Just a Tear: Episode 11 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Kanayo ordered the men to take Ifeoma to a hospital. After the treatment and everything, Kanayo settled the bills, but did not show his face at the hospital.

Ifeoma believed those men to be God-sent. She thought them to be the one responsible for her survival, she also thanked them for settling her hospital bills.

How everything happened was like a film to her. The shock of getting accused by Osonye kept dwindling her, the horror of what later ensued left her traumatized. Watching Osonye supporting those angry mob to hit her mercilessly left her more confused.
"Osonye, how come? I trusted you to be smart and cool headed. Who gave you that ridiculous idea that I'm planning evil against you? Who is that person that instigated my friend against me?" Ifeoma wondered

After she was discharged from the hospital, she returned to her own apartment. But when she reached there, she discovered the news had already spread round her street. People gazed at her in disgust. When she went to a nearby shop to buy a bag of pure water, the seller sent her away that she was evil, so that she will not charm her and bring bad luck to her business. The sorrowful Ifeoma couldn't bear the shame and taint Osonye caused her image. She became scared of her own life that those men might attack her again in the night. So out of fear, she fled from her home to her uncle's place who also threw her out.
But the uncle's wife was touched by her condition so she went behind her husband's back and helped her, she took her to a hotel and lodged her there.

But she was somehow disappointed at Ifeoma for bringing shame to the family.

"I know if your mother were to be alive, she wouldn't abandon you. I was the one who nurtured you after your parent demised, therefore, I will never abandon you. Even if the whole world reject you, I won't abandon you, Ok?"

Ifeoma who had been crying all along increased the volume of her tears and rested on the lap of her Uncle's wife, Mrs Ogochukwu.

"Now, Ifeoma I want you to tell me the truth, why did you had to soil your hand with such devilish things?"
The Aunty asked

Ifeoma raised her head up and said: "Mummy, I swear on the grave of my dead mother, I did not know how that thing entered my bag. I have never been to any native doctor before, it still baffles me on how I got entangled with such a thing"

"Ifeoma, you really don't need to swear by anything, its a sin. Always let your truth be truth, because no matter what, the truth will always prevail. Now I'm asking you for the last time, just tell me the real truth"

"Mummy, I'm telling you my honest truth. But what is still confusing me is that Osonye has never search my bag before. Why is it that the first day she searched it was the day she found something unusual right inside my bag, and how it got there is something I still don't know how to explain" Ifeoma wondered.

Mrs Ogochukwu had lived with Ifeoma right from her tender age. She and her younger brother started living with them when they lost their both parents the same day in an auto crash. So she can always interpret when Ifeoma was saying the truth or not..
"OK, I believe you." Mrs Ogochukwu said

"You do?" Ifeoma asked

Mrs Ogochukwu nodded her head and gave her a faint smile, as she embraced her. Encouraging her to hold still her faith, that brighter days are ahead.

After the embrace, she told Ifeoma to stay in the hotel for the mean time while she talked to her uncle to know if he can have a change of heart.
She said OK and appreciated her for been there for her.
So the Aunty gave her some money in case she needed anything and then left.

Ifeoma was surprised that her employers had not called her on phone.
"It's been 5 days since I was admitted to the hospital nobody has called me from Office to know what happened. Even some of my colleagues that I have called, nobody answered my calls, what happened?
I have sent Mr Edwin countless messages that I was admitted at the hospital after getting involved in a fatal accident, and yet he did not call, what kind of company is that, they couldn't even care for the ware fare of their workers?.......I wonder ooo... All I know is that, I have a very tangible excuse for missing work. They would believe me the moment they see the scars all over my body." Ifeoma assured her self.

When Mrs Ogochukwu tried to reason with her husband to reconsider Ifeoma and allow her stay with them, that they were the only people to give her the love she needed at that condition of her life since her parents were no more, but the uncle was still adamant, giving reasons that she might influence their younger children negatively.
"No, I don't want any of our children to learn from her bad steps. If we give her shelter, my own children will now believe I can house such indecent attitude in my own house and maybe start living a wayward life like she does, you know how much I strived to give them a proper upbringing, so I don't want Ifeoma or the likes of her to destroy the principles I laboured to instill in them all these years. She is evil and evils have no connection with light. And not only that, she is shameless. Is she not pregnant? How do you expect me to have such a person live under the same roof with us?" He asked

"But my husband, she is your late brother's child, you can't just abandon her like that. We are the only close family she has left. Please my darling husband, ameliorate your heart and reconsider your decision. As for our children, I trust them. Atleast the pains Ifeoma is passing through now is enough reason to strike a warning that involving in such life style has grave consequences attached to it., please my husband"

"Woman, I said "NO" and don't bother me with this worthless girl's issue again. Please go and get me my food". He ordered.

Since we don't have another story to share today, the next episode of "Just a Tear" will be coming by 9 tonight. Don't sleep without reading it, OK....?

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