was 7 months gone. Even if its is a girl, I would still name her Ekene. I wanted a girl, I don't know why God chose to give me a boy"..

Chukwudi then asked Austin to give him the baby to carry and he did.

"What about Kanayo, have you informed him?" Austin asked

"Inform him?..... Never! I promised not to call or bother him on anything that concern me and my baby.......And please don't tell him I have given birth, I don't want him anywhere near us"

"But Ify, he is still the father and he deserves to know, atleast" Austin warmly suggested

"Austin, for the fact he denied this child right from the onset, he had automatically relieved himself from anything that connected him with my Ekene. He is mine and mine alone, I promise to give him all the love he can ever think off, he will never regret not having a father"

"But Ify.......Don't you want to have Kanayo back again? God might use this sweet child to bring you guys closer again. I am fearing for my friend Kanayo, I don't want him to make the biggest mistake of having somebone like Osonye as a wife.."

"I even forgot to tell you that Osonye came to meet me yesterday" Ifeoma said

"Came to meet you? What for?" Austin asked stretching his face.

"I think she is regretting her actions towards me. She want us to be friends again. She even promised to go an air and clear my name from the wrong accusations.." Ifeoma said

"This is strange. Ifeoma are you sure of what you are saying?" Austin asked doubting Osonye's sudden change of heart.

"Yes, if you had seen the look on her face that yesterday, you would have noticed the sincerity in her eyes. And I am no longer bearing any more grudges against her. I missed her so much"

As she was recounting how much she missed her friend, Austin was looking at her, shaking his head in sheer pity for Ifeoma who never see fault in people's lives. She believed everybody to be warm and kind like she was but she never knew the world was never created that way.

"Ifeoma, I think you are not understanding how this world and the people in it work. I am not saying you shouldn't be friends with anybody you chose, but you have to be very careful. People are wicked. Let me tell you something you never know. Did you know you were the one who created a place for Osonye in Austin's heart?"

"How?" Ifeoma asked

OK now let me tell you how it all happened.
After he narrated the story of how Kanayo came to know Osonye.
Ifeoma then sighed and said: "Well it happened because he never loved me and we were not meant to be, that is all."

"OK, but is Osonye the one he was created for? Ifeoma, just mark my word, that their marriage will not survive for a year, I know Kanayo naa, once he finds out the truth about Osonye, the next thing will be to divorce her. Ifeoma, all I'm saying is this, you should be careful with Osonye, infact I don't think you should be friends with her anymore. She is evil, I have seen her true colours, she is not the type of person you should associate with and stop trusting people too much. Trust nobody if you want to succeed in this life" Austin counseled

"OK oo, I have heard all you said. And thanks so much for looking out for me and my sweet child"

As they were chatting, Chukwudi was busy looking at them smiling on some words that turned funny to him. He also contributed on some topics.

Immediately Osonye heard that Ifeoma had given birth to a boy, she quickly called her friend and informed her the shocking news.

"Its a lie! How did it happen? I thought we still have a day left" Nonye said

"You see what I have been telling you about that your Wise Queen? I told you she is fake. She could not even predict the actual day Ifeoma would give birth. I don't think I should be worrying myself about all the things she said" Osonye irked

"I don't understand, you shouldn't worry yourself about what?" Nonye asked

"About her fake prophecy off course, and besides, she was not even specific, how can a child snatch everything from me? I don't think that will happen" Osonye boasted

"Osonye? Where are you right now?" Nonye asked

"I am on my way to my supermarket" Osonye replied

"Meet me in my office during lunch time, we really need to see" Nonye requested

After they met in the afternoon, Nonye warned her on the impending danger that will befall her if she disregard the warnings of the wise queen.
"Osonye, I trust this woman more than anything. If you still love and cherish your life, let's go and meet her and tell her what happened, maybe she might have another solution."

When they relayed the whole thing that happened to wise Queen, she too was surprised.
"Anyway, there is still one more chance. "Osonye!" The wise queen called

Yes, wise queen" Osonye answered
"Keep an eye on that child, watch him as he grow. Though, he is untouchable, but we can make him worthless throughout his entire life. He will be useless that nobody would want to associate with him, the only thing that will save him is the tear of a love one.....
"JUST a TEAR from a true love is the only solution that can save him from our web. But I don't see him getting saved. Who would want to love a mad man?"

"Nobody" the two ladies chorused, smiling

"As for now, let him enjoy succour in the arms of his mother. So don't panick my daughter, Wise Queen doesn't fail in her promises " The wise queen assured

"Ifeoma's hope was restored as they thanked the wise queen and left.

Few weeks later, Osonye and Kanayo got married traditionally, according to the way Osonye wanted it to be. Then their white wedding was fixed for the upper week.

Osonye's mother got a wind of the news that her daughter had gotten married. She then set off for the city with Chichi to confirm if what she heard was actually the truth.

To be continued......

The author of Just a Tear is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: Copyright Reserved

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