Please, is this love? Episode 2

The news shocked everybody. I never stopped asking myself why she had the bold heart to start dating another man who was living in the same compound with her boyfriend.
So, just like she did with Buchi, she boldly flaunted their affair activities in front of everyone to see, but that was after it became an open secret.

Ekpere was the girl every parents warned their daughters to stay away from. I still remembered how my parents strictly prevented me from having any association with her, that she was a spoilt girl and would be a negative influence on the social development of any teenager.

Ekpere went berserk with her love friendship with Charlie.

Buchi almost lost himself one day. He was busy washing clothes downstairs, while Charlie and his brother with two other men were at the extreme end chatting, and Ekpere who was returning from market, began smiling romantically the moment she saw Charlie.
On approaching to greet her new lover, she boldly passed Buchi and went to were Charlie was sitting and they hugged, as Charlie kissed her on the lips, in the presence of people who were around, both the children who were playing downstairs.

And Buchi saw everything, and I still remembered how weak he looked then. He lost himself and reacted.
As Ekpere was about climbing the stairs, he approached and grabbed her hand and asked: "What was the meaning of that? So you don't have any respect for me anymore? So it's true that you are dating him?"

And the girl replied: "Buchi! What does that supposed to mean kwanu? Please excuse me" she said and then walked upstairs.

Buchi stood looking.

While he was trying to speak with Ekpere, Charlie wanted to rush to know what was happening, but his brother held him back.

The next day, we saw Buchi begging Ekpere not to leave him.
Ekpere who was busy washing some clothes ignored looking at his face, while Buchi continued begging. He also began helping her with the laundry, just to see if she can talk to him and accept him back, but she didn't say a word. She even allowed him spread some of the cloths she washed, but yet played dumb to him.

Hehehe, this is what we call "love look what you made me do" The man was still begging her after all she did.... Nawao.

So while Buchi was still begging, Charlie arrived from where he went to and saw Ekpere downstairs, washing cloths. He approached to greet her.
So the girl who had refused to say anything to Buchi approached and hugged Charlie,
He began saying something, but I couldn't hear what he was saying because I was watching them from a far distance. The next thing Buchi did was to shamefully left them.

Months later, Buchi had learnt to move on , while Charlie and Ekpere love affair was still blooming....

So one day, rumour broke out that Charlie was about to get married.

But to who? (OK, let the ghen ghen sound start beating now)

Hehehe, oh! good old days, when I used to enjoy listening to rumours....

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