Just a Tear: Episode 16 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Whose wedding card is this? Is it Kanayo's?" Ifeoma jokingly asked.

Austin thought Ifeoma had seen the name, but he never knew that the thought just came to her mind and she jokingly asked.

"Ifeoma, I am sorry, I did not mean to break the news to you like this. I never knew the card was lying carelessly on the seat. Just know that he is not the will of God for you. You are a nice girl and deserve someone more better than him"

While listening to what Austin was saying, Ifeoma then took a good look at the wedding card and saw that it was actually Kanayo's wedding card but when she saw Osonye's name as the bride, she got shocked to the bones.
"Wait! Austin, is she the same Osonye that i know?"

Austin nodded.

And she shockingly left loose of the card as it fell, widening her eyes, standing agape looking at Austin.

Austin who saw the shock on her face rushed and held her.

"Ify, please get hold of yourself. Just forget them and live your own life, your Lord will surely make everything right for you again, trust me on this."

Ifeoma who couldn't contain the heartbreak and shock delved into soft tears. She screamed bitterly in her heart.

"Everything is now clear to me. The accusation, the everything" Ifeoma said as she was loosing her strength, looking for where to sit.

Austin held her and helped her inside the shop.

When her Aunty saw the faint look on her face, she approached and held her too, asking Austin what was happening.

"She saw something that shocked her, but let's get her inside first." Austin answered

They gave her a bottle water to drink. 
While she was drinking it, Austin told the Aunty what happened.

"But you shouldn't have broken the news to her, you know she is pregnant, it might increase her blood pressure" The Aunty scolded Austin

"No Ma, it wasn't my intention, I never knew she would see the card" Austin explained

The Aunty then massaged Ifeoma at the back and told her to forget them.
"Remember your condition, getting yourself into worries might pose a threat to your life and that of your baby. Calm your nerves OK, forget them, they are not worth your tears." Aunty consoled.

After drinking the water, Ifeoma said:"Mummy, I am fine. I'm not bothered about the two of them getting married, but they should have informed me about it instead of doing it the way they did. It's now clear it was part of their plan to frame me up, to get me out of their way. But why all the stress since Osonye knew that I have already removed my mind from where Kanayo is? Why did she had to frame me up like that? I have promised myself that I will never cry for Kanayo and Osonye again....I did not even know why I cried now sef..."
Ifeoma said, wiping her eyes.

Austin smiled and said: Ifeoma, I have always said it , I love your courage, I admire it a lot. To tell you the truth, those two are truly made for each other. They are two wicked souls, hope I told you about my last encounter with Osonye? That girl is not the type of person she claimed to be. That little encounter I had with her showcased the category of people she belongs to. Just believe me, Kanayo will regret marrying her, I'm seeing the bigger picture already."

"No, you don't wish people things like that, only pray for God's will to prevail in their lives. All I know is that my God will surely vindicate me oneday, he surely will. I am innocent, and the truth will be opened oneday for everybody to see."

"It is well my daughter, since your hands are clean, its only God in heaven that will shame the devil. Just forget them and concentrate on your baby." The Aunty encouraged

"Wait a minute" Ifeoma cut in: "I think I saw Umuabali village from that card, Osonye's village is Okporo, so how come?"

"I don't understand" Austin said

"Can you help me and get the card so that I will be sure of what I'm saying?" Ifeoma requested.

Austin said OK and went out to get it.
"See the card here" he said handing it to her.

Ifeoma grabbed it, went through it and said "Yes, this is it naa, I'm sure of what I saw. I have been to Osonye's village and this is not her village. She is from Okporo and not Umuabali" Ifeoma said looking straight at Austin and she turned to her Aunty and said:" Mummy, the picture is now clear, Osonye is not a good person. She is evil. She even lied about her village. I know her village naa, and I have been there before. There was this small girl I'm suspecting to be her illegitimate daughter, but she said, the little girl was brought as a house help to help her look after her sick mother. When we were about to leave, the mother asked her when she was coming to take her daughter, but she ignored her and pretended as if she was not the one she was talking to, I overhead everything, but I acted as if I did not hear anything. Nawao for some people oo, but why is she lying now? I think there must be a bigger reason for that."

Austin rejoiced in his heart and said:" "Thank God, atleast I have seen a solid reason to destroy that marriage from taking place" he then asked Ifeoma the name of Osonye's village. 
She told him, and even gave him the address, but Ifeoma was in the dark of his reasons for requesting the address.

So the next day, he took off to Osonye's village and what he discovered was shocking.

To be continued..

Just a Tear by Ngozi Lovelyn O.
Warning- Copyright Reserved

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