Just a Tear: Episode 18 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Wise queen, she is my friend Osonye, I brought her for you to check her stars. She is about to get married but frightened about her future because so many people are after her, seeking to destroy her marriage. This will be making it her 4th marriage. So I brought her for you to check if there will be any obstacle on the way and the possible solution to preventing it" Nonye explained.

So the woman whom they claimed she possessed some strong powers did her abrakatabras and prophesied: "Osonye, listen and listen very carefully. I see a young man who will stand in the way of your happiness. He will make you loose everything... That young man is still not yet in this world"
Osonye and her friend stared at each other coherently with sheer confusions in their eyes.
"Wise queen, we don't understand" Nonye said.

So the lady laughed out loudly in a deep harsh voice and continued:" Osonye, your ex-friend Ifeoma is the mother of that young man. That baby is still in her womb but his hour is already at hand. You have to make sure he never enters this world because I see him coming with a very strong spirit. Once he arrives, he won't be killed again until his God says so. The only option now is to kill the mother. You have only three days to do so."

"But wise queen, I don't know how to go about it. Killing her won't be that easy, she is no longer staying with me, is there no way you can kill her from here, by stabbing her through the mirror like others do?." Osonye asked

As she made the statement, her friend nudged her and gave her sign to shut up.  That she shouldn't ask her such a question.

"Osonye, I will forgive you for this statement, but next time don't question my abilities." Wise Queen warned

"Sorry Wise Queen, I was carried away" Osonye pleaded.

"I have told you what the spirit says I should tell you. You can now leave"


The wise queen interrupted Osonye from making further statement and shouted at them to leave.

After they left the place, Osonye asked her friend:" She asked me to kill her, but how am I going to do that? The lady in question is now my strong enemy, we are no longer in talking terms. How do I succeed in carrying out this task?" Osonye worried

"Osonye?" Nonye called

"Yes" Osonye answered

"Do you want to loose everything at the end of the day?" Nonye asked

"Noo, that can never happen. Not while I'm still alive" Osonye replied

"Then you better do what the Wise Queen instructed you to do. We better put heads together and come up with an idea" Nonye suggested.

"OK then"


Austin stormed Kanayo's office.

"Austin, what is it? This one you are panting like this, did anybody die"

"Who told you I'm panting? I am not, I am only pitying your life on the mistake you are about to make" Austin said

"What mistake?" Kanayo asked

"Have you tried making some inquires about Osonye's family background?" Austin asked

"Oh please, I don't want to delve into another discussion concerning my fiancée."

"Kanayo, I demand you listen to me first. Osonye is from Okporo and not Onwuabali. I am just arriving from her village now. Guy, trust me, I am only doing this for your own good. If you are doubting me, I can take you to her real village now, I mean right now"

As Austin was busy narrating his encounter, Kanayo was looking at him with sheer hatred in his heart.
Austin told him all he found out about Osonye's failed marriages.

"Hope you are listening to me man? I have been telling you time without number, Osonye is not the woman you believed her to be. She is not that type of wife material you have been envisioning." Austin said.

"Austin, if you love this Ifeoma so much, why not dump Onyinye and marry her?"

"Kanayo, what are you saying? You know I'm already engaged to Onyinye. She is the woman I love. I am still paying for my sins of having ever married her elder sister, Ebere, and now that Onyinye has finally forgiven me, the next thing is to marry her." Austin explained

"Now you see, this is just the same thing you are asking me to do now. You want me to dump my fiancée and return to Ifeoma, a lady that I can not even stand her sight for 3 minutes?"

"Kanayo, mine is different. Ifeoma is carrying your child" Austin said.

"But Ebere carried your child too" Kanayo replied

"But atleast, I gave her a roof and cared for the baby. And besides, it was all a manipulation by Ebere. She got me webbed by her evil dealings. But you finally saw how everything turned out naa and that is why I don't want you to make the same mistake that I made that almost cost me my happiness and peace of mind. Osonye is manipulating you here, she is......"

"Enough of this nonsense!" Kanayo cut in angrily: Why this hatred for Osonye? Is it because she is too beautiful and kind? Or is it that you are jealous and can't stand me getting married to somebody like her? Why all these Austin? You have now fabricated a false story to incite me into hating and dumping her? Why this Austin? Why, just tell me, I demand to know, tell me"

"Kanayo, we have been friends for a very long time now. You should have known the kind of somebody I am. It's not my pleasure to see the people I care about to wallow in pain and agony all because of a mistake that could have been avoided. I still demand you retract your decision. Osonye is evil, she will destroy your life, your sanity."

"Austin, now tell me, when Ifeoma was making those revelations, did anybody force her? I believe No. Osonye was not under any pretence. She was just living her normal life and Ifeoma was praising her and the rest was history. And now I'm about to make that wonderful lady my wife, you are ganearing all your energies into poisoning my mind against her all because of Ifeoma who chose to be wayward. Just one touch that I gave her that night, she fell in immediately, what kind of a woman is that?
She is too loose for crying out loud. I can't marry such a woman who opens her leg for anything in trouser. She used her mouth and told me that day that she was in her free period, so how come she is pregnant? That means that child is not mine.... Now see Osonye, though we are engaged, but she has not sleeped in my house not even a day. She wants our bed to be undefiled. That is the kind of woman I want to marry and not the loose type of Ifeoma." Kanayo burst in sheer anger

"Kanayo, that Osonye is mani........"

"Enough! Enough!! I said Enough!!!" Kanayo cut in anger: "Austin, do you know what? Just leave my office. We are done here. You have just ruin my day, please leave and don't ever in your life discuss about my Osonye again. She will soon be my wife and I won't give chance to any jealous friend to drag her name to the mud and not even in my presence. Leave me and my fiancée alone. We are not your concern to worry about. Just leave "

Austin rose up, shook his head and said: "Well, I am sorry for ever trying to help. You are my friend so that was why I thought I should prevent you from jumping into this pit that is about to swallow you. Anyways, all still good, I wish you success in your coming wedding. Let it go according to your plans" he then left.

As he was leaving, Kanayo fumed:"point of correction, you are not my friend, you are a foe, nonsense. What the hell! What kind of a fake friend is this?"
Ifeoma was sleeping and had a dream of where a small child came to her and warned her to fast for him for three days, he said it should be 6 to 6. That if she fails to to heed to his warning, something tragic will happen. He told her not to worry about him in the womb, that nothing will happen to him if she did not eat.
The child gave himself as her son in the womb. When she woke, she laughed at the dream and called it 'ridiculous'.
"What kind of a dream is that? Very funny dream. So they want me to starve my baby? But wait a minute, he said he is my baby in the womb? Oh no, I think I'm having a malaria. This is a clear sign of it."

To be continued....

Did you notice the link from "Kukere Sisters" Onyinye, Ebere and Austin? "
So Onyinye's Austin is the same Austin who has been trying to open Kanayo's eyes from making the same mistake he made with Ebere. If you have not read Kukere Sisters, just try and do.

JUST a TEAR written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning; No part of this work should be used, reproduced in any form without the prior permission of Ngozi Lovelyn O.
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