OMG! A beautiful girl is being put up to a test in a wedding ceremony

OMG! Some guys can be funny. Right now, I'm at a friend's wedding, and these two handsome guys sitting beside me here are busy monitoring one beautiful girl like that.
And from their discussion, one of them is desperately in search of a wife. And they have already put up a test on the girl. The guy has swore to his friend that, if the girl passes the test, he will automatically consider her his wife.

Omo! I just feel like approaching the girl right now and informed her that she is being watched so that she will behave.

I think I will put this up as a story that will last for 3 episodes, and in the story, I will tell you guys what later happened, if the girl passed the test or not.

I believe this story will be an eye opener, because most men still consider good character the number one attribute for marriage.
Like this man now, the girl's beauty has charmed him, but in order to make the move, good character must be present in her life..

So right now, I'm still watching this reality show... Men sef!!!

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