Just a Tear: Episode 14 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Hello my dear? Austin greeted

"Hello" Ifeoma answered and asked: "You were the one who just bought a Can juice now? Hope there is no problem."

"Oh no, there is no problem! You see I actually knew you from somewhere. Are you busy now?"

"Hmm, not really. So, from where did you know me?"

"Hmm, my name is Austin, Kanayo's friend"

"Ow... Kanayo's friend" Ifeoma's face frowned.
"Yes.... I never knew you could be this strong. He actually told me about the pregnancy..an...."

"Oh please Mr Austin" Ifeoma cut in:"Anything about Kanayo is the last thing I want to hear right now. Please if you don't mind, I would like to return to my duty."

Austin who sensed the bitterness in her eyes felt pained in his heart and he said: "I'm sorry my dear, I didn't mean to renew your wound, I only came as a friend. I was never in support of what Kanayo did to you and I will never be. I have always been against his desire to have your frie...." Austin cut out, because he doesn't know if Ifeoma was aware of Osonye and Kanayo's romance, because revealing it to her might pose a threat to her health, she might not withstand the shock. So he decided to ask first to know if she knew anything about them.

"How about your friend, Osonye?" He asked calmly.


"Yes, from the knowledge I have, she is your best friend"

"Mr Austin, why are you doing this to me? These are the people I have been trying very hard to forget. They are the reason I am in this situation I am today. Kanayo got me pregnant and denied it, instead he advised me to terminate the pregnancy. Osonye on the other hand accused me of trying to kill her with a charm which up til today still baffles me on how it got to my bag"

Austin felt shocked hearing her recount her ordeal.

"Wait a minute, I am getting a little confused here. I am sorry for wasting your time, just know that I am never in support of what Kanayo did to you. Just believe me, I am making a promise to help heal your wound. Maybe, there is a reason God brought me here today. So Ify, just open up and tell me all that happened." Austin requested.

Ifeoma sighed deeply and asked for them to sit down, she then narrated all that happened.

Austin's heart became heavy after hearing all she said. He said in his heart, that everything that happened was all Kanayo's evil dealings.
"How could he be this wicked and heartless. How could he?"

"Ifeoma, I have heard all you said, and like I said, God has a reason for bringing me here. To tell you the truth, I admire your courage."

"Mr Austin, this year has been the most terrible year for me, it's a year I will never forget in a hurry"

"It's OK Ifeoma, I will get back to you soon. Just watch and see how things will turn out in your favour"

"How, I don't understand? What are you planning to do?

" Ifeoma, you will hear from me soon and don't stop taking care of yourself, you hear me?" Austin said and left

Ifeoma nodded as she watched him leave.

2 hours later, Austin stormed Kanayo's office.
"How could you Kanayo? How could you be this horrible?"

Kanayo stood looking at his friend who just stormed his office ranting.

"What is it Austin?"

"Kanayo, I just saw Ifeoma now. You need to see the deplorable state you left that innocent girl all because of your worthless quest to have another woman who happens to be her friend. You shouldn't have gone that far. Your actions caused her everything, her job, her reputation, her sanity. Could you believe she almost committed suicide?"

Kanayo gazed at his friend in sheer shock and said: Well, since you said almost, thank God she did not succeed. But that girl is truly evil like they said, she decided to take her own life forgetting she is carrying another life in her womb. So you did not hear how she was caught with a charm she was planning to use to destroy her friend, Osonye "

"Oh shut up Kanayo. You and I know the real truth. I have known you very well enough, Kanayo. It was all your plan. You are very wicked Kanayo, you truly are."

"Austin, you know I never hide anything from you, if I had done anything in such nature, you would have been the first to know about it. Believe me, I never had a hand in her misfortune, and besides, she deserves it. She confessed to someone very close to her that that bastard in her womb is not mine, she was trying to impose the baby on me" Kanayo lied.

"Shut up Kanayo, I demand you shut up this very minute. I am old enough to differentiate between yellow and pink. I have spoken with this Ifeoma and discovered she was saying the truth. She felt bitter and at same time confused on how her best friend leveled such accusations against her. Kanayo I demand you retract your steps from marrying Osonye and return to Ifeoma, she is the woman for you. You might not see this now because you are blinded by fake love.

Kanayo burst into laughter. He looked at Austin who was furiously looking at him and burst into laughter again: Kanayo, tell me you are not serious, right?... Come on man, you know its not possible. Osonye is very sweet in every aspect, how do you expect me to dump heaven for hell fire? No way man. You don't have to bother yourself with Ifeoma's misfortune. Allow her deal her issue and be happy for your man who will be getting married soon. You know you are the "best man" for my wedding?"

"I see you are not reasoning with me, but I promise you, this wedding will not hold. I will make sure it never hold. Just watch and see. And as for Osonye, I'm going to reveal to her all you did to severe her friendship with Ifeoma"

"You will do no such thing" Kanayo ordered in a mean face.

Austin said :"Just watch and see" as he left the office 

"Look at this Austin oo, he is trying to destroy the love and trust I have labored to build between Osonye and I. What's his problem? Why is he bothering himself with who I choose to marry...............Ooom, what am I going to do now.....?......OK OK , let me call Osonye.

He then called her on phone and informed her that a man named Austin will be arriving her supermarket any moment. He also told her that Austin had always been against their love, he pointed out the possible things Austin might tell her and demanded her not to believe any word he says. He labelled Austin as an "enemy of progress" saying he was jealous he was about to marry a wonderful woman.

"My love, trust me, I know how to handle such people. You shouldn't worry yourself about it, OK. I will never give anybody chance to come between our Love, trust me."

"Yes that is my baby.... I love you so much, you are the best" Kanayo professed

"I love you too Baby." And they ended the call.

"Whooof! Austin, watch how you will get disappointed. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. You are now showing me your true colours that you are not a trusted friend, I will have to watch my steps with you, because I don't trust you anymore" Kanayo said to himself addressing his friendship with Austin.

Osonye was making plans of hiring people that will stand as her family members and kinsmen. Because she felt that using her real family and kinsmen, they will reveal the truth about whom she really was to Kanayo
"No, Kanayo is a great catch. I can't afford to loose him. These enemies of progress in my village might reveal the truth about my past to him and Kanayo will call off the marriage. No, I can't allow that to happen. I must buy fake people to stand in as my real family members and kinsmen on the day of the introduction....Hmmm, but what if he fjnd out....?"" She asked herself and continued: "I don't think he will know.....I will know how to handle everything...... Yes, this is the best thing to do. Kanayo, I'm not letting you slip away from my hand like others did, you are in my life to stay and to stay forever. Even if it means killing for it, I'm ready to do so....."

To be continued..

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