Dare the Truth: Episode 37 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

After Nurse Bibi mentioned the name of the woman she exchanged Grace's baby with, they searched for her address and took the matter up from there.
After everything, Oluba and Grace got their baby girl back.
They were filled with joy as they cuddled their biological daughter.

"Now, it's time I deal with Nana once and for all. I can't allow her to go unpunished" Oluba said, burning in anger

"Yes, brother Oluba, we shouldn't keep quiet to heinous crime like this, she has crossed all limits. Who knows what crime she will commit next if we remain quiet?" Peace asked, affirming Oluba's decision to punish Nana

"Hmm, my husband, Nana is my cousin, she deserves our forgiveness. Though she is burning in anger, but her actions are justified" Grace said, looking at a fixed direction.
And Oluba who was confused at what Grace was saying sat beside her and began asking her what she meant by that.

"Honey, can you put yourself in Nana's shoes? Off course she should be hurt for what I did to her, for the way I stopped her marriage from taking place, and not only that, I got married to Oluba, the same man who almost married her. Had it been she had told me that she wasn't happy with me marrying you, I wouldn't have agreed so fast. I would have given it a thorough thought before saying " yes" or "no".

"So, what are you saying now? That you are regretting your decision by marrying me?" Oluba asked

"Not what i meant Honey. Everything started from me, the hatred in her heart abrupt after I leaked her secret affair to you, my husband. But before then, Nana and I used to be in good terms, but things went out of control after I exposed her character to you. So you see why I am against sending her to prison? Even if she goes to prison, her heart won't still forgive me, because I really hurt her, she was in pain all because of me"

Confusedly, Oluba continued listening to what Grace was saying. Peace also decided to leave the couple alone to have their discussions.

"Honey, are you now telling me that you made a mistake by opening my eyes to who Nana is?" Oluba asked

"It's not what I'm saying, Honey. All I'm saying is that, I shouldn't have flaunted myself as the person who called you. I should have done it in a coded manner, so that she won't know who called you from the village then. If I had done it that way, there wouldn't have been this tense rift between us. You see why I'm begging you to give her another chance, let's withdraw the case."

"What you are asking is impossible. You know that Nurse Bibi is in prison for this crime and the police are searching for Nana?"

"Yes I know, but you can do something, you can withdraw the case."

"No longer possible, the other couple are seriously involved in the case, so even if we withdraw it, they won't accept our decision. Nana needs to be in jail like Bibi"

"But Honey, can't you do this for me? Honour this my humble wish. Nana is bitter just because of me."

"OK, what are you suggesting I should do now?" Oluba asked

"Let me have a moment with her. Let me chat with her and ask her for forgiveness, I know she will forgive me."

"Forgive you? Are you dreaming? How do you expect that monster to forgive you?"

"Honey, she is my cousin, I understand her, I know she will forgive me"

After some minutes, Grace succeeded in making Oluba see some senses in what she was saying, and understood that she hurt Nana, that her hatred and desire to hurt her sprang up after she got her exposed.

"Yes my love, I was the one who ruined her marriage from taking place, and also married the same man who came for her introduction. See, all her effort had been trying to separate me from you. She is trying to do the same thing I did to her, let me set up a meeting with her and ask her for forgiveness, I am begging, please?"

"Hmm, OK, if you are insisting, no problem, but know that the police are also looking for her and I won't interfere, if they catch her, it will be none of my business"

"But what if we beg them? What if we beg the other couple to withdraw the case? I am sure that if we explain everything to them, they will agree, let's just try and explain things to them, please" Grace requested

And finally, Oluba agreed. After they met with the other couple and explained everything to them, and they accepted.

"So. It's done, but I just hope that you don't regret this decision you just made" Oluba said, walking away from where Grace was.

Grace then picked up her phone and called Nana.

"Grace is calling me?" She wondered and then answered the call

"Hello Nana, how are you?"

"You are asking me how am I after you cunningly took what belongs to me?" Nana angrily asked

"Nana, I have finally understood your reasons for being angry, and I am so sorry. Even the case we had against you had been withdrawn, this is to show you how sorry I am. Everything was my fault."

"And what do you mean by that? That the case has been withdrawn?"

"You can check to confirm things yourself. Nana, I am ready to beg for all the pains I caused you. You are my cousin, we can't go ahead hating each other like this. That's why I am requesting for us to see so we can settle our differences. You are my cousin, we can't go ahead hating each other. Everything was my fault, I agree. So I am ready to ask for forgiveness. I want us to be happy again like cousin sisters, forgive me please." Grace pleaded
"Hmm, I think she is right. I am also tired of hurting her as well. Because nothing ever work on her, this last plan gave me sleepless nights, and I was so scared to the bones. If it's true they withdrew the case, I should be grateful for receiving her apology, so I better not misuse this opportunity. Because if I try harming them again, they will still know that I am the one, like they find out with the baby. But I should be sure she is not trying to trick me" Nana asked herself and then spoke up: "Grace, how am I sure that you are not trying to know my whereabout so that you inform the police? You know you are an expert in stuffs like that?"

"No no, it's not true, you can find out yourself, just make calls and you will confirm that I am saying the truth."

"OK, I will get back to you" Nana said and then, made some calls, and confirmed that they have truly withdrew the case.
And she was touched and began regretting her reasons for trying to hurt Grace.
"Grace, you are right. I want us to be happy again like we used to. I now believe that your marriage with Oluba is destined by God, that was why none of my evil schemes had ever worked on you. I am also tired of this evil game, the last one nearly gave me a heart attack, but I am happy that everything had been settled. I have to call her and tell her that I am ready to accept her apology. But before doing that, I need to call my mother and tell her that I am free again from hiding"

When she called Chibugo and informed her the whole thing, she gladdened that the opportunity she was looking for had arrived.

"I don't understand" Nana asked

"Grace thinks she is smart. Reason why she wants to do this now is to get you on her side so that you won't hurt her again, because she knew you are too strong for her."

"But mother, I am tired of planning evil against her, I just want to be in peace with her and move on with my life. Just let her be"

Chibugo who found out that there was no need trying to change Nana's heart since she had already made up her mind decided to use another way to lure Grace to the village.
"OK Nana, I think you are right. I am ready to make peace with her too. Let's have the reconciliation here in the village. It's time I make peace with her and her mother" Chibugo said

"Really? That's good mummy, I will ask her to come to the village so that we will all sit together again like one big happy family" Nana said, gladdening at her mother's fake repentant heart

"Nana my daughter, I can't believe that you are too weak, I can't just believe that after what Grace and her husband did to us, by sending us to Kano and made us look like desperate greedy fools, you still has the heart to forgive them? After running my business, you still wants to see reason with them? Never will I allow such nonsense reconciliation to take place. Not when I'm still alive. Anyway, I am waiting for them, let them just come" Chibugo said, determining to hurt Grace once and for all.

The grand episode will be coming in the evening. Sorry that I did not finish it here, I have not yet reached home, so instead of keeping you waiting more longer, I decided to post this episode. Just bear with me, please..

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