Dare the Truth: Episode 38 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Nana then called Grace on the phone, telling her that she should be coming to the village, that her mother also wanted to make peace with her as well.

"Are you serious? Wow! Nana, I am happy to hear this. This is exactly what I have always wanted, to be happy again as one big family" Grace said, sounding so cheerful: "So when are we meeting?" She asked

"What about this weekend, on Sunday?" Nana replied

"I think that will be great.. OK, till then" Grace said and they ended the call

Chibugo who was hell bent on destroying Grace tried calling Nana to know the day they will be coming.
And she told her, on Sunday.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes" Nana replied

"OK, I'm asking just to know the food to prepare"
"What about Patience? I'm sure she will prepare those her special delicacies.. Mummy, Sunday will be awesome. I am happy we are coming back together as one happy family. To be in peace is better than war. Now, I am feeling happy and peace within me, not when I was busy burning in anger, disturbing my peace of mind with revenge. Now, I am so happy."

"Nana, I hate it when you speak like that? How can you forget what those wicked people did to us so easily?" Chibugo asked

"Mummy, I thought we have finished discussing this? Let's allow peace to reign. And don't tell me you are still nurturing hatred for them? The desire for revenge has not generated any positive result for us, we only kept loosing. Don't you see?"

"I think I will have to do this alone, so that you don't spoil things for me" Chibugo said in the heart and then spoke up.
"I have heard you Nana, just for your sake, I will allow peace to reign"

"Yes Mummy, that's the ultimate thing to do before we end up hurting ourselves. Grace has shown me how good her heart is by withdrawing the case, so I have to reciprocate that kindness by accepting her apology and allow peace to reign" Nana said and they later ended the call.

When Patience was told about the development, she wasn't so comfortable with it.
"As for Nana, I can say she is ready to give peace a chance, but as for her mother, that one? Never, I don't see any reconciliation movement coming from her side. What if she is trying something evil?"

"Don't worry, Mama, nothing of such will happen, she knows she can't try anything stupid this time, because we are now conversant with her schemes" Grace said to her mother, while chatting with her over the phone

"Hmm, OK oo, if you say so, but just be careful with her" she advised

On the day they were to come, Chibugo had already gotten a charm from her herbalist.
The instruction was to use the charm on the day Grace and Oluba will be arriving.
She was to rub it on her palm and shake Oluba's hand. And the moment that happens, he will be charmed and develop sudden hatred for Grace which will result to the end of their marriage.

The moment Grace called Nana, that they were about leaving the city, Chibugo smiled in her heart, that her time of finally achieving her goals had arrived.
"Grace, get ready to remain in this village as a dumped wife. You are not returning to the city with Oluba" She said, waiting for 1hour to reach before rubbing the substance on her palms.

Two hours later, Grace and her husband have not reached.
"Nana, what about Grace, what's still delaying them? They are supposed to be here by now" Chibugo asked, looking so anxious

The way she asked the question got Nana a little bit confused
"Mummy, since when did you developed interest in seeing Grace?"

"Come on shut up your mouth there and call her on phone, ask her what's still keeping them" Chibugo requested

And she then called Grace on the phone.
"Grace, you people are still not here?" She asked

"Nana, I don't know the kind of bad luck is this. There is gridlock on the major road that leads to the village, but I think it will be cleared soon. We will reach village before you know it" Grace said

"Alright, we are all waiting" Nana replied and then ended the call. She turned to her mother and told her that, they will soon arrive, but noticed how her mother was sweating.
"Mother, are you alright? See how you are sweating"

"Did you say they are on their way? Like how long is it going to take them to reach here?" Chibugo asked, looking scared

"Mother, I ask again, are you alright?" 

"Enough with the questions and tell me the time they will be reaching here?" 

The look on her face made Nana realised that something was actually going on.

"Mummy, tell me the truth, what did you do this time? I know you too well mother, what is going on with you, you are not looking alright?"

"Nana, I will be alright when Grace and Oluba finally reach here." Chibugo said looking at the time. She remembered how the herbalist warned her about the charm. 
"Remember, the charm should be used 5 hours after you applied it on your palms, failing to do so, the resultant effect will be disastrous. If after 5 hours and it did not meet the target, I am sorry for whatever will be coming your way" The herbalist warned

"No, I won't die... I won't die..." She murmured, looking at the time.
When she realised that it has passed 3 hours she applied the charm, she started loosing herself.

"Nana, call Grace and ask them where they are, that if they are not coming, that they should tell you... Just call them now" she said, sounding so terrified

And then, Nana understood that her mother had done something bad.
'Mummy, I warned you to leave Grace alone, but you won't listen. You tried harming her again, and now see how God kept fighting for her. So tell me mother, what have you done this time?" Nana asked

"I think I should call Grace myself" she said and began dialing Grace's number
"Hello Grace, what's still keeping you people?"

"Wow Mama Nana, so happy to hear your voice.." Grace replied

"This stupid girl should answer the question right away, I am not here for pleasantries" she said in her heart and then asked: "So when are you people reaching here, the food we prepared is already getting cold"

"Don't worry Mama Nana, we will soon be there, just that our car developed a fault, but an Engineer is already fixing it. All I can tell you is that, in 2 hours time, we will be in the village, we might even sleep over since we had already spent the day on the road." Grace said, thinking she was still speaking with Chibugo but not knowing that she has already disconnected the call.

She checked her time and foundout that she had only 30 minutes left.
"Oh no! Nana, you have to help your mother, you have to help me." She said and narrated what she did.

"I already knew Mama, but I warned you. Now, see what you did to yourself." Nana scolded her mother

"No, you have to call Grace and ask her where they are at the moment so that I can meet them there, because if I ask her myself, it will look suspicious"
"Mother, count me off from any plan you are making against her. I don't want to suffer the consequences." Nana was still speaking when Chibugo began laughing out loudly in an uncontrollable manner.
The next thing, she began pulling off her cloths.
"Mother, what is going on?" Surprised Nana asked, but before she knew what was happening, Chibugo had already ran out of the house, half naked.

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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