The Wounded Facebook Wife: Episode 2 (Reality Story)

 I created a Facebook account with a fake identity. Uploaded about 6 photos of one beautiful Kenyan lady like that so that the account won't appear fake, I made some posts and then sent him a friend request.
It did not take him 2 minutes to accept my request and he began sending me messages.

"I understand your hubby is a business man, by what time did you sent him the request?" Lovelyn asked

"It was in the afternoon" she replied

"And he began pouring your inbox with messages, I guess he must be highly obsessed with Facebook" Lovelyn said

"I think he is, because he also Facebook in the church. I always felt ashamed whenever he is doing that, so because of it, I stopped sitting next to him in the church, and he also appreciated the idea.
So after I sent him a request, he wrote on my timeline "thank you beautiful for accepting me to be your friend, I must confess, you are an Angel sent specially from heaven"

"Accepting him, but you were the one who sent him a friend request? He was already crazy about the lady'" Lovelyn asked

"I guess he was already mad at the beauty who sent him a friend request, he went crazy, he never stopped bugging my inbox. He never let go of his phone. He was asking so many questions about who I am, if I'm single and all that.  So I told him that I'm a student of Unilag, but I'm out of the country  for a vacation. He began writing love messages. I never knew he is romantic. I did not ask him anything so that I won't look too forward, for five days, be was the one asking all the questions, raising topics, and I kept replying, sometimes I will stay for hours before replying him. So he kind of noticed that and then asked me why is it that I don't like chatting with him, that I will be online, but I won't reply his messages. So I told him it's because I was busy, then I asked him why he was always online. He replied that he only entered online because of me, to chat with me, that I always make him happy. So I asked him if he is married.."

I noticed how weak she felt at this point. She paused and grabbed the bottle water I bought for her and gulped a little. So I patiently waited for her to ease the emotions that was eating her up. This lady really endured a lot. It's so disheartening getting betrayed by the person we love and adored so much, especially when we have built our world around him or her. So I did bug her with questions, I allowed her to resume whenever she felt like it. But to be honest, I felt her pains, I shared my own moment of tears. So 8 minutes later, she continued...

"So when I asked him if he is married, he delayed his response. He told me that he is married, but will soon divorce his wife. So when I asked him if they have children, he said that his wife gave him one ugly girl. He started telling me how determined he was to throw his wife out of the house, that he made a mistake by marrying her. That he never stopped regretting why he married her. As we were still speaking, he changed his relationship status to "complicated.

And when his friends started commenting, and was asking him how, he told them that he was about divorcing his wife.
He then DM me, telling me if I saw his latest status, that it was to show me that he was serious about the divorce, and that his wife is also his friend on Facebook, that she will see the status, that he is just waiting for her to comment so that he will finish her off. Then I logged out, and broke down in tears. This man has rendered me to nothing, he had been threatening me with divorce, so seeing those messages and the recent status knocked it on my head that he was then serious about. For the rest of the day, I did not log in again, I was still in pains. Many of our friends and relations who saw the update began calling me, asking me what was happening. I did not even know what to tell them. I only replied "that was how I saw it too"

So when he returned in the evening, he asked me if I saw his latest status, I said 'yes'. He then requested me to hear him out, that he was serious about it. So I knelt down at his feet, begging him not to divorce me, that my life will finish without him, that I love him so much. Lovelyn, did you know what he did when I mentioned the word "love"

" shook my head, listening to know what he did"

She then hummed and continued "he kicked me several times on the stomach, warning me not touch his leg again, that I should leave his house, leave his life, that my face irritates him. He then angrily left the house. Then I never knew that I was few weeks pregnant. I began feeling dizzy, weak and fainting. So I managed to grab my phone and called our neighbour to help take me to the hospital. I carried my self and opened the door, there I felt unconscious. The next place I saw myself was in the hospital. The doctor then told me that I lost the baby. "Baby, what baby?" I asked with all confusion

"You were 4 weeks pregnant" the doctor replied

Guys, for 15 minutes, tears were echoing in our presence. I couldn't held back my own tears, I left it all out. The lady too, she never stopped crying. I tried consoling her...
She told me not to worry, that she was feeling ok. That she also loved the idea that she was recounting her ordeal. So few minutes later, she continued...

So I remembered that he will be wondering where the new Lady he met on Facebook will be, then I logged in only to see his nude pictures in my inbox.
See what the man I once loved and called mine was doing on Facebook, sending his naked pictures to girls on social media. He began telling the new lady that he is naturally endowed and also has money. That he will take care of her emotional, sexual and financial needs."

Guys, I will also have to stop here today, we will continue tomorrow. My one piece of advise, pray earnestly, seek for God's direction before agreeing to marry someone to avoid stories that touch.

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Story compiled by Ngozi Lovelyn O.


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