Dare the Truth: Episode 39 (End) by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Mummy! Mummy come back! You are not wearing any cloth, come back.'' Nana cried, calling her mother back.
Patience who heard her outcry ran out to know what was happening, got surprised seeing Nana running outside.

"Nana, what is happening?" She asked, running after her

"My mother, see her running down towards the market square" Nana answered, running towards the direction as her mother.

"Chim o! That's Chibugo oo! She is running mad?"  Patience exclaimed, running along with Nana to hold Chibugo before she reach the market.
But Chibugo gave them a run for their lives. When she noticed that they were pursuing her, she stopped running, turned and picked a huge stick and began chasing them with it and the duo began running for their own lives, they missed their ways and ran to a different directions.

When Nana looked back and discovered that her mother was not running after her again, she then stood, began panting and gasping for breath.
"My mother is now a mad woman. I know it has to do with Grace.... See what my mother has landed herself into. I warned her to leave Grace alone, but she wouldn't listen. Now see her condition. Lord please have mercy on her" Nana prayed, crying, returning to the house

Few hours later, Grace arrived with her family and found people filled their compound, with sadness writhing all over their faces.

She quietly went to the room, where her mother was sitting and asked her what was happening.
"Chibugo has ran mad oo." She replied

Patience was still explaining to Grace what happened when Nana barged into the room and knelt on the floor, asking for her forgiveness."

And they were stunned watching her, kneeling down.

"Nana, stand up please. What do you think you are doing?" Grace requested

"No Grace, I won't stand up until you forgive me. My mother and I have wronged you massively." Nana pleaded and began revealing the evil deeds she and her mother had perpetuated against them. And that her mother ran mad on the process of trying to hurt Grace again. And they were all shocked, hearing her confession.

Grace never stopped praising God for protecting her.
Nana repented from her evil ways and became a responsible girl. She regretted living an odd life, and never stopped been angry with her mother for not showing her the right path.
She later got married and became a true born again Christian.
And Chibugo continued patrolling the market square mad.

Grace and Oluba enjoyed a happy home together.

Hmm, we can call it an "end" here.
This story has numerous moral lessons attached to it.
Let's do the conclusion by commenting one or two things we learnt from it..

Thanks for enjoying the Story..

The End.

Dare the Truth by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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