Dare the Truth: Episode 36 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"I just hope I don't land myself into trouble. Oluba, I forgot how smart you are, why are you not doing exactly what I expected you to do? Thank God that I did not tell that nurse where I am leaving. Even if she opens her mouth, they won't find me. But this Grace, why is it that none of our plans have ever worked on her? Who is she? What type of charm is she using? Anything I do on her backfires, this is strange." Nana said, wondering about Grace's strong shield

The DNA test was later conducted and it was confirmed that the Baby was not theirs.

"Which means our speculations were right" Oluba said, wondering what to do next..: "Why is it that Nana can't leave me and my family alone for crying out loud?"

Grace who had found out the truth began crying for her baby.
"Oluba, please help me and find my child, find my child for me...."

"Darling, you have to stop crying, as for our baby, I must surely find her, so stop crying" Oluba said, pacifying her

"Brother Oluba, what are we going to do now?" Peace asked

"We are going straight to that hospital. I am sure that, it was there that the crime was committed" Oluba answered looking so serious

One hour later, they stormed the hospital with the DNA report.
"So how did it go?" The doctor asked, looking hopeful

"It was negative. Somebody switched my baby right in this Hospital. I am inviting the police over to this place"

"Please Sir, don't invite the police, I don't want this to get to them, it will have effect on the image of this hospital'

"I am talking about my child and you are being concerned about the image of your hospital?" Oluba asked in a heightened tone

"Calm down Sir, hope I just told you that I will find your child? Just give us some hours, I believe we will come up with a positive clue, but if nothing happens, then you can invite whoever you want to."

"Doctor, I am giving you only 5 hours to find my child, only 5 hours you are getting from me" Oluba said, looking so serious

"Yes, 5 hours, thanks for your understanding." The doctor appreciated and then asked Grace the day, time she gave birth and she replied.

"Good, don't worry, we will trace out the nurses on duty that day." The doctor said..
He also asked the first person that received the baby the day he was delivered.
And Oluba said he was the one.
"Do you still remember the nurse that handed the baby to you?" The doctor continued

"Yes, I remembered the nurse. She was the same nurse my wife has been praising that she is better than all the nurses in the hospital."

"Her name is Bibi, she is Nurse Bibi" Grace blurted

"Alright, I think we can get something from here" the doctor said, leaving the room and informed the management what was happening.

But before then, the nurse was already panicking, she was eavesdropping to their conversations. The moment Oluba mentioned police, her heart skipped.
She tried getting hold of Nana over the phone, but she wasn't answering her call.
"It's now obvious that that woman wants me to suffer this alone. I think I better run away from this place, because if they invite the police, I will be in a very deep trouble. I better leave this place" she said, changing to her cloth to leave.

But when she was about to leave the hospital, one of her colleagues called her, that she was wanted at the doctor's office.

Bibi who was already shivering in fear hastened her effort to leave since they were already calling for her " No, I didn't do it. I am innocent, I did not do it. It was that woman who made me do it" she said, trying to run away from the hospital.

The nurse then ran and told the doctor that Nurse Bibi was running away.
She was murmuring: " I didn't do it, it was one woman who made her do it"

"Then stop her, call the security to stop her" he ordered running out to ask the security to stop her

When they stepped out, Bibi had already ran out of the hospital. But the security guards later caught her as she was running down the street.

After she was caught, she began crying that it was Nana who made her do it.

"Nana?" Shocked Grace asked

"Don't tell me you are surprised at hearing her name, because I knew it was her scheme" Peace said

"Me too" Oluba affirmed

"But Nurse Bibi, I thought you are my friend, how come?" Grace asked

"It was her, she made me get closer to you so that the plan will be easier for me." Nurse Bibi replied

"Oh my goodness... When will Nana ever leave me alone?..... Grace paused, breathing heavily.." Then where is my child? I want you to start talking now before I release all my anger on you" Grave asked, looking so angry, in attacking mood.

And the Nurse started crying, revealing how everything happened, and the couple who owned the baby she exchanged theirs with.

Hmm, the story will be finally coming to an end tomorrow. Can you tell us who you are going to miss the most in the series?

The author of Dare the Truth is Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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