Just a Tear: Episode 19 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Good morning Mummy.." Ifeoma greeted Mrs Ogochukwu

"How are you Ifeoma?" She responded

"I am fine oo Mummy. You need to hear the ridiculous dream I had last night. I don't use to have dreams that much and this one came in a more ridiculous way. I think I will be having malaria soon and I am having every reason to worry"

"What is the dream all about?" Mrs Ogochukwu asked

And Ifeoma narrated the dream to her.

"So mummy, that was the dream I had last night oo." Ifeoma narrated.
"This is quite strange Ifeoma. No, this is not a laughing matter, it's because this is your first experience about pregnancy that is why you are flagging it off as ridiculous. Special children usually have their ways of communicating with their mothers especially through dreams. This is not a malaria. That baby is trying to tell you something." Mr Ogochukwu said

"Haa, Mummy, you are getting me scared now. You mean, that child I saw in my dream is my unborn baby? Mummy, please oo, you are getting me unnecessary frightened" Ifeoma said getting a bit scared.

"Come on, shut up! What do you mean you are scared? Is he not your child? Once you have a child in your womb, he is already a being and has his own spirit guiding him" Mr Ogochukwu explained

"Infact , mummy, I am off to shop, let me take my breakfast. Ehe! before I forget, Mummy, you know the baby will be arriving anytime. The date Doctor gave me is on 10th and its next week Monday"

"I know, but sometimes, it doesn't go like that. It might come before or after the date, so always be prepared. Once you see any sign, don't hesitate to inform me."  Mrs Ogochukwu instructed

So when Ifeoma entered the kitchen to get her breakfast, she was not feeling like it. She lost appetite of eating anything.
"This is strange. I have not felt like this before, usually by this time I have already started craving for a particular food" confused Ifeoma said

She then decided to leave for her Aunty's supermarket without taking anything.
"Well since I don't have appetite for anything, is it not better I use this opportunity to do the fasting?"


Osonye and Nonye were still looking for a way to terminate Ifeoma, but an idea was far coming.

"Osonye, you know you have only two days left to carryout this task or else you are doomed. You better come up with an idea" Nonye insinuated

"That is what I am doing naa, you should help me out here please, think of something. I know killing Ifeoma won't be that easy because we are no longer friends. That is why I pleaded with that your Wise Queen to kill her from the mirror like others do and...."

"Watch your mouth Osonye, that woman sees in spirit too" Nonye interrupted.

"Aaarh! How am I going to do this now? But Wise Queen should have been more specific on what she meant by the child taking everything from me, what does she mean by that?" Osonye asked

"I don't know Osonye, that is why you should heed to her instructions without making any mistakes"

So the two ladies maintained silence diluting for an idea.
"Yes!! I think I have gotten an idea" Osonye blurted

"What could the idea be?" Nonye asked

"You know you can't get anything from anybody by being enemies?"

"Yes?" Nonye said, looking so eager to hear what Osonye had to say

"Ifeoma loves taking fresh juice. I will have to prepare it in a large quantity, visit her, pretend to be hurt by how we got separated. I will meekly seek for her forgiveness, and then show her the juice I made for her. I'm sure she will not resist it, she loves juice more than anything" Osonye narrated

"Is that the idea?" Nonye asked

"Yes and its a fabulous one" Osonye replied

"I don't think that will work. She might even suspect something" Nonye said.

"Nonye, you don't know this Ifeoma. She is too soft hearted and will believe anything I tell her. Just relax, this simple trick will work." Osonye assured.

And then she bought some fruits, put them inside juice extractor machine and squeeze out the juices. She added a poisoned substance to the one she will be given to Ifeoma and then poured out some juice in her own Can so that she she will be drinking it along with Ifeoma so that she will not suspect she came for a mission.
After the preparation, they took off.

When she reached Ifeoma's uncle's place, nobody was at home. She was directed to where Ifeoma was. Immediately Ifeoma saw Osonye, her heart flipped.
"Ah ah! Why am I feeling like this on sighting Osonye? And what is she doing here?" Ifeoma wondered

Immediately Osonye reached where Ifeoma was, she fell on her knees and started seeking for her forgiveness.
"Ifeoma, I have accused and treated you wrongfully. I have been paying for my mistakes ever since we broke our friendship. Ify, please can you find it in your heart to forgive me, please" Osonye pleaded shedding crocodile tears.

Then Osonye's friend, Nonye intervened, and started pleading on her behalf.

Ifeoma being the cool and kind type stepped forward to where Osonye was kneeling and asked her to stand up.
"Osonye, please stand up, you shouldn't be kneeling down for me. I am not God who forgives. Just stand up please. I have heard you Osonye. I want to assure you that I am no longer bearing anymore grudges against you, the only thing I need now is for my name to be cleared from that wrong accusations so that I will have my reputation back."

"Is that all?" Osonye asked

"Yes" Ifeoma replied

"If that is all I need to do in order to have you back, then I promise you, tomorrow morning, I will go to a National television to announce that you were wrongfully accused, I promise you, I will do it first thing tomorrow morning" Osonye faked.

"Really? If you can be able to this for me eeh, I will forever be grateful." Ifeoma said hugging Osonye.

She then offered them a seat. As they were gisting, Osonye brought out the homemade juice she prepared and shared it among themselves according to the way she prepared it.

Ifeoma ignored asking her about her engagement to Kanayo.
"Let me not ask her anything until she clears my name tomorrow. I will have to pretend that I don't know what is happening between them." Ifeoma said in her heart

"Wow! You still remember how I love my juice made, that is so nice of you" Ifeoma appreciated

"Why won't I remember my friend's favourite drink?" Osonye played

When Ifeoma wanted to drink the juice, she remembered she was fasting.
"Oh, I forgot something. Osonye, I  will drink this juice at home. I will use it to enjoy the delicious recipe my Aunty will be preparing this night"

Osonye eyed her friend, Nonye who gave her a sign to force her to drink it, but Ifeoma insisted that she will drink it at home.

After much persuasion, Ifeoma still maintained her stance.
Ifeoma doesn't want to tell them she was fasting because that would make the prayer ineffective.

"OK my dear, just that I put much effort into preparing this juice for my wonderful friend whom I have missed so much. But promise me you will drink it all alone and not give it to anybody?"
"Yes off course, I will not give it to anybody. I am drinking it all to myself. Trust me" Ifeoma promised

"Yea! That is my sweet friend" Osonye said as they left hoping in her heart Ifeoma drink the poisoned juice.

Later in the evening, Ifeoma decided to go down the street to get some vegetables. As she was about to cross the road, some hoodlums snatched her hand bag from her and spade off with their bike. And that bag contained her phone and the poisoned juice Osonye prepared for her. So out of the sudden fear and shock she felt, she delved into labour and she was rushed to the hospital.

After 8 hours of child labour, Ifeoma gave birth to a bouncing Baby boy who was a spitting image of Kanayo and she named him "Ekenedirichukwu".

The next day, Osonye stormed Ifeoma's place to know how her plans worked, but was shocked after receiving the good news that Ifeoma had given birth to a boy.

To be continued.....

The author of Just a Tear is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Warning: No part of this work should be copied, used, reproduce, redistribute either electronically or manually without prior permission from the author.
Contact Ngozi Lovelyn O. @ Xperiawithngozilove@gmail.com

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