Just a Tear: Episode 10 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"But Osonye, why are you shouting my name like that?" Confused Ifeoma inquired

"So after getting exposed, you still have the mouth to ask me why I'm shouting your name? Ifeoma, you of all people, after all I have done for you, you still have the heart to destroy me, Ifeoma? Just tell me why?

"Osonye, I dont understand what you are saying? How can you accuse me of something I know nothing about? You and I know I can never hurt a fly, and let alone hurting you. You know this does not belong to me. I have never being to any native doctor, so how come you are saying this belonged to me, Osonye?"
"Shut up your mouth Ifeoma, just shut it. I will expose you for who you truly are. This fetish item was found right inside your handbag. So your plan was to destroy me? Oh my God, Ifeoma why? ......................God, I thank you oo for those ladies you brought to my supermarket, how would I have known that a great calamity was about to befall me by my very own friend?"

Kanayo called to know what might be happening, he noticed Osonye panting on her voice.

"Osonye, what is the problem? From the tone of your voice, all is not well, Am I right?

"Its my friend oo, a girl I trusted so much is planning to destroy me. I don't know what I did to her that gave her that kind of mind to plan such evil against me." She then told him what she found inside Ifeoma's bag.

"How sure are you it's not a frame up?" Kanayo pretended

"Frame up? No, it's not a frame up, I'm so sure of this, it was found right inside her handbag. I told you earlier that those women who came to my supermarket were saying the truth, and you were defending this evil friend of mine. I don't know why you trust her so much, somebody you have not even met"

"Hmmm, OK. So what do you plan on doing next?"

"I'm calling the police right now, she must surely confess on what she is planning to do to me with this fetish thing"

"No, its not a police matter. Don't call them. Just send her away from your house. Sending her to the police might escalate into another problem which you two might not like" Kanayo who never expected Osonye to react that way suggested. He also doesn't want the police to get involved to avoid getting him exposed.

"I don't understand what you mean by escalate. How?" Osonye asked

"What I meant is that you should just send her away from your house, simple. She can only hurt you when she is closer to you, but since you have known the evil she is planning, she will be weak to carry out her next action. Just heed to my words, Ok"

"OK, let me leave the police out of it like you suggested, but I will not let her go free like that, I must surely disgrace her among my neighbours, they need to see the real evil person she is"

But before Kanayo could utter another word, Osonye had already disconnected the call.

As she was shouting for the neighbours to come, Ifeoma was behind pleading with her to stop, that she was not the person who put that thing inside her bag, that it might be a frame up.

But furious Osonye was still busy shouting on top of her voices.

When the neighbours gathered, they were shocked on seeing such a thing, they descended on Ifeoma, accusing her of being a witch.

Kanayo was not comfortable on the way things was about to turn out.

"Yes, I don't want Ifeoma and Osonye to continue with their friendship, but that does not mean I want her to face such harm. And besides, she is  pregnant. The neighbours might react negatively into playing out a jungle justice on her. Oh no. I must so something. But how do I save the situation now?... Yes!, I should call Chidoo and Sam to go there and save her since they are still close by before things go of control"

He immediately put a call through them and asked them to revise and save Ifeoma, he also asked them to whisk her away from that place, he then gave them the address of Osonye's apartment. The guys said OK and returned to the street.

But before they could reach there, Ifeoma was already beaten to stupor, she was crying in pains that she was pregnant, that she was not a witch, that she was been accused falsely. She cried as blood was gushing out from her head, she was also spitting blood.
In tears, she looked at Osonye who was encouraging them to beat her hard and she said in her heart: "Osonye, why? Just tell me where I have gone wrong? A friend I took as my own sister"
The next thing, she was giving a big blow on the head, and she collapsed.
Then the hefty Chidoo rushed in and roared in anger at the people who were trying to stone the pregnant Ifeoma to death.
They lifted her up and rushed her to the hospital.

When Kanayo heard what happened, he was shocked. He expected Osonye to be blessed with a good heart. At least he expected her to only send her away and not stood watching her beaten that way.
"She should have felt some pains in her heart watching Ifeoma beaten mercilessly like that. This is so unbelievable of her" he said as he dialed Osonye's number.

"Hello Osonye, I thought I warned you not alert anybody?"

Osonye had already sensed the anger in his voice. She remembered how her mother had always warned her to be of good character so that she won't chase away the next suitor that might be coming her way. So in order to save her relationship with Kanayo whom she had not seen yet, but had hope of establishing something serious with him in the future, then she replied, pretending to be crying:
"I really don't know what happened. When I saw that fetish item from her bag, I became so scared she might hurt me the next minute, so in order to save myself, I alerted the neighbours, since you advised me not to involve the police. They even inflicted me with wounds when I was pleading with them to stop hitting her. But thank God for the men who came and rescued her, I don't even know where they took her to, I really need to see her to ask her for forgiveness. She is still my friend, people make mistake sometimes."

Kanayo melted and was pleased after he heard Osonye pour out her remorse.
"OK Baby, I thought you were satisfied watching her beaten like that."

"Noo, how can I? I really need to find her, I don't know where they took her to?"

"Since you have already known the kind of person she is, I suggest you stay away from her, avoid her permanently."

"OK my dear, thanks for your advise" Osonye said as they ended the call.

"Who told you I'm even seeking her back. She better die from the beating they gave her. Imagine, planning for my death, who knows what she was even planning to do to me. Oh please, let her die for all I care. Evil Ifeoma" Osonye said as she stared at her phone, wiring her face as if she was actually talking to Kanayo, she then clocked her tongue.

The news of what happened spread like a wide fire and got to the knowledge of Ifeoma's employers. They were filled with contempt that one of their workers could be involved in such an evil dilemma. So in order to save their company's reputation, they prepared a sack letter for Ifeoma whom nobody knew her whereabout.

Her uncle who took care of her after her parents died was disappointed at her for being so evil. He was furious she was also pregnant for a man who denied the pregnancy and swore to disown her if she ever show her face to him.

To be continued.....
Chai! this episode made me cry, poor Ifeoma. Hmm...

JUST a TEAR proudly written by Ngozi Lovelyn O.
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