Just a Tear: Episode 13 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

They chose to meet at Lameyors garden.
Kanayo entered his car but had a little fear in his heart that Osonye might reject him the moment she found out he was Ifeoma's ex- boyfriend. He then decided to call her.

"Hello Baby" Kanayo greeted

"I will soon be at Lameyors, I'm just locking my door now" Osonye said thinking he called to ask her where she was.

"OK my dear, but I want to let you know that I really fought for this day. I fought for your love so that you will not have any reason to reject me on this special day. I prayed to God to perfect this day so that it will be a memorable day in our lives, a day that will open another chapter for us.... You know, I have not opened up to you on how I got to know about you"
"My dear, won't it be better we discuss this at the Lameyors? Atleast, we will get to sit face to face discussing it, you know."

"I know Baby, but...." Kanayo who was struck by the whip of anxiety paused, thinking on how best to express himself so that Osonye won't reject him for any reason or even suspect he had a hand on the severe nature of her friendship with Ifeoma.

"Hello are you there?" Osonye asked

"Yes! Yes! dear, OK, be coming, I will soon reach there" Kanayo said

"You are not there yet? Please I don't want to reach there before you because I don't like waiting for somebody"

"Baby, before 10 minutes, I will reach there. But it will still take you upto 30 minutes to get to the place considering your location. So be coming and don't keep me
waiting oo because I don't like waiting for some one too" He said as they both laughed and the call ended.

He brought our the engagement ring he bought, looked at it and prayed in his heart for Osonye to accept his marriage proposal. He then drove off.

On getting there, he sat at a very cool spot waiting for her.

When she arrived, he viewed her from afar and said:"Surely, this is the bone of my bone, and the flesh of my flesh. She is such a beauty. If I marry her, I will never have any reason to look at another woman. I have never seen a woman who is complete in all aspect, she is a typical example of what a woman should be."

Osonye rocked a blue flared short gown, leaving open, her fair straight and fleshy legs which balanced on her black heeled shoe. She supported her attire with a small Channel purse hoping to look in her best to entice her Date.

Kanayo was still lost looking at the sexy creature approaching to meet him, as his phone rang. Osonye called informing him that she had arrived the place but couldn't find him.

"OK Baby, you will see me now but when you do, don't feel downcast, because I'm somebody you know quite well. But know that what is about to happen between us now is exactly what God wants, if not, he wouldn't have allowed everything to fall in place for our sake"

"Hmm, OK, where are you, can we see now?"

"Yes sure" Kanayo said and stepped out, waving his hand for Osonye to see him.

When Osonye saw him, she shrunk her face.
"Is this not Kanayo and why is he waving at me? Please he should carry his wahala and go, I came here for a serious date."
She said, standing there waiting for her date to come out and pick her but she never knew Kanayo was the one.

When Kanayo noticed she was not coming forward, he decided to approach her.
And Osonye started feeling unease and dialed the number of her date but shockingly, the phone was ringing right on Kanayo's hand. She couldn't believe it at first, but when she cut it, the phone stopped ringing.
Smiling Kanayo called her "Baby! I'm the one you are looking for?"

"You?" Shocked Osonye asked

"Yes, I am." He replied

"But you......"

Kanayo cut in and said:"Let's just find a seat first"
Osonye was left confused, she doesn't even know what to think at that moment, she was left void on what to do. So she decided to follow him as they secured for a seat.

"What do you care for?" Kanayo asked

"Mr Kanayo, I don't think I have the thirst for anything now. Why me? I thought you are my friend's boyfriend?"

"Osonye, I know I was her boyfriend, but how do you expect me to control the feelings I have for you? Ifeoma made everything easier for me, I have been searching for a good woman to marry, but the things she kept saying about you were exactly the kind of things I admire in a woman.. But my love for you started growing strong from that first day you brought her to my office. Your zeal to help your friend captured my heart, it showed you are a very kind person" Kanayo professed

"I see, now I have known the reason you kept supporting her, you never wanted to believe she was evil while the evidence was right there infront of me. You are so lucky you did not later end up with her. That girl is evil. Did you know that baby is not even yours, I couldn't believe she played me too. She made me connive with her into dumping that baby on your head."

Kanayo sighed and said "Baby please, let's forget Ifeoma and discuss about us. Please, Im here for you, all I need is your "YES" and I will transform your world into the way you imagined it to be. I love you Baby, I don't need any soothsayer to tell me you will give me a very sweet and happy home. Everything about you is love, your smiles, your attitude, your heart, even your breath, they are all love, please give me the chance to share in this world of yours, I will give you all the happiness you need."

Osonye was so pleased in her heart: "Atleast, he is complete,  no physical challenge, he is not too handsome but he is OK, but most importantly, he is rich. So Kanayo, do you think I would say no? Even if you are still dating Ifeoma and decides to marry me, I would gladly say yes, you are so sweet joor.  But I had to act like a Lady that I am, you know! I can't just rush and give you an answer."
She cleared her throat to say something but was astonished as Kanayo knelt In front of her, bringing out an engagement ring.

"What is he doing? What what! She screamed in her heart and continued:"
should I say yes now? Oh no, it will look as if I'm desperate." 

"What are you doing Mr Kanayo? No, don't ask me such question now, seriously, I will have to think about it. I never knew you are somebody I knew. And providing our encounter in the past, I suggest you give me some time to think about it"

Kanayo remained kneeled, pleading for her to say "yes", that she won't regret marrying him. 

Osonye maintained her fake stance so as to portray herself as a non-desperate Lady. She then asked him to stand up as she bent to lift him.
"My dear, just give me some time to think about it. Marriage is a very delicate Union, one needs to a have a thorough thought about it before jumping into it. I can't just say yes. Just give me sometime, please." She requested

Kanayo felt disappointed, he thought Osonye will not accept his proposal, because he had been informing her that he would propose the first day they will meet, so he never expected to be rejected, he thought Osonye had already made up her mind before coming to meet him. But he was wrong.
After 3 weeks, Osonye accepted to marry him. He felt on top of the world and they started making  plans for their wedding.

Two months later, Austin was driving to somewhere and decided to branch at one supermarket to buy a can juice.
That supermarket was owned by Ifeoma's Aunty, Mrs Ogochukwu. So Ifeoma was helping her with the sales since she was no longer working.
 The heavily pregnant woman Austin saw looked familiar, she resembled Ifeoma, the woman Kanayo showed him her picture when they were still in China. When he was about to leave, one of the customers whom knew them very well called "Ifeoma" and she answered.

"Oh my world! She is the same Ifeoma. Just look at the condition Kanayo left this girl and was busy planning his wedding with the girl's best friend. I don't even think Ifeoma knew Kanayo is about to marry her friend". He said to himself

To be continued;

The next episode: Ifeoma narrated her ordeal to Austin, and he was shocked to the bones. It then got to his knowledge that everything was all Kanayo's plans to separate the two friends so as to make his wicked plans easier. He then swore to destabilize the wedding.

Do you think he will succeed?

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