Secrets of Men: Episode 4 (the end) Reality Story

After searching for her, he broke out in anger and concluded that the girl had left the place with the new man.
So in order to ease his blurted anger, he dashed into the hotel bar to have a bottle of hot drinks.
And there she was, chatting happily with the man.
She was already liking the man's free nature..

When she saw him approaching, the girl who had already believed there was nothing between them again called him forward to introduce him to the new guy.

When he approached, she said "here is the man who brought me here. Thanks to him that I attended the party.."

"Is he your boyfriend?" The new man asked

"No, I am totally free. We are just friends, and a very good one" the girl said

"Wow! Thank you Man, if It's not for you I wouldn't have seen this beauty this night" the new man said, extending his hand to shake hands with him.

But he turned him down and then dragged the girl to a corner and asked her why she said that and what she was also doing with the man...
"Is that why your face changed the moment you saw us chatting? And don't tell me you are jealous because you were the one who started it all. I'm only trying to pick up my life from where you left me. I'm trying to move on because I deserve to be happy"

"Is that so? You are trying to move on?"

"Yes, why won't I?"

"I was even thinking that you and I can start something together, but now I have realised that I was only dreaming. See this..." The man said, bringing out the ring he had in his pocket....and then continued..
"See this, I intended asking you to be my wife this night, here in this party, but thank God for finally showing me who you truly are. How can you be this lose and cheap? Somebody you just met, you are already frolicking around him?" The guy angrily said

The girl, having realised her mistake, she tried calming him down, that she thought there was nothing between them anymore"

"I am sorry, I was onky acting based on your recent attitude. Your actions made it clear that we are no longer together, and when I tried asking you about it, you kept mute.. Please, don't take it like that, it's not what you think. I was only having a chat with him, that's all and there is nothing between us"

"You know what? Just forget it, I don't think I can still go on with the relationship" the man said, and walked out from her.. And that was the end of their relationship. She tried pacifying him, but it was already late, the decision that took him weeks to make was changed in minutes...

So that was it... The both parties made mistakes. The man was too mean in trying to see if the girl was his, while the girl was too fast in judging his new attitudes.

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