Secrets of Men: Episode 3 (Reality Story)

When she reached the venue, she discovered that it was an "end of the year party" organized by the club her boyfriend was a member of.
Men of different calibers stocked the event. She had it in mind that she and her boyfriend were no longer an item. That he used her for the party, that maybe, he had not gotten a girlfriend who would accompany him to the party.

Before they entered the venue, she first asked him some questions regarding their relationship, to know where she stood in his heart. She also asked him why he suddenly called, inviting her to the party when he had been acting strangely towards her....
But instead of the man to give her a satisfactory answer, he swiftly avoided the question.

All his minds lied on the engagement ring he had in his pocket, that once he showed it to her, she will forget everything and be happy again, but little did he knew that the girl had another plan for attending the party. And the way he avoided answering her question made her believed that, he was no longer in love with her.

She avoided been showed off by him as his girlfriend and found herself a particular spot and sat, watching all that were happening with bitterness in her heart. She tried controlling the feeling of heartbreak that was  creeping into her heart.
The man was among the planning committee, he was busy with making sure that the event turned out successfully. He on different occasions, checked on the girl to know if she was alright, that she was not feeling lonely.

"I am OK, you need to stop checking on me and concentrate on what you are doing, I am good" she said

The guy does not know that the girl was struggling to remove her mind from where he was, because she had gotten the conviction that he was no longer in love with her.

She was there, sitting watching the show, a man in average height, dark in colour, who saw her sitting alone approached and initiated her into a conversation.

And just what she needed, to ease the heaviness in her heart, she began chatting with him.

Her boyfriend who saw her chatting and laughing with an unknown man felt a pinch of jealous in his heart.
He later wave it off, saying that maybe, it was because she was feeling lonely, that was why.

But when he passed her corner again, he could no longer find them. He wondered where they could have gone to.
He stepped outside, searched for them, but couldn't find them.

The new guy asked the girl to join him at the bar of the hotel the party was taking place, so that they will know each other the more, since the loud music couldn't give them the chance to speak freely without shouting to get heard.

So they stayed there, enjoying the moment, while the girl's boyfriend was running mad, searching for her. He concluded that, maybe the girl had left with the man.

Sometimes, men use this indifferent attitudes of theirs to lose the women they truly love. There are some women who have experienced series of heartbreaks, so whenever the guy they are dating start acting strangely, the next thing they will do, is to start looking for a way to protect their heart from shattering again. Some tend to first, make the move by quitting the relationship so that she won't experience heartbreak again.
Heartbreak is an emotional sickness that can derail someone for months, it's not an experience one wish to be having often.

When they met that evening before converging to the venue, she first asked him severally about the situation of their relationship, if he was still interested in her, but he ignored her, reserving the answer for the special moment he will throw the big question...
And the girl will joyfully say yes, and immediately forget all the pains she felt while he was in his ghost mode.
But not knowing that, things don't always go the way we expected them to be.

Men should know this, women are not God who read the thoughts of their hearts. They have plenty admirers, and can't stick around waiting for a man who no longer show their interests towards them, and besides, when he is just a boyfriend and not even her husband.
When you are in that ghost mode, please make situation favourable for her too so that you won't lose her at the end out of your own carelessness or mistake.
This is my advise for men today.

 The final episode will be coming tomorrow.
Remember, the ring is still in his pocket.... We will see what later happened.

Story by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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