Just a Tear: Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"You are right Osonye, you know I can be romantic, but it's just two months we knew each other. So let me say, we are still learning each other" Ifeoma said

"This girl, you amuse me sometimes. OK naa, you guys should keep on learning each other". Osonye said and continued watching her movie as Ifeoma joined suit.

Later in the evening, Ifeoma returned to her apartment, took her bath, ate her dinner and retired to her bed. About 9:23pm, Kanayo called her.

"Hi Princess, where are you now?" Kanayo asked

"I'm at my place. So how was your day?"

"You know its morning here. So my night was fine" Kanayo replied

"I always forget about the time differences." Ifeoma said

"Yes, I just woke up now and decided to hear my Baby's voice. So how was your day?"

"Nothing much oo, spent my whole day at Osonye's place. Still enjoying my leave, just that I'm pitying my friend."

"Why are you pitying her?" Kanayo asked

"She was sacked from her job in this perilous times we are facing recession in the country."

"That's so bad? Why was she sacked, what rule did she break?" Kanayo asked

"Baby, you will be surprised after telling you the reason. Could you imagine the owner of the company where she was working sacked her because she failed to give in to his advances. The man wanted her to be sleeping with him, but she vehemently refused. The man threatened to sack her, but instead, she sacked herself, she tendered her resignation letter and left the company. I know the man must be ashamed because he thought all girls are the same" Ifeoma narrated

Kanayo chocked in shock, he couldn't believe that such girls still exist.

"Wow! I can't believe this. So you mean in these hard times, she decided to protect her dignity instead of frolicking with the man to uphold her job? I'm happy to hear this about her, this gives me all assurances that you keep good friends" Kanayo praises

"Yes Baby, Osonye is a very good girl, she is so kind. She is one of the person who can displease herself just to please someone. She has been my friend right from year one in the university" Osonye replied

"That is so nice of her. So what did you eat this night?" Kanayo asked

"I ate noodles" Ifeoma replied

"You don't eat good foods, why? Stop eating noodles, its not good for your health. Last night you ate noodles, and this night again, same thing, this is one habit of yours that I don't like, seriously" Kanayo irked

"No naa, I ate at Osonye's place. She prepared a sweet vegetable soup. She can cook very well, I admire her for that. So I'm not that hungry, that's why I prepared one small pack of noodle." Ifeoma explained

"Hmm, stop eating that thing, I don't like women who eat junks. You have fridge and a big generator. During weekends, prepare soup, sauce and stew in large quantity and store them in the freezer, then you consume them during the week. You hardly cook, I don't know why?"

"Baby how can I cook when I don't eat much. I prefer all these light and quick foods. They save my time." Ifeoma replied

Kanayo paused for some seconds and said "Well, you know what's best for you, not that I'm forcing you on choices of food, I'm only concerned about your health, that's why"

"That's so nice of you baby for having my interest at heart. Love you"

Kanayo smiled and replied: "Love you too baby" And they ended the call.

Kanayo relaxed back on his bed and started reminiscing his chat with Ifeoma, and got pleased with the things she said about Osonye.

"That Osonye is exactly the kind of woman I have been searching for. Ifeoma just gave a description of her friend's character. I'm marveled on how she turned down her job all because of her reputation. And above all, Ifeoma praises her foods a lot, and she hardly eat outside. Wow! I wish Ifeoma could be just like her, that Osonye possesses the clear qualities I need in a woman" Kanayo sighed deeply as he waited for the day to break brightly.

That day, Ifeoma's utterances about Osonye couldn't skip Kanayo's mind. It got to a point he started battling with his mind so he decided to talk to his friend about it. he approached Austin.

"Guy, there is something that is seriously bothering me here. I have tried getting it off my mind, but it's becoming a very part of me"

"What is it? I hope say no be woman matter, because I no be relationship counselor" Austin said, laughing.

"Guy, I no go lie, na girl matter be that, abeg" Kanayo replied

"I talkam"Austin blurted as the two friends laughed out loudly.

"Oya wetin be the problem" Austin asked

"You know Ifeoma my girl? She has a friend called Osonye and this Oso....."

"Is more beautiful than Ifeoma?" Austin interrupted, teasingly

Kanayo laughed out and said: "Guy, abeg I dey serious."

"OK go on, I'm listening" Austin said

"Could you believe that this Osonye resigned from her job because her employer kept pestering her to sleep with him. So instead of giving in, she resigned from the job. My babe told me this today"

"Guy, you dey serious so? Abeg where this babe dey, na her type I dey find since, she dey trustworthy" Austin replied

Kanayo ignored answering him and continued: "And according to Ifeoma my girl, the Osonye sabi cook wella. Guy, the girl go carry all the things wey I dey find for woman pack for her side. Na her type I dey dream about since" Kanayo said

"OK now, what are your worries? Don't tell me you are falling for her" Austin asked

"I am not falling for her, just that I'm astonished we still have girl's who can be trustworthy in this our generation. You know in this kind of our businesses, we need a woman who can remain faithful and keep our home. And you know how much I like foods, she prefers home made food and not like my Ifeoma who loves junk foods."

"Hmm, guy, you have a point oo. We need a faithful woman who can manage our homes back in Nigeria while we remain here hustling for greener pastures. And this confession about that Osonye was made on natural grounds, it was not incited from anything" Austin affirmed

"Exactly, and that is why I have been racing my mind with since morning" Kanayo said

"So, what are you suggesting now because its like I'm interested in this girl, I need to see her, if she satisfies my eyes, guy na to marry her be that oo" Austin requested

"Kai! I'm even thinking in the same direction. But it will be when I see her first...And besides, you already have a girl, Onyinye" Kanayo said

"And you, what about Ifeoma?" Austin asked

"Guy, what I'm talking about here is marriage with a trustworthy girl who can manage my home while I'm away for business, atleast with this type of woman as my wife, I won't be thinking myself out on the things she might be doing back home. This is just two months I started dating Ifeoma, we have not gone that far yet, so she has nothing to loose or feel hurt for"

"Well, marriage needs serious calculations. And provided with the nature of our businesses, we need people like that as a wife so that she can help keep our home in order, and protect her dignity and not messing with our umuboyi (apprentices) while we are here hustling for money." Austin opined

"Now you are talking my man. Yes, but I will keep it cool till I return to Nigeria first. If I find her attractive, then the deal is sealed" Kanayo said as Austin nod in affirmation.

To be continued....

JUST a TEAR written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.
All Rights Reserved..

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