Please is this Love?: Episode 1

Please, is this love? Love can be crazy! Love can be stupid!! Love they say, is blind!!! You think it's not true? Don't worry, this story will. This story is still fresh on my mind, like it happened just yesterday, I still have all the details. Love is tricky and at same time wicked. It makes one helpless, sometimes. It doesn't have a particular formula. That this formula worked for A does not necessarily stipulates that it will work for B.... OK, enough with the explanations now, let's unveil the story.
Story Story!?!... (Now respond by saying "story"...... No, I did not hear you, repeat it again..... louder!.... Eheee, I have heard you now... Oya, continue below)

It all happened 11 years ago, between two lovers, Ekpere and Buchi, who loved themselves to the moon. They never made their affair a secret, everybody knew about them. They lived in the same compound as me then, but everything changed when the younger brother of a fellow tenant returned from US.

You know, being an observant sharp girl (***winks***), I knew the dirty secrets of almost everybody that lived in the compound.(hahahaha). It was even later that we learnt that the guy who was bragging about, doing "yopi yopi" does not even have "shi shi" in his pocket , the guy was as broke as hell. He depended on his brother for cover up. And he was intimidating everybody then that he was from America, that if you mess with him, he hill blow your head up. Chai! He was deported after serving a jail term.

So, some days after this new man, Charlie arrived, things began going zig zag for the lovers, so many sign languages began filling the air whenever they (Ekpere and Charlie) crossed each other's paths. And Charlie constantly looked at the direction of Ekpere's house, In fact, it became a hobby, that he can't step out of the corridor without looking at Ekpere's flat. And that was when I came to the conclusion that something was brewing between them.

I was shocked on how Ekpere had the heart to start dating another man who was living in the same compound with her lover, Buchi.
When I noticed that she was dating the new guy, then I focused my observation on the former guy, to know if he is aware of the secret going on, but he wasn't aware yet. But the secret did not last for long, it later bursted... Hmm, odi egwu oo.

Remember, I still haven't told you about how love can be tricking... Let's wait for tomorrow's episode...

Story by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

Copyright- 2017

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