Secrets of Men: Episode 1 (Reality Story)

Like I said before, I have plenty memories, experiences stuck on my mind, but only if I will have the strength and the grace to share them.
And this is another story I would love us to read and learn from.
I am sorry that I did not informed you guys on time, just that I woke up to ease my self, and remembered the story, so I grabbed my lappy and began to type.
It's a five year old life event that took place between two lovers who were residing in Onitsha then...
Its about a girl who suffered numerous heart breaks, and that made her into hitting the door first whenever her new boyfriends began misbehaving and showing signs of loosing interest in the relationship.

There is this one secret about men, when they are about to marry, trust me, they will uphold this attitude that will make you, his girlfriend to start wondering if he is still in love with you.
They will begin to adopt a kind of callous and mean attitudes towards their present girlfriends. And it's usually common with men who have more than one girlfriend or men who are too religious.

You know the reasons they adopt such kind of unpleasant behaviors? It's because they are about to make a decision that will bring a change for the rest of their lives. A decision that will change the course of their lives.
And most ladies often misinterpret these signs, thinking that their Men no longer love them.
(I will still tell you what they do in these stages of their lives in the next episode.)

So this girl who doesn't want to create chances for her heart to be shattered again met this kind of man.
The man loved her so much, and made up his mind to marry her.
But in order to be sure that he was about doing the right thing, and that she was the right woman for him, he resorted to prayers.
He gave himself 2 months fasting and prayers, but did not tell the girl about it. He never wanted her to know that he was praying to know if she was the woman meant for him or not, and he began avoiding her, so as to concentrate on the prayers without any interruption..

Will continue tomorrow, let me go back to sleep........ Kikiki

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