The Wounded Facebook Wife: The Last Episode (Reality Story)

OK, so after you saw the nude photos, what did you do?" Lovelyn asked

"I was shocked.. .I was pretty terrified seeing my husband's privacy sharing freely to some girl. He began professing his love for for this Lady, saying that he was mad because she hadn't replied him. That he has kicked his wife out of life, that he has nothing to do with the wife anymore. That she should give him some chance to prove to her how attached he had gotten to her. Just somebody he just met, he was already professing love to her. I kept asking myself, was he the same man I dated before getting married to him?"
She paused, and then continued..
"So I replied him, telling him that he was horrible, that how could he treat his wife like that? Disrespecting her on social media. So he replied, saying that he did it for me, (the Facebook girl) just to show me how serious he was, so that I won't go about thinking that he is married, that he noticed that I'm the type who hate dating married men..
He wrote so many things to convince me that he was done with his wife and that he was not going back to his words. That he was ready for a divorce.
He later returned home that night and discovered that I wasn't at home and our little baby wasn't at home either, he never asked of us. He never bothered.

"This your baby girl, how old is she?" Lovelyn asked

"She will be four years old next Month" she replied

"Four? OK, you and Chris had her before you two got married?" Lovelyn asked

She paused, and became suddenly upset after I asked her the question.
She then replied:" Uhm Lovelyn, can we rather not talk about my sex life? I certainly don't want to share that part, please. Can we stick to the Facebook stuff, and besides, that's what your cousin briefed me before your arrival.

"I am so sorry for the question, I didn't mean to upset you... So sorry please." Lovelyn pleaded
But seriously guys, though her husband was maltreating her, but don't you think that something triggered it off? Why the strict hatred? According to her, they got married in 2014, and dated for 16months before getting married, and the baby girl they have together will be turning four next month?
I wish she had shared with me what happened, how the baby came to be, maybe, we can unravel how the man's wickedness came to live... There is no smoke without fire you know.
And Mrs Rose, I know you are reading this, and I'm not trying to disrespect your decision, but if you had opened up more about your past, we would have understood you better and also save others who might be living in the same condition.....
Hmm, I hope she changes her heart...

OK let's continue, from where she stopped. After I asked her the question about her baby, she became really upset and almost walked out from me. I had to plead, I pleaded....much harder until I got her heart melted again.
But just that she did not share the full story like I wanted. Read how she summarised it beloe.

"Lovelyn, can I be honest with you? I no longer like this at all, if I knew that it would turn out like this, I wouldn't have agreed to do this in the first place. Why asking questions about my sex life? And about the Facebook stuff, after I realised that he had already made up his mind to divorce me, then I began sending him the nude photos of that same woman I used to create the page. I made him sent his own with his full face, that is, the nude photos that had his full face, since he had seen mine (the Facebook girl)
And then I began blackmailing him, and swindled a huge some of money out of him until he got broke. Then I dumped him and sent him the divorce papers instead.
So I was the one who later divorced him.
So now, I'm free enjoying my life, while he can rot in hell for all I care. So Madam Lovelyn, that's all I have to offer you, have a good day" She waked away, while I stood looking at her leave.

So that's it friends. The lady got mad at me because of a simple question, anyway I appreciated the one she shared with us, but to me, the story still remain incomplete, what happened that period would have threw more light on why her husband changed after he married her.

So guys, that's all I can share for now until our special lady decides to change her heart, I just pray she gets a change of heart........

Thanks for reading.

Story compiled by Ngozi Lovelyn O.


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