Secrets of Men: Episode 2 (Reality Story)

This lady who was protecting her heart from pains was beginning to feel scared after her boyfriend stopped answering most of her calls.
He routinely began giving her excuses that he will call her back.
The man wasn't doing it intentionally, he was been controlled by the situation he found himself at those moments.
He was trying to make sure he doesn't make a mistake.
You can't call it a test, No....
Unlike women, men take their time before making a very serious decision.
He is the man, possessive of strong hearts and wills, and he is not moved by emotional tendencies being put up by his girlfriend, who will be complaining about his sudden change in behavior, though not all, but majority.

If you are an observant girlfriend, you will notice that the love he has for you is still there by mere looking into his eyes, even in this period, the love he has for you will be doubled, but he will hardly show it.

At this stage, he is asking himself, is she the one? Hope I am not making a mistake?

And if you, the observant girlfriend notice any changes, the best thing to do is to be extra careful with your dealings with him, that is only if you love and wants to end up with him. Don't be hasty in judging him.

Men can also be trickkish on this stage, as his love heightens to channel the relationship unto the next level, any negative sign he sees will automatically drop those feelings and lead him into changing his mind.
Because he will think that, the thing that is speaking to him has given him the sign that the girl is not for him.
Men take their times in studying, praying seeking for answers regarding marriage.
A woman can only pray for highest one month for direction, to know if she and the man are compatible, while a man can take as long as 3 to 4 months seeking for such answer and once he leaves from that stage, and gets convinced that the girl is for him, nothing will ever make him change his mind again except if it's something that can not be managed.

So know this, before you get proposed by your boyfriend, just pity him, because he went through a difficult situation, trying to know if you are the one for him.

So this girl was having the feelings that the new guy was about jilting her, but one thing kept confusing her.
He never stopped sending her money like he used to, he never stopped doing some of the things he used to do for her.

"He no longer call me on phone like he used to, sometimes I will call but he won't answer and won't even return the call. But he hasn't stopped sending me money, airtime etc. He used to wake up me up every morning, but he no longer does that.... He still cares for me but I'm no longer seeing his affections. He is no longer showing me that. I don't know what is going on in that mind of his" the lady complains to her friend.

The silent mode went on for 5 weeks, and the girl then made up her mind to dump the man before she gets dumped by him. Though she was still feeling the pains, but it was better for her to make the step first.

But oneday changed everything.
She was surprised to receive a call from the guy inviting her to a party. He also sent her some money to buy the cloths she will wear for the party, and also the money to make her hair.
He asked her to look in her best for the party.
So the girl began wondering why he called her and was sounding so cool and lively.
And then they haven't spoken for two days.

So she quickly called her friend and informed her what the guy said...
Did you know what the girl told her?

"That guy is very stupid! What does he take you for? He stopped calling you for days only to call now requesting to have you at a stupid party. Come on girl, don't be too excited about it, he just want to use you for show off. He wants to make you his handbag for the party. But no problem, you can go and have fun, no big deal, maybe you might see another cool guy there and hook up with him, since you guys are no longer an item."

"You are right girlfriend, because he said something about important people storming the party, who knows, I might be lucky and find my Mr Right"

"Yes, but don't allow him to flaunt you as his intimate girlfriend, make it casual, you get?" the friend advised

"You are right, that's exactly what I will do" she agreed but not knowing that the boyfriend had gotten all the conviction he needed regarding her.

He asked her to look in her best because he wanted to propose to her at the party.
He already bought the ring and was even anxious on whether she will say "yes" to his proposal.

So tomorrow, we will know what later happened, did he finally proposed to her?

Story by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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